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10 outdoor bars for drinks in Milan

Summer has arrived in Milan! What is better than summertime for going out and getting some refreshing drinks? Last winter we told you where to go for a good glass of wine or a good cocktail: now it is time for the 10 best outdoor bars to enjoy summer in the city!


Rotonda Bistrò A Place in Milan

Rotonda Bistrò|© Rotonda Bistrò Fb

Very polished and refined Rotonda Bistrò is one of the places to go to, especially at sunset. With the splendid Besana as background, in addition to the events and the retrospectives they often organize, in the evening you can enjoy a perfect aperitivo in the best Milanese style. There is plenty of food and the choice of cocktails is big. The wine list is also well assorted with options spacing from white wine, to rosé, sparkling spumante and red wine…trying the Frappato Occhipinti is a must!

ROTONDA BISTRÒ. Via Besana 12, Milan. +39 02 55011404. Open hours (Mon 8-15:30, Tue/Fri 8-23:30, Sat/Sun 9:30-23:30).


Bar Bianco  A Place in Milan

Bar Bianco|© Bar Bianco Fb

In the heart of Milan, under the trees of Parco Sempione, you can find Bar Bianco, a hotspot for all open-air and good music lovers. This is a place where you can relax, far from the stress of the city. What better occasion for trying it than summer: good drinks and tasty buffet with finger food, sushi and typical Italian delights! Aperitivo is the best time to come here with great wine (bottle or glass), Spritz pitchers, champagne and Belvedere!

BAR BIANCO. Viale Ibsen 4, Milan. +39 02 86992026. Open every day from 10 am to 1 am.


Mercato Metropolitano Milan A Place in Milan

Rita at Mercato Metropolitano|© Caterina Zanzi

A place where you can shop for your groceries. A set of very original booths and eateries. A place for sharing and having fun. Mercato Metropolitano is this and much more, as we already wrote about! A visit is a must do, especially during the Expo months. Of course you can also have some drinks here, and they are good ones! There is a technological and avantguarde winery: you can activate automatic dispensers with a barcode and they will fill your glass with the selected wine. Prices vary from 3 to 5 euros, depending on the wine and on the quantity you have selected. We suggest a light white wine, possibly sparkling, so that you are still fit for a stroll in the market afterwards! 

MERCATO METROPOLITANO. Via Valenza 2, Milan. Open every day (Mon/Thu 11:00-00:00, Fri 11:00-2:00, Sat 9:00-2:00 and Sun 9:00-00:00).


4Cento Milan  A Place in Milan

4Cento|© 4Cento Fb

We are absolutely sure about it: the summer garden at 4Cento will make you forget you are in the city! The evening dedicated to the happy-hour is on Thursdays when the classic aperitivo buffet comes with live music. Drinks and cocktails passed with top grades and wine is of great quality. Friday is the day for theme parties, but in this case you have to pay the entrance.

4CENTO. Via Campazzino 14, Milan. +39 02 89517771. Open every day from 19 to 2.


Ralph's Milan  A Place in Milan

Ralph’s |© Ralph’s Fb

Who doesn’t know Colonne di San Lorenzo? If you want to catch up with the young and easygoing side of Milan have a drink at Ralph’s, where it is a habit to get your cold beer and take a seat outside. On Mondays you can also find a street food truck in front of the bar so you can add some food to your drinks.

RALPH’S. Via De Amicis, 4, Milan. +39 0287250438. Open every day ’til 2 am.


Frida Milan A Place in Milan

Frida|© Frida

The young clientele and the easygoing, almost underground, atmosphere at Frida are a perfect way for forgetting all about the stress of the day (or of the week!). We are at the Isola district: the happy-hour is a must here, together with the annexed vintage store. If you start to feel hungry we suggest a fish dinner at Trattoria il Marinario!

FRIDA. Via Pollaiuolo 3, Milan. Open every day from 10 to 15 and from 18 to 2.


Santeria Milan A Place in Milan

Santeria |©

A tiny and cute courtyard that is accessible from the entrance of a garage is what you will find in this bar that is located between Milanese buildings. Santeria offer good food and very good cocktails. Prices are slightly above the average for a great aperitivo. There is no buffet, you are served at your table. Beers are ok, there are only a few wines but they are good.

SANTERIA. Via Paladini 8, Milan. +39 02 3679 8121. Open every day from 11 to 22:30.


Chiostri di San Barnaba  A Place in Milan

Chiostri di San Barnaba|© Chiostri di San Barnaba Fb

For a relaxing and refreshing evening we highly suggest Chiostri di San Barnaba. The menu offers great and renowned wines of a winery close to Voghera and some food. If you can’t decide, trust the sommelier and let him help you in your choice of wine!

CHIOSTRI DI SAN BARNABA. Via San Barnaba 48, Milan. +39 02 5466494. Open every day from 12 to 15 and from 19 to 1.


Ramada Plaza  A Place in Milan

Ramada Plaza|© Matteo Di Miccoli

The internal courtyard of this hotel hides a beautiful garden with even a mini-golf green. The aperitivo here is on Wednesdays, with live music and checked tablecloths for a picnic that sets you back in the time. There are several booths with warm and cold food and a bar offering alternative spritz. The choice of wine is not big, but the Chardonnay is very good!

RAMADA PLAZA. Via Stamira D’Ancona, Milan. +39 02 288541. Open every day from 18 to 23.


Living Milan A Place in Milan

Living, one of the cocktail bars in front of Arco della Pace|© Living Fb

Sempione, mon amour! With Arco della Pace behind it the choice of bars is huge here: outdoor tables and seats ready to welcome you for food and drinks in the city center. From Deseo to Bhangrabar, going to Living and Kitsch Bar. There are XL cocktails, wine glasses, average prices. It is worth getting something to drink and walking to the Arco to enjoy the magical atmosphere of this area of Milan!

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