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5 Essential Free Apps for Milan

With this article I launch a category I particularly love: Milan Made Easy. A little help for living Milan in a ‘smart’ way. Whether it is for your needs for a coworking space or for finding places for ‘nerds’ or for useful home deliveries that will save your day, this new section is there to give a hand to those who don’t have a lot of time for running errands and for those who simply want to live in the city in an easier way. What better way to start than with 5 free apps for Milan: essential helpers that you should download on your smartphones rightaway!


App for Milan

You use car sharing services but it takes forever to open the several apps to book a car? I am a member of Car2go, Enjoy and Share’n Go all at the same time (how could I live without the ‘shared’ cars that drive me home at night?) and it’s a struggle everytime I want to get a car. Urbi makes everything simpler: this app saves you great time and lets you find and book the car that is closest to your position in just one touch. Oh, and it is so fantastic that it shows you the closest BikeMi stations too!


App for Milan

The day we get to stop a taxi in Milan with just the rise of our hand it will be too late. While we wait to evolve to the level of all the other cities in the world, we can use MyTaxy, that will save us from waiting hours after the call to the 8585 number. With this app you can quickly order a taxi, follow live his itinerary and pay through the app, in addition to writing a review for the driver and the conditions of the vehicle. There you go!


App for Milan

As an alternative to the official Atm Milano app there is MuoviMi, the app that allows you to have all the urban and suburban public transport lines of the city of Milan at the palm of your hand, in addition to making all the itineraries, stops, timetables and waiting times available for the users. Convenient, isn’t it?


App for Milan

Foodora is among my favourite food delivery services in Milan. When I get home late in the evening, exhausted after an endless day at the office, I let the guys from Foodora think about my dinner. The app is smart, the payment is fast and the delivery – in my experience – is always within the expected times. Not to mention that the drivers always arrive to your doorway with a nice big smile! 


App for Milan

I know, I know. Commercial logic dictates that you should not promote your competitors. But when the love for our city is involved the word ‘competitor’ makes me laugh. Not to mention that Ilaria’s and Andrea’s blog, Pepite per tutti, was there way before I launched mine and it has been a constant source for inspiration (and courage) so that A Place in Milan and my idea got out of the shower where I used to imagine them and found their space on the net (!). And their app, Milano per tutti, is a bomb! The app contains all the pretty places they have tried in Milan, an actual city guide at the tip of your finger!

Have these apps made your Milan stay easier? Comment and share on social media with the hashtag #MilanMadeEasy! 

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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