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The 10 Best Wine Bars in Milan

I have already told you where to go for a good cocktail. But do you know where to go for a good glass of wine in Milan? 

Between overcharges and fashionable hotspots, the scam is just around the corner when we talk about wine.

Here is a list of my favourite wine bars: honest places, interesting for the connoisseur and enjoyable for the layman, where you can savour a good glass.


La Cieca Milan Wine Bar

La Cieca| © La Cieca Fb

You can drink incredibly good wine here: the challenge is to guess the content of your glass. The prize is a bottle, if you get to guess the correct year and the producer winery. In this tiny place in via Vittadini (that has its Pink variation behind Porta Romana) great wines come served with some easy snacks.

LA CIECAVia Vittadini 6, Milano. +39 02 58437901. Open everyday from 18.30 to 1:00. A glass starts from 3 euros.


Vino al vino Milan Wine Bar

Vino al vino| © Vino al vino Fb

Bottles everywhere and long tables where you can sit and make friends, the only ‘rule’ here is that you can drink a glass of any bottle (at a price that is always a forth of the cost of the bottle) and, unbelievably, there is no extra service charge for the bottle.  The passion and the expertise of the owners is a good reason for paying a visit to this wine bar between Loreto and Lima.

VINO AL VINOVia Spontini 11, Milano. +39 02 29414928. Open everyday (Sun/Mon 16:30-23:30, Wed/Fri 10:30-14:00, 16:30-23:30, Sat 11:00/23:30). Glasses from 4/5 euros.


Alle Zitelle  Milan Wine Bar

Alle Zitelle | © Alle Zitelle Fb

‘Zitelle’, Italian word for ‘spinsters’, in viale Coni Zugna don’t look for comfort in teas and cookies, but in good wine. It gets the inspiration from the Venetian bacaro style and it is very tiny but the atmosphere is familiar and the personnel is kind. Nothing better than climbing the stairs that lead to the upper floor and relaxing with some good wine after an exhausting day. Sometimes it’s all you need.

ALLE ZITELLE. Viale Coni Zugna 56, Milano. +39 02 36748436. Open every day from 18 to midnight. Glass of wine from 5 euros. 


Bottiglieria Bulloni Wine Bar Milano

Bottiglieria Bulloni | © Caterina Zanzi

Bottiglieria Bulloni is a sure hit, I told you, especially when we talk about spritz. Since the opening year, in 1933, the shelves of this place that looks to Piazzale Aquileia have been full of bottles of wine, with origins from all over Italy. Among the most requested ones, I have been told, there are those from Terlano in Alto Adige and Livio Felluga in Friuli. I go there when I want to have a chat in peace, with no stress.

BOTTIGLIERIA BULLONI. Via Lipari, 2. +39 02 48003155. Open every day from 7 to 21.30 (Sat 8:00/12:30 – 17:30/21:30) Closed on Sunday. Glasses from 4 euros.


Signorvino Milan

The view from Signorvino | © Signorvino

Not a long ago I told you about Signorvino, praising them for the big space, the wine and food list and a lovely view on the Duomo. A dream comes true when you can order bottles from 12 euros. Forget all about the glass and go straight to the whole bottles: you won’t regret it (to milder the effect of alcohol enjoy some salami and cheese too!) 

SIGNORVINO. Piazza del Duomo, Milano. +39 02 89092539. Open every day (Mon/Ven 8:00-24:00; Sat/Sun 9:00-24:00). A glass starts from 5 euros.


Vinoir Milan Wine Bar

Vinoir | © Caterina Zanzi

Drinking well at the Navigli is not impossible, especially since Vinoir opened a few years ago. The selection of wines is focused on Italian artisanal labels, almost all natural. The owners, always behind the counter, will help you choose what’s best for you and tell you stories about the content of your glass. This is a big plus in a world where everybody is always in a rush and sometimes is not aware of what they are serving.

VINOIR. Ripa di Porta Ticinese 93b, Milano.+ 39 02 39811202. Open from Monday afternoon to Saturday (10:30-14.00 and in the afternoon from 17.00 to 21.30). A glass starts from 4 euros.


Le Cantine Isola Milan Wine Bar

Le Cantine Isola | © Le Cantine Isola Fb

Between the places I have listed so far, Le Cantine Isola are the most popular one, so popular that sometimes reaching the glass you ordered becomes a real challenge. But if you love the crowd and you are looking for a night out in (big) company, this institutional hotspot of Milan, in the middle of Chinatown, could be the right place for you. The choice is big, with labels from all over the world, and every bottle is available for being served by glass. Dont’ get mad, you will have to enjoy your wine while standing.

LE CANTINE ISOLA. Via Paolo Sarpi 30, Milano. +39 02 331 5249. Open every day. Glass from 5 euros.


Vinodromo Milan Wine Bar

Vinodromo | © Vinodromo Fb

At Vinodromo, in a almost hidden parallel street to Viale Bligny, at a stone’s throw from Porta Romana, the selection of wine is big (almost 500 labels), with special attention to organic and biodynamic artisanal producers. The wine bar is welcoming, and let’s be honest, ideal for a romantic evening. Don’t forget that you can also eat here: not only do they offer cold cuts and cheese, but they also have meat tartares and fish soups.

VINODROMOVia Salasco 21, Milano. +39 02 32960708. Open every day from 18:30 and from Monday to Friday also from 12:30 to 15:00. A glass starts from 4 euros.


Vineria Via Stradella Milan Wine Bar

Via Stradella | © Vineria di Via Stradella Fb

The main character of this winery behing Viale Abruzzi is the cask wine, from Piemonte, Oltrepò Pavese and Veneto. For your cravings you can order warm crostini, salami and cheese. In summertime they open the doors of the garden: a real oasis of peace where you can enjoy, slowly, a good glass of wine.

VINERIA DI VIA STRADELLA. Via Stradella 4/A. Milano. +39 02 89076506. Open every day from 11 to 15 and from 18 to 22 (Sat 11/22) except on Sunday. From 6 to 8 euros per liter.


N'Ombra de vin Milan Wine Bar

N’Ombra de Vin | © N’Ombra de vin

N’Ombra de Vin in via San Marco keeps some of the evocative atmosphere of an old refectory. But the mood is everything but the one of a clerical canteen: it is one of the most ‘in’ wine bars in Milan, here wine is sold but you can also order it by glass, with a charge that is much higher compared to other similar bars. Since it is so ‘cool’, the dishes a of a good level too: eggs with truffle, meat tartare, smoked salmon and refined Spanish cold cuts.

N’OMBRA DE VIN. Via San Marco, 2, Milano. +39 02 6599650. Open every day (Wine shop 8:30-24:00, wine bar 18:00-24.00) Closed on Sunday. A glass starts from 8 euros. 

Where do you go when you feel like drinking a glass of wine in Milan?

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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