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10 Favourite Restaurants in Milan in 2015 (and The 2016 Wishlist)

Here we are with the traditional list of my favourite restaurants of 2015 in Milan and with a wishlist for 2016. I wrote a similar article last year, with the wishlist for the coming year listing places such as Dim Sum, Ladybu, Erba Brusca and 28 Posti. I am happy because I have been able to try them all but one: some turned out very satisfying, others a little bit less, but I felt like I wanted to come back to many and I keep great memories of them all.

The challenge is getting tougher and tougher for 2016. Milan is bustling with an endless number of new restaurants and cafés. So keep on reading to follow up with next year’s discoveries!

Migliori Ristoranti Milano

In the meantime I wish you a wonderful new year, full of nice cozy restaurants that will warm your heart.


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Trattoria Il Marinaio A Place in Milan

Raw Prawns|© Caterina Zanzi

I LIKE IT BECAUSE: there is great fresh fish without spending a fortune. Because it is not too fancy. Bacause it is in Isola and I always have a walk around afterwards.


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Mangiari di Strada A Place in Milan Pastrami

Pastrami|© Caterina Zanzi

I LIKE IT BECAUSE: street food is not a trend here, it is artwork. Because it is one of the few places in Milan where you can order pastrami. Because, although being almost in Corsico, it is totally worth the ride.


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Pasticceria Castelnuovo Breakfast A Place in Milan

Cappuccino and croissant at Pasticceria Castelnuovo| © Caterina Zanzi

I LIKE IT BECAUSE: Sunday ‘pasticcini’ are a tradition and the best way to start off a day. Because they have more than 40 different types of pastries. Because prices are right.


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Korean Restaurant Hana A Place in Milan

Kimchi frittata | © Caterina Zanzi

I LIKE IT BECAUSE: if you haven’t tried kimchi, bibimbab and bulgogi yet you can’t miss them here. Because Korean cuisine is at its best in this restaurant. Because they have recently moved close to the Duomo, which is a further reason for visiting again soon.


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Mercato del Duomo A Place in Milan

Poached Eggs|© Caterina Zanzi

I LIKE IT BECAUSE: there was a need of a place like this close to the Duomo. Because poached eggs here are to die for. Because you can buy your groceries right after lunch or dinner, with a view on the cathedral!


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Ofelé Brunch A Place in Milan

Pancakes with salmon| © Caterina Zanzi

I LIKE IT BECAUSE: brunch in Milan is almost always a rip-off, but this is an exception. Because the guys behind the counter really believe in what they do, which doesn’t happen often elsewhere. Because salmon pancakes are delicious, there is no better thing for a Sunday morning.


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Corallo Lobster Bar Milan Rinascente A Place in Milan

Lobster burger|© Caterina Zanzi

I LIKE IT BECAUSE: lobster is a luxury we must indulge in from time to time. Because here I tried lobster and meat together for the first time, and I am never going to stop now that I have. Because I always finish my meal with some shopping at La Rinascente, where the restaurant is located.


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Sushiteca Omacasè Milan Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Barachirashi| © Caterina Zanzi

I LIKE IT BECAUSE: cirashi is spectacular here. Because I never get tired of trying new Japanese restaurants in Milan. Because we all needed some good sushi in the Navigli-Porta Genova area.


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Café Gorille Milan Isola A Place in Milan

Pike fish| © Caterina Zanzi

I LIKE IT BECAUSE: the city needed a cute hotspot with substance too. Because Gorille is perfect for any time of the day. Because it is pretty, but also tasty.


Otto A Place in Milan

A matcha latte at Otto | © Caterina Zanzi

I LIKE IT BECAUSE: it is the news in via Paolo Sarpi everybody was waiting for. Because the matcha latte is spectacular. Because it is one of the cutest, youngest and with good vibes places I have been to recently.

After ten restaurants I keep nice memories of, here are six from my personal wishlist for 2016! 


On the last floor of Mercato del Duomo, right in front of the cathedral, you will find Spazio Milano. This restaurant is presented as a laboratory that puts in practic the “formative poetry” of Niko Romito, three Michelin starred chef. After having a peek at the menu I feel like trying the linguine with clams and turnip tops and the beef with creamy potatoes. I hope to try it sometimes in 2016.


Potafiori has opened since not long ago, behind Viale Bligny. For now I have been able to appreciate the atmosphere and the dishes only while scrolling through my Instagram feed. It is a combination of flowers, food, music and books and the urge to try it has come natural. I can’t wait! Perhaps I will go during one of the ‘musical’ evenings, when dinner is served with some background music.

Casa Ramen

I have tried entering at Casa Ramen in Isola at least six times. But between the fact that they don’t accept reservations and the fact that the place is very small I have never managed to get a table. My move for 2016 will be to get there at 7pm or before noon. Maybe it is the only way, but my cravings for ramen are so strong that sooner or later I will actually do it. 


Many have said nice words about Ratanà, at a stone’s throw from Bosco Verticale. For one reason or another I have never actually made the call for a reservation: what was holding me back is the thought that the place could be too cool and fancy (as some has described it to me) or with exorbitant prices and a quality that doesn’t measure up to them. But I am sure I won’t wait too long to taste the dishes by Cesare Battisti!


Contraste in Via Meda is possibly the restaurant from my wishlist that I can’t wait to try the most. Could be because chef Matias Perdomo has literally put a spell on me, first at Pont de Ferr and then at Rebelot. Now that he has opened his own restaurant I can’t but go a pay a visit again. I have also seen some pictures of the dishes that had my jaw drop: how can one not be inspired by a dish called “Crime and Campari with drops of beetroot”? I am very inspired: Matias, see you soon.


I go crazy when it comes to ethnic restaurants, you should know it by now. I even have a special note section on my iPhone dedicated to the ethnic food restaurants I want to try. Since I can’t reveal everything now, and write an extra-long article, I can tell you that Jubin in Via Paolo Sarpi is the first one on my list. It is a Chinese eatery with a menu that varies from Chinese to Thai to Japanese food. It makes me drool already!

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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