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The 10 Favourite Restaurants in Milan in 2014 (and the 2015 Wishlist)

Which were my favourite restaurants in Milan in 2014 and what is the wishlist for 2015? I would like to share with you a list of the places that stole my heart in 2014, those places where I feel the need to stay a little bit longer, where I like to go back as soon as I get the chance to, the ones I like to suggest to all my friends. And then follows my wishlist for the 10 places to try and test this year!

Ristoranti 2014_Conosco Un Posto

Wicky’s Wicuisine

Wicky's Wicuisine Milan Restaurant Fusion

Purple prawns at Wicky’s| © Caterina Zanzi

I first went to this restaurant, just behind the corner from where I live in Sant’Agostino area, in 2014. For a few years now Wicky Priyan has been delighting her customers with a fusion cuisine that we can only describe as ‘wicuisine’: French and Japanese basis, Italian ingredients and fantasy mixed with expertise. It has been an overwhelming start of the year: I have tried sushi à la Milanese (yes, you got it right, sushi à la Milanese: eight nigiris with saffron and different types of meat as angus, rosemary sauce and truffle, or fish, eg. salmon, ginger, mint and onions). I remember well the rest of the dinner too: starting from raw purple prawns in jalapeno sauce. At the beginning of 2015 Wicky’s have moved to Corso Italia, which was literally a great move and idea.

Wicky’s Wicuisine. Corso Italia, 6. +39 02 97376505. Open at lunch (Tue/Fri 12:30-14:30) and at dinner (Mon/Sat 19:00-23:00).

Oasi Giapponese 

Oasi Giapponese Milan Cirashi

The cirashi at Oasi Giapponese | © Caterina Zanzi

Every time I have asked myself in 2014 “Where should I go to have some sushi?” there has been only one answer: at Oasi Giapponese. There are things one can not explain, it is like falling in love. For me it has been love at first sight of ramen, sushi, okonomiyaki and other treats directly from Japan. My crush has started at the beginning of 2014 and I have been coming back to this not so fancy area (we are at Primaticcio) at least once per month ever since. If you want to try the real Japanese food – the owners are from Osaka – this little and simple restaurant is what you need. Here is where I have eaten the best cirashi of my life, with salmon and salmon eggs. And here is where I have tried delicious dishes I had never tried before. The ikamentai for example (squids with codfish eggs with a spicy aftertaste) and the renkon mentai age (very lightly fried lotus root, the renkon, with codfish eggs and cucumbers). I don’t know why but I feel this is going to be on my favourite’s list in 2015 too.

Oasi Giapponese. Via Privata Raimondo Montecuccoli, 8. +39 02 41540047. Open every day (Mon/Sat 12:00-14:00 and 19:00-23:00) Closed on Monday evening, Sunday and on bank holidays.


Taglio Milan Eggs Benedict via Vigevano

Eggs Benedict at Taglio | © Caterina Zanzi

Taglio is my beloved passepartout place all year long. I have been asked where to go for a good coffee, a good cocktail or for a good brunch and the answer is always Taglio. In this place in Via Vigevano, between Porta Genova and Navigli, they really know how to make everything in the best way possible. You can start with a good breakfast with a croissant and a wide choice of different types of coffee, you can continue during the day with a lunch break with fresh products and you can finish your day with a great aperitivo. I have already told you about their cocktails, but I haven’t told you that their Eggs Benedict are spectacular. Taglio may you be blessed.

Taglio. Via Vigevano, 10. +39 02 36534294. Open every day from 9 in the morning (On Monday from 8) to 23:45.

Gin Mi

Milan Korean Restaurant Gin Mi Bulgogi

The bulgogi at Gin Mi | © Caterina Zanzi

Besides Japanese food, I am a big lover of anything Korean. And this year, in my city, I discovered a pearl. It is called Gin Mi and it is located exactly between the metro stops of Piola, Lima and Loreto, therefore in the north-east area of Milan. This reastaurant, the first Korean to open in Milan in 1986, has kept the simple decor and the Korean clientele (more or less I am always the only westerner sitting at the table) which is a good sign. I have tried amazing kimchi (cabbage and other fermented vegetables based) and the bulgogi – tiny slices of marinated meat directly cooked in the pot on the table served with delicious vegetables – far beyond my expectations. I suggest to give this not well-know cuisine a try, you won’t regret it!

Gin Mi. Via Giovanni Paisiello, 7. +39 02 2951 6394. Open every day (17:30-23:30), closed on Sunday.


Restaurant Berton Milan

Coconut banana by Andrea Berton | © Caterina Zanzi

Although the atmosphere needs to be cozier, the neo-starred chef gives its best and puts together a menu that is top notch. Don’t miss the bouillon menu: you will enjoy every sip with your spoon, starting from ravioli with garlic, olio and chili pepper in an exquisite mantis shrimp bouillon and ending with the funny and yet so good coconut banana in chocolate cream. Going back to this restaurant is a must!

Ristorante Berton. Viale della Liberazione, 13. +39 02 67075801. Open every day (12:00/14:30 – 20:00/22:30) Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at lunch.


Milan Ristaurant Rebelot

A dish at Rebelot | © Caterina Zanzi

I will write about Rebelot soon. I have tried it at the end of December and I thought it was worth coming back in order to give you some more details. I have been here only once for dinner (all the other times it was for the amazing cocktails), but the offer seemed very good. Chef Mauricio Zillo uses seasonal ingredients and proposes fantastic tapas to enjoy with a good drink. My best advice is to completely rely on the chef and choose the culinary menu ‘a occhi chiusi’ – choose a blind menu and trust him. Depending on the ingredients in the market, read fresh, he will decide for you (unless you have allergies or intolerances that can be declared before). My table saw a beautiful orange plate coming with salmon with persimmon, orange and coffee sorbet, a spectacular mullet with parsley and sea shells and a red partridge with cabbage and marsala. And incredible dinner, as you might have seen on Instagram, to repeat as soon as possible.

Rebelot del Pont. Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 55. +39 02 84194720. Open every day from 18:00 to 2:00 (on Sundays closes at midnight) except for Tuesdays.

Pasticceria Sissi

Pasticceria Sissi Milan Breakfast

Breakfast at Sissi | © Caterina Zanzi

We all need some sweetness in our lives. Although I prefer savour tastes, I couldn’t escape putting my “cuddly” side in this list. So here is Pasticceria Sissi, an institution in Milan that I only discovered at the age of 26. So far from where I live it is still worth the ride for a breakfast or an afternoon break. Prices are higher than the average and sometimes – e.g. Sunday morning – it is difficult to get in but the quality of the sweets is worth the queue and the few extra cents. If you are looking for the sweet paradise this place is right for yoo with its croissants, apple pastries, rice cookies and cakes!

Pasticceria Sissi. Piazza Risorgimento, 6. +39 02 76014664. Open every day from 6:30 to 20:00 (on Mondays closes at 12:00) except for Tuesdays.

Al Mercato

Ristaurant Al Mercato Milan Burger Bar_Table

Our table at Al Mercato | © Caterina Zanzi

I haven’t said enough good words for Al Mercato. I think it is the right time for thanking this small place behind Crocetta for letting me discover an excellent burger in Milan: properly cooked, huge, stuffed even better. Hands down for the burger, but not only. Spicy onion rings with mayonnaise I still dream about and french fries with a sprinkle of paprika just how I like it. And how you like it, I bet.

Al Mercato Ristorante&Burger Bar. Via Sant’Eufemia, 16. +39 02 8723 7167. Open every day (Mon-Sat: 12:30-15:00/20:00-23:00; Sun: 12:30/16:00).

La Gelateria della Musica

Gelateria della Musica Milan

Bronte pistachio icecream from Gelateria della Musica | © Caterina Zanzi

In Milan, for me gelato means Gelateria della Musica in via Pestalozzi, Navigli. The shop, that has recently opened a new second location in via Abamonti, Porta Venezia area, is the one I call a ‘pit-shop’ in a cross street of Ludovico il Moro. Be it for the very small place or be it for the fact that it has become The Place for gelato in Milan, it can happen to have to wait up to half an hour for a cone. But I am ok with queueing up an entire afternoon for the Bronte pistachio gelato, for bread, butter and jam (aha, they also have bread and Nutella), for the citrus flavoured ricotta and, let’s say it, a little bit for everything (included one of the guy serving there; hello cute guy!). Seriously: they know what they are about and you should know too!

La Gelateria della Musica. Via Giovanni Enrico Pestalozzi, 4. +39 02 3823 5911. Open every day from 12:30 to 22:00 (Friday and Saturday until 23:00) except for Mondays.

Al Fresco

Ristaurant Al Fresco Milan Gazpacho

Gazpacho at Al Fresco | @ Caterina Zanzi

Between all the restaurants listed so far, Al Fresco, in the Savona-Tortona neighbourhood, is the newest one and maybe the fanciest one. Reason why I always look at it suspiciously, thinking of it as one of the many good marketing experiments but with a not so good culinary side, well I was wrong. A lunch here, especially when the weather allows to enjoy the pretty garden (remember I was there?), is well worth it. If you love nature and green, the gazpacho here is excellent.

Al Fresco. Via Savona, 50. +39 02 4953 3630. Open every day at lunch (12:30/15:30) and at dinner (19:30/00:30) Closed on Monday.

And here is my wishlist for the places to go to in 2015!


Rumour has it it is one of the best burgers in Milan and I still haven’t had the chance to try it: I must do it as soon as possible.


I am following on Instagram several customers of this restaurant in Wagner: I blame it on them if trying their paccheri di Gragnano with tomato sauce, basil and Bufala stracciatella has become a matter of principle.

Erba Brusca

While from my friends reviews this place sounds like everything from ‘awful’ to ‘amazing’, like they are taking about two different restaurants, I have to come out and admit that I have never been to Erba Brusca. I just went there for a quick after dinner drink, admiring the garden. 2015 could be the right year for trying their home grown produce!

28 Posti

I first got to know this palce and the restaurant where furniture is made my the prisoners of the prison in Bollate. Than it became the restaurant the has only 28 seats, as the name suggests. Both very nice ideas. Then I heard about it as the place where brunch is quite good. I’ll go there soonm, with great expectations.

Dim Sum 

Passionate as I am about Chinese cuisine, I haven’t been to Dim Sum yet, which is unacceptable. I am waiting for somebody to come with me, since my boyfriend is not a big fan of traditional meat, fish, veggies and egg dishes. Any volunteers?

Do you have a restaurant wishlist? Share it with us!


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