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5 Places for Drinking Good Matcha in Milan

In Milan, the drink of the moment seems to be matcha tea: thanks to its particular taste, the bright color and various properties, including those of infusing energy, endurance and concentration, this type of Japanese green tea is a big success here, both in the ‘traditional’ tea version (mixed with boiling water), and in the latte one (mixed with milk). If you love it too, or you simply want to try it, today we talk about 5 nice places where you can drink (or eat) some good matcha in Milan!


Macha A Place in Milan

An afternoon break with some matcha at Macha Café| © Caterina Zanzi


Let’s not beat around the bush: as the name suggests, the key player at Macha Cafè is matcha. In this tiny eatery in the Moscova area, in addition to hot drinks such as tea, matcha cappuccino and matcha latte, you’ll also find some cocktails as spritz, mule and mojito made with this ingredient! There are also several sweets on the menu such as matcha tiramisù, matcha cheesecakes and matcha pancakes, in the sweet or savoury version. In case you don’t like matcha don’t worry because there are many other proposals, such as avocado burgers or sushi!

MACHA CAFÈ. Viale Francesco Crispi 15, Milan. +39 02 45473046. Open everyday (9-22.30).


Otto A Place in Milan

A matcha latte at Otto | ©Caterina Zanzi

As you know, Otto is one of our favourite places in Milan, at any time of the day and we love it so much that it has become a second home. They know how to make matcha too, especially in the form of cappuccino, excellent with a croissant, a muffin or a slice of cake! For breakfast or for a break, while you study or work on the computer, let yourself be pampered by Otto’s staff!

DA OTTO. Via Paolo Sarpi 8, Milan. +3902 83417249. Open everyday (10am-2am, on Monday from 6.30pm).


Mantra Raw Vegan A Place in Milan

An almond matcha latte at Mantra Raw Vegan | © Mantra Raw Vegan

Mantra Raw Vegan is the first (and only) raw-food and vegan restaurant in Milan, where you can also visit the small shop at the entrance and buy some specialties. Here matcha is used for a latte with almond milk or as an ingredient to add to a smoothie. There are a lot of proposals for a super energizing breakfast, from yogurt with fresh fruit, to pancakes and avocado toasts. There is plenty of choice!

MANTRA RAW VEGAN. Via Panfilo Castaldi 21, Milan. +39 02 89058575. Open from Monday to Saturday (12-24).


Chi Tea Atelier A Place in Milan

A matcha latte at Chà Tea Atelier | © FB Chà Tea Atelier

Among our favourite places for drink a good tea in Milan, Chà Tea Atelier in the Corso Genova area is the perfect place for some matcha too. First store in Milan with a tea room specialized in the sale of fine teas, at this cafè you can also enjoy a delicious matcha latte!

CHÀ TEA ATELIER . Via D’Oggiono 7, Milan. +39 02 89415371. Open everyday (Mon 15.30/19.30; Tue-Sat 11/14 and 15.30/ 19.30) except on Sundays.


Panini Durini A Place in Milan

A matcha latte at Panini Durini| © Caterina Zanzi

At Panini Durini, chain with locations everywhere in Milan, you can find matcha macchiato and the delicious matcha cappuccino. The location is simple and cozy at any time of the day and it is one of our favourite breakfast and lunch break spots in the heart of the city!

PANINI DURINI. Via Durini 26 | Via Bocconi 5 | Largo Donegani 3 | Corso Magenta 31 | Corso di Porta Vittoria 46 | Via Mengoni 4 | Via Mercato 24 | Via Buonarroti 7 | Via Leopardi 7 | Piazza Gae Aulenti 4 | Via Orefici 5 | Via Spallanzani 6, Milan. Open everyday, for opening hours and phone numbers check their website.

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Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was written and translated by Giorgia Ginevra Ferrais.

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