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3 Romantic Restaurants in Milan for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, what better occasion to celebrate love, perhaps with a special dinner at a romantic restaurant? Some consider it a commercial tradition and therefore ignore it. Others love to celebrate this day no matter what, either being in love or indulging in some extra cake with a friend if they are single.

Personally I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day, but all year long I have friends asking for advice on where to bring their loved ones for a special night out. Here are three restaurants in Milan where you can show your most romantic side. 


Giacomo Arengario Restaurant Milan Romantic Valentine's Day

The view from Giacomo Arengario | © FB Giacomo

I can’t resist a dinner with a view on the Duomo. I often celebrated special occasions in this wonderful setting, inside the Museo del Novecento in Milan. The illuminated cathedral is spectacular and it feels like you can reach out and touch it from the dining room. At Giacomo Arengario, same management of the famous Da Giacomo restaurant in Via Sottocorno, food is just as high level as the atmosphere. Traditional dishes, fish courses and most of all the final ‘bomb’, an amazing puff pastry filled with mascarpone cream and wild strawberries. A perfect night for you and your sweetheart, with a great view too.

GIACOMO ARENGARIO. Via Guglielmo Marconi 1, Milan. +39 02 72093814. Open every day from 12pm to midnight.


Shambala Restaurant Milan Romantic Valentine's Day

A canopied table at Shambala | © Shambala

One of the most renowned Thai restaurants in Milan and in my opinion one of the most romantic ones. I remember going there for a special anniversary and the choice had turned out to be te right one. This restaurant is located at the end of Via Ripamonti (the same area of Capestrano, the fantastic Abruzzese restaurant I wrote about here) and it has everything it takes for a magical night out. If you go there in Summer take a seat at the outdoor zen garden. But also in Winter, with the biting cold, the indoor room is purely romantic. Some of the tables even look like canopy beds with an exotic twist. Make a reservation now and between cushions, candles and dim lights you will win your loved one over!

SHAMBALA.  Via Ripamonti 337, Milan. +39 02 5520194. Open from Monday to Saturday from 7:30pm to 2:00am (on Sunday open for brunch from 12pm).


Rubacuori Restaurant Milan Romantic Valentine's Day

Dining room at Ristorante Rubacuori in Milan| © FB Chateau Monfort

Gorgeous restaurant inside the Château Monfort, in the Corso Indipendenza area, Rubacuori is the right place for a princessy night out. As in a Disney fairy tale you will enter the room with bright tea pots instead of lamps, cutlery with keys instead of handles and bunny shaped decorations scattered around the room. There is then the Rubacuori room, with tables for two and heart shaped chairs. There are also other rooms to discover, one of them even has a long table just for two: like in a movie! 

RISTORANTE RUBACUORI. Corso Concordia 1, Milan. +39 02776761. Open every day (12:30-14:30 and 19:30-22:3) except on Saturday and Sunday at dinner.

Ah, what a crazy story it is to fall in love in Milan! Are you ready for a romantic night?

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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