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10 Places for Watching Matches in Milan

Are you sports enthusiasts? Are you the type that never misses a match, whether it is soccer, rugby or the MotoGP race? Here are 10 places in Milan where you can watch a match and drink a beer! 


Pils Pub Places for Matches A Place in Milan

Pils Pub| © Pils Pub

At a stone’s throw from Arco della Pace, the Pils Pub is a sports bar with many maxiscreens where you can follow every sport event live. The beer menu includes every label of the Czech group, starting from the Pilsner Urquell and if you feel like snacking on something there are sandwiches, burgers and cheese and cold cuts plates!

PILS PUB.  Via Bertani 2, Milan.  +39 02 34592858. Open every day from 10:30 to 2.


Carlsbergol ØL Places for Matches A Place in Milan

Carlsbergol ØL| © Carlsbergol ØL Fb

Country chic atmospheres at one of the institutions in Milan, this time in the Varesine area. Don’t miss the super stuffed hot-dogs, a beer stein and of course the matches on the televisions…the places is huge, there is place for everybody, those watching the games and those who prefer not to.

CARLSBERG ØL. Via Bastioni di Porta Nuova 9, Milan. +39 02 6555560. Open every day (on Saturdays and Sundays to 3am).


Murphy's Law Places for Matches A Place in Milan

Murphy’s Law | © Onalim

I have lost count of the derbies I have watched at Murphy’s Law (and to be honest of some pretty embarassing karaoke nights). This Irish pub in the Savona-Tortona area is a meeting point for soccer passionates and more. Take a seat, enjoy a beer and cheer on your favourite team! 

MURPHY’S LAW. Via Montevideo 3, Milan. +39 02 83242151. Open every day from noon ’til 2am.


Old Fox Pub Places for Matches A Place in Milan

Old Fox Pub| © Old Fox Pub

Old Fox is another pub where I have exulted and cried for my favourite team. Right in front of the Sant’Agostino green metro stop, in the Solari area, this pub offers beers on tap and British style food. Here you can watch every single match of the Italian soccer Serie A and be ready for total craziness during the evening matches!

OLD FOX. Piazza Sant’Agostino 1, Milan. +39 02 89402622. Open every day from 4pm to 2am.


442 Fourfourtwo Places for Matches A Place in Milan

442 | © Fourfourtwo

The supporters have no doubts when they are in the Sempione area: to cheer (or cry) on your team go to Fourfourtwo, known as 442. There are six tv screens with frequent slow motions. Not only soccer, but also rugby and other sports and most of all beer and nachos!

442 SPORTS PUB. Via Procaccini 61, Milan. +39 02 39448023. Open every day from 6pm.


Hall Of Fame Places for Matches A Place in Milan

Hall Of Fame | © Hall Of Fame Fb

It is not that pretty, but Hall of Fame is very known in the Marghera area. This sports bar, located in front of Teatro Nazionale, mixes drinks, food and soccer (especially Italian Serie A and Champions League), but also basketball, ski, MotoGP and more or less any sport you could think of.

HALL OF FAME. Piazza Piemonte 8, Milan. +39 02 36705187. Open every day from 7:30 til 1.


Akkademia Places for Matches A Place in Milan

Akkademia| © Akkademia Fb

There is also Akkademia, a calm pub in one of my favourite areas in Milan, Marghera. You can dine ’til late hours, drink beer, cocktails and wine. The aperitivo has a large buffet and you can watch the matches in the frenzy of the pub.

AKKADEMIA. Via Ravizza 1, Milan. +39 02 39401555. Open every day from 6pm to 2am.


Bar Magenta Places for Matches A Place in Milan

Bar Magenta | © Bar Magenta

Live music, karaoke, but also matches in this bar that has been making history in Milan for more than a hundred years. It is roomy enough, pretty enough for bringing your girlfriend there while waiting for the match to finish, Bar Magenta in Cadorna area is the right choice for watching a match with your friends: usually there is such chaos that nobody will notice if you scream ‘Goooaaaaal’!

BAR MAGENTA. Via Carducci 13, Milan. +39 02 8053808. Open every day from 7 to 3.


The Football English Pub Places for Matches A Place in Milan

The Football English Pub| © The Football English Pub Fb

Here they are hooked on English football, but truth to be told the screens dedicated to sport are countless. There is a plus: The Football English Pub is in the very city center, close to the Duomo. If you want to watch a match, while enjoying a burger, a beer or a hot-dog this is the right place for you in the center of Milan!

THE FOOTBALL ENGLISH PUB. Via Valpetrosa 5, Milan. +39 02 864464. Open every day til 2am.


La Belle Alliance Pub Places for Matches A Place in Milan

La Belle Alliance| © La Belle Alliance

If you are at the Navigli and the match is about to start – soccer or rugby – I suggest you go to la Belle Alliance. The quality of the beers is top notch and it goes from the Belgian Trappists to the British Stouts. Are you ready for the stadium chants? 

LA BELLE ALLIANCE. Via Torricelli 1, Milan. +39 335 5238597. Open every day from 6pm to 2am.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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