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The 10 Best Japanese Restaurants in Milan

Nowadays Milan has a wide offer of Japanese restaurants. There are so many that choosing one is not an easy task. Here is why I thought of a little vademecum for Japanese food lovers in Milan. I would like to underline that – as for my favourite cocktail bars and my favourite Korean restaurants I have personally tried all the ten restaurants. A credit not so many articles can claim. I also have to say that the list is in continuous update and that at the end, below, you can find some further suggestions that are not on the list. I assure you that with any restaurant you decide to pick from the top ten you will be absolutely satisfied. Japanese food is not only sushi and sashimi, and Japanese food is one of the best in the whole world. Also when in Milan. 


Oasi Giapponese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Oasi Giapponese | © Caterina Zanzi

I have already told you and I repeat that Oasi Giapponese fears no competition in the city. Starting from its amazing cirashi and going on with dishes you can not easily find elsewhere, as ikamentai and renkon mentai age. Never heard of this before? Well, have a walk in the Primaticcio area and try this very Japanese trattoria: you will not be disappointed!

OASI GIAPPONESE. Via Privata Montecuccoli 8, Milan. +39 02 41540047. Open from Monday to Saturday (12:00-14:00 and 19:00-23:00) except on Monday evening. Average price 30€.


Fukurou Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Fukurou| © Caterina Zanzi

Fukurou in the De Angeli-Gambara area is another restaurant among the most natural and traditional ones. Here you can find all the main Japanese dishes and most of all particular specialties to sink your teeth into. Refrain from doubting: order some tako wasa (delicious wasabi marinated octopus) and give ramen a chance. It will leave an impression!

FUKUROU. Via Trivulzio 16, Milan. +39 02 40 07 33 83. Open every day (12–14:30, 19–22:30) except on Monday. Average price 40€. t


Osaka Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Ramens at Osaka | © Alice Avallone

Among the pilars of the restaurants in Milan, there is Osaka in the Moscova area. If you go there you must try the shabu shabu – a fondues with slices of meat – or, even better the ramen. If you are not a type for soups, yuo can opt for the big classics (sushi, sahimi, tempura) or typical dishes as tofu skewers with sesame sauce and eggplant sauce. Among the clientele you can see many Asians which makes Osaka a sure hit.

OSAKA. Corso Garibaldi 68, Milan. +39 02 29060678. Open every day (12-15, 19-23). Average price 40€.


Nozomi Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Octopus tempura at Nozomi| © Caterina Zanzi

Do you like ‘dragon rolls’ from the all-you-can-eat restaurants? Well, then don’t come to Nozomi in corso Indipendenza area. Here the menu doesn’t include either sushi nor sashimi. A choice that left me upset the first time I came here, but that made sense once I tried the quality of the other dishes. The eggplant spread with grilled miso is incredible and the grilled and fried specialties are amazing. The owners have recently opened Saketeca Go, dedicated to sake, that I am looking forward to trying soon!

NOZOMI. Via Pietro Calvi 2, Milan. +39 02 76023197. Open every day (12-14, 19-23), except on Monday and Thursday at lunch. Average price 35€.


J's Hiro Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

A lunch menu at J’S Hiro| © Caterina Zanzi

J’S Hiro in Porta Romana is among the best discoveries of this year. Beside the quite superficial management, food is great and the interior is tiny- please make a reservation! – but very pretty. Tempura and sushi are great, and so is the tuna tartare. Full marks for the warm dishes too and the possibility of ordering a well-structured lunch menu.

J’S HIRO. Via Vittadini 7, Milan. +39 02 58320038. Open every day (12-14:30, 19:30-23) except on Monday. Average price 25€.


Yoshi Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

A starter at Yoshi | © Caterina Zanzi

This is maybe the fanciest of the list. Yoshi is one of the most sophisticated restaurants in the city. Thanks to the minimalist and elegants interior, and thanks to the fancy clientele. Besides the guests and the high bill (in my opinion too high) you can’t say that they are not up to the high standards. If chosen for a special occasion, this can be the right restaurant: even just for the sashimi, that I found amazing!

YOSHI.  Via Parini 7, Milan. +39 02 36591742. Open every day (12-14:30, 19-23) except on Saturday at lunch and Sunday. Average price 60€.


Basara Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Uramakis at Basara| © Basara Fb

Let’s be honest, this whole thing of being called the ‘sushi-pasticceria’ is kind of ridiculous. But behind the marketing, Basara hides many good ideas and two very nice restaurants, one at Navigli and the second newer one in corso Italia. Uramakis, tartares and the desserts are great, which explains somehow the marketing choices. Service is good but make a reservation in big advance because it is (always!) full.

BASARAVia Tortona 12, Milan. +39 0283241025| Corso Italia 6, Milan. +39 0272020141. Open every day (12-15, 18:30-00.30) except on Saturday at lunch and Sunday. Average price 50€.


Poporoya Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Sashimi at Poporoya| © Poporoya Fb

One can not make a top ten of Japanese restaurants and not include Poporoya. Many considers this the sushi place in Milan, and it was also one of the first ones. Cozy, with a nice format that includes a ministore too, and with a excellent choice of ingredients. If you don’t don’t Shiro’s cirashi you must make a reservation now!

POPOROYAVia Eustachi 17, Milan. +39 02 29406797. Open every day (11:30-14, 18-21:30) except on Monday at lunch and Sunday. Average price 30€.


Wicky's Wicuisine Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Sushi ‘à la Milanese’ at Wicky’s Wicuisine | © Caterina Zanzi

Wicky’s is more of a fusion restaurant. But truth is you can have some of the best Japanese dishes of the city in this restaurant in corso Italia. Starting from its long time classic sushi ‘à la Milanese’ with saffron rice. But the sensorial experience goes far beyong the single dish, I promise. The Srilankan chef turns every normal dish into a very special one.

WICKY’S WICUISINE. Corso Italia 6, Milan. +39 02 89093781. Open every day (Mon-Sat 19:30-23 and Tue-Fri 12:30-14:30). Average price 60€.


Iyo Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Gunkans at Iyo | © Caterina Zanzi

And I can’t finish withoput mentioning Iyo in via Piero della Francesca, my favourite Japanese restaurant for special occasions. Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated here: a choice I make thanks to the beautiful interior, the flawless service and the gunkans which can be, in my opinion, listed among the 7 wonders of the world.

IYO. Via Piero della Francesca 74, Milan. +39 02 45476898. Open every day (12:30-14:30, 19:30-23:30) except on Monday. Average price 60€.

This list, that could be endless, stops at 10. But I give you some additional suggestions too. For some okonomiyaki don’t miss Maido. For the temakis, the one and only Temakinho. And, when you are short on money, for a good all-you-can-eat choose Asahi. Enough for now?

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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