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A Gipsy in the Kitchen’s Beloved Places in Milan

I have been following A Gipsy in the Kitchen and Alice for more than a year, from even before this blog existed, when we were both working in fashion and we used to exchange very professional e-mails. In the meantime I was reading the pages of her website that had quickly become one of the most famous food blogs in Italy. She left her job in fashion PR to entirely focus on her project. It is a choice I admire and I often admire the ‘zen’ and motivating tone I sense from her posts. It has come natural to ask her to tell us about her beloved places in Milan, here they are!

Alice Agnelli A Gipsy in the Kitchen A Place in Milan

Alice Agnelli from A Gipsy in the Kitchen

Before deciding to entirely focus on your blog you have worked for 10 years in the fashion industry. What are your favourite places for shopping in Milan?
I adore Memem, in Via Savona. For shoes, La Vetrina di Beryl in Via Statuto. Generally speaking I love the small independent shops: you are given more attention and very often you can find special pieces!

Cooking is your passion: where to you buy your groceries?
I like to go to the market, I always find great fruit and vegetables with good prices. Otherwise the small organic supermarket close to home.

You always set the table in an enchanting and original way: any advice on where to shop for kitchen supplies in Milan? Or more in general items for our kitchens and homes? 
Flowers help a lot. I fell in love with Frida’s about two years ago and I have never left them since: my flowers and flower crowns are all from there. Funky Table is genius and I also love the little shops in Brera. For the rest I like to visit antique shops. I order a lot from Chiara Antichità/ Enjoy coffee and more from Modena.

Your favourite neighborhood?
It depends…I have been in love with Brera, then I had a crush on Via Savona. Now that I live close to Via Paolo Sarpi, I adore Chinatown.

Where do you go for lunch, inbetween meetings?
To Mari&Co, in via Ampola. A fairy tale corner in Milan.

Your ‘gipsy’ Alessandro is now part of your life (and your photos): where did you bring him on the first appointments and what is a place in Milan that represents you two as a couple? 
Not only is Alessandro my partner and the future dad of my children, but he is also my business partner in Gipsy and author of every photo and video you see on the blog. We like to stay home, cook dinner and cuddle. We love nature very much and I would say that the place that represents us is the park in Palestro. One of our first kisses happened at Basara, in Via Tortona. Sushi at Hiro is fantastic. Once he organized a surprise birthday party for me at Erba Brusca. Now that we are both vegetarians we love Ratanà.

And for a night out with your girlfriends whic place do you choose?
Bjork in Porta Venezia. Or Joia.

You have explained many times that you are careful with what you eat, so much that you became vegetarian: what is that restaurant with the best veggie recipes? 
Joia, or Ratanà.

What are your favourite ethnic restaurants? 
I love Osaka very much. I also enjoy Temakinho and the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown.

Hair and make-up: where do you go for a flawless look?
To Aveda, in Via Coni Zugna. I am also very lucky, I know a make-up artist that often comes to my home.

A magical place for recharging the batteries and meditate?
The Porta Venezia park.

You often travel for work and for pleasure: what is a place that is missing in Milan and that you would like to ‘steal’ from another city in the world?
Hyde Park in London. Or Central park in New York.

One place that represents you the best: for you Milan is…?
Corso Plebisciti! Where I grew up and where my parents still live!

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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