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My 10 Favourite Bookshops in Milan

Where to buy books in Milan? Between big chains, expensive rents and the growing trend of e-books, unfortunately some bookshops in the city have closed in the recent times. But, fortunately, there are some left where choosing a book is a pleasure. Here is the list of my 10 favourite bookshops in Milan.


Bookshop Il Trittico Milano A Place in Milan

Bookshop Il Trittico | © Caterina Zanzi

Among my favourite book stores in the neighborhood there is Trittico, at the end of via San Vittore, almost in Piazza Sant’Ambrogio. It opened about 40 years ago as the first shop supplying psychology books in Milan, and by time it has become a general bookshop, one of the small ones, with loyal customers among the residents and the book seller always ready to give suggestions. Smile, no rush: an oasis of peace in the city center!

LIBRERIA IL TRITTICO. Via San Vittore 3, Milan. +39 02 435798. Open every day (9:00- 19:30) except on Sundays.


Libreria Del Mondo Offeso Milan A Place in Milan

Libreria del Mondo Offeso | © Libreria del Mondo Offeso Fb

Libreria del Mondo Offeso has found a new home in a small square between Arco della Pace and via Paolo Sarpi,  after moving from Corso Garibaldi. The new location offers books and food and drinks in the café, but the soul hasn’t changed, they are still an independent bookshop always open to cultural discussion. The name of the shop takes inspiration from the book “Conversations in Sicily” by the Italian writer Elio Vittorini: a journey to the discovery of an offended world (what the name of the bookshop actually means) that forces to take responsabilities. Besides the philosophical side, once you enter this bookshop you will not want to go out anymore!

LIBRERIA DEL MONDO OFFESO. Via Cesare Cesariano 7, Milan. +3902 36520797. Open every day (Mon/Fri 8:30-21:00; Sat 10:00-21:00) except on Sundays.


Bookshop Rizzoli Milan A Place in Milan

Bookshop Rizzoli| © Caterina Zanzi

It reopened in November, in the heart of Milan where the historical Rizzoli bookshop has brought some culture to the Galleria in addition to the luxury shops. Extraordinary, majestic, with the view on the octagonal center of the Galleria, after the restyling they have improved the ‘digital’ side by adding monitors among the shelves with videos helping you in the search of a book. Of the three floors, one is completely dedicated to kids and the total offer reaches 40thousand titles, all together with an international magazines kiosk. For me, this is not to be missed!

LIBRERIA RIZZOLI. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 79, Milan. +39 02 86461071. Open every day (Mon/Sun 9:00-20:00 and Thursday 9:00-22:00).


Bookshop Cortina Milan A Place in Milan

Outside of Libreria Cortina| © Caterina Zanzi

It first opened in 1947 in front of the Università Statale di Milano, not only is Cortina a reference shop for readers interested in psychology and medicine, but it is a reference point for the students of this university. I remember the afternoons I spent there looking for the books I needed for my exams. Ah, if only I could go back to university years!

LIBRERIA CORTINA. Largo Francesco Richini 1, Milan. +3902 58303746. Open every day (Mon/Fri 9:00-19:00 and Sat 9:30-13: 30 e 15:00-19:00) except on Sundays.


Hoepli Bookshop Milan A Place in Milan

Hoepli from the outside | © Caterina Zanzi

Five floors and an unlimited offer: the Hoepli book store, located in the street that bears the same name at a stone’s throw from the Duomo, is considered one of the biggest and most equipped bookshops in Italy. Besides very efficient and prepared personnel, Hoepli is a reference for all the specialized readers thanks to its titles of law, economy, IT and linguistics. In case you get hungry after the visit to the bookshop, here is my favourite sandwich place in Milan!

LIBRERIA INTERNAZIONALE ULRICO HOEPLI. Via Hoepli 5, Milan. +39 02 864871. Open every day (Mon: 13:00-19:30 and Tue/Sat 10:00-19:30) except on Sundays.


Bookshop Feltrinelli Milan A Place in Milan

Feltrinelli bookstore in Piazza Piemonte| © Caterina Zanzi

Although I am not a multicenter lover and I usually prefer the more ‘independent’ bookshops, Feltrinelli in Piazza Piemonte is an exception. First because it is close to home and I left a lot of my earnings here, second because being part of a chain it is nice and more down to earth than the one in the city center. There are a lot of spaces where you can enjoy a read without anybody disturbing you and you can find a little bit of everything! If you too like Feltrinelli, another beautiful location if in Piazza Gae Aulenti, below the Unicredit tower, in the Red format: Read, Eat and Dream!

LA FELTRINELLI LIBRI E MUSICA. Piazza Piemonte 2, Milan. +39 199 151173. Open every day (Mon/Thu 09:30- 21:00; Fri/Sat 09:30-23:00; Sun 10:00-20:00).


Armani Book Bookshop Milan A Place in Milan

Armani Book | © Armani libri Fb

Since it became an independent store about five years ago, Armani Books, in the beautiful location of via Manzoni facing via Montenapoleone, has become a delight for fashion lovers. Inescapable fact is that here you will find books about fashion, art and design. When I come here the store is very silent and losing my way among the shelves is not so difficult! If you love this kind of bookshops, have a look at 10 Corso Como, at Art Book at Triennale or at Biblioteca della Moda too!

ARMANI LIBRI KOENIG. Via Manzoni 31, Milan. +39 02 72318675. Open every day from 10:00 to 19:30.


Open Bookshop Milan A Place in Milan

Open| © Open Fb

Among the new arrivals in the city there is Open – More than books, space of 1000 square meters facing Viale Montenero and with an original take on the idea of bookshop. Here you can flip through the pages of newspapers, magazines and books, and if you register you can also try the digital reading on tablets and e-readers. If this is not enough there is also a café where you can order a snack. When I come here I take a seat in one of the chairs (they even have sofas!), I open a book and from time to time a look up to see some children playing or reading in the kiddy area. Almost forgot: they also have free wi-fi!

OPEN. Viale Monte Nero 6, Milan. +39 02 83425610. Open every day (Mon/Fri 10:00-21:00 and Sat/Sun 10:00-20:00).


Gogol and Company Bookshop Milan A Place in Milan

Gogol and Company | © Gogol and Company

If you like the style of Open, but you live or work close to Tortona neighborhood, I suggest you to try Gogol&Company, a multifunctional bookshop: books, aperitivo, music and art can be found here, in a bright space where big attention is given to smaller publishing houses and emerging writers. There is also a bistro where you can enjoy a good slice of bread with jam and butter!

GOGOL AND COMPANY. Via Savona 101, Milan. +39 02 45470449. Open every day (9:00-22:00) except on Mondays.


Click on the photo to discover Bistrò del Tempo Ritrovato! 

Bistro del Tempo Ritrovato Milan Breakfast A Place in Milan

Breakfast at Bistrò del Tempo Ritrovato | © Caterina Zanzi

I already told you how much I love to have breakfast at Bistrot del Tempo Ritrovato. Although it is not a real bookshop, it is still one of my favourite places where I can enjoy a nice read with a cappuccino. Here you can buy books, or simply flip through their pages, and you can partecipate in the ‘Libro sospeso’ project: buy a book and leave it ‘suspended’ at the cashier, they will give it as a present to the person that will arrive after you!

BISTRÒ DEL TEMPO RITROVATO. Via Vincenzo Foppa 4, Milan. +39 02 3650314. Open every day from 6:30 to 20:00 (Sunday from 7:30 to 15:00).

Milan is full of beautiful bookshops! Among the most specialized I must mention Libreria dello SpettacoloLibreria dell’Automobile and del Mare. And for travel reads there are Libreria del Touring Club Italiano and Luoghi e Libri.

So where are you going to buy your next book?

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