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My favourite Korean restaurants in Milan

Milano Ristorante Coreano Gin Mi Bulgogi

If I haven’t made it clear enough, I have a real passion for anything Oriental. My dream travel is to Japan, I am fascinated by the philosophy of those far countries and by, of course, their food.

Korean food was a real discovery for me. There are few Korean restaurants compared to the Chinese and Japanese – that are everywhere in the city – and finding some was not a simple task. Once I tried them I couldn’t live without them anymore!

Here is a guide to my favourite Korean restaurants in Milan.


Among those I have tried so far, Gin Mi is my favourite (it is in the list of my 2014 favourites!). It is because of its honesty – it is more a bistro than a restaurant – the Korean music in the background, with only Korean customers – in my case my friends and I were the only Italians in the whole room, and for the quality of the dishes they serve. I ate delicious soy noodles here, great veggie fritters and an opulent bulgogi (marinated meat that here comes served in a boiling hot pot with a side of salad and fermented soy sauce). Just the thought of it makes my mouth water!

Click on the photo to discover my 2014 favourites (and my 2015 wishlist!)

Korean Restaurant Milan Gin Mi

Noodles at Gin Mi | © Caterina Zanzi

Korean Restaurant Milan Gin Mi

Fritters at Gin Mi | © Caterina Zanzi

Korean Restaurant Milan Gin Mi

Bulgogi at Gin Mi| © Caterina Zanzi

GIN MI. Via Paisiello 7, Milano. +39 02 29516394. Open every day (12:30-15:00 and 19:00-23:00) except on Wednesday. Final bill around 40 euros. 


I am particularly fond of Arirang. It was the first Korean restaurant I have tried in Milan and the owner is quite a character. He claims he knows what you are willing to eat and in which order and if you try to make a stand he will gently let you understand that he disagrees. But if it is ok for you to let other people take control over your meal, Arigang is the right place. I suggest to order the gigimi (little soy flour balls with veggies), the kiki (rice sticks with veggies and hot sauce) and the bulgogi plus with beef meat, veggies and optionally soy noodles or Korean rice. I heard the restaurant is moving from the historical location in Via Raffaello Sanzio. I can’t wait for it to reopen!

Korean Restaurant Milan Arirang

Ravioli at Arirang | © Caterina Zanzi

Korean Restaurant Milan Arirang

Bulgogi at Arirang | © Caterina Zanzi

ARIRANG. Via Raffaello Sanzio 16, Milano. +39 02 48518656. Open every evening (19:00-00:00). Final bill around 40 euros.

3. HANA 

Among the Korean restaurants I have tried so far, Hana is the most fashionable one (although service can be improved in my opinion). The chance to order tasting menus for dinner is great and allows you to try some of the house specialties. We went for the spicy and the tasting one. First we were offered a kimchi omelette (fermented Chinese cabbage with chili pepper), spicy chicken and the bibimbab, rice mixed with calamari served in a boiling stone bowl. Then came soy noodles, ravioli and the classic bulgogi.

Korean Restaurant Milan Hana

Kimchi Omelette at Hana | © Caterina Zanzi

Korean Restaurant Milan Hana

Soy noodles at Hana | © Caterina Zanzi

HANA. Via Lecco 15, Milano. +39 02 36513597. Open every day (12:15 – 14:30 and 19:00 – 22:30) except on Sunday. Final bill around 35 euros.

4. BAB

If you are looking for something less demanding, like a snack or some take-out, Bab in via San Marco could be the right palce for you. Tiny but cute, their specialty is the kimbap, similar to a Japanese ‘roll’, with rice and delicious veggies, eggs and crab, all rolled in sheets of nori seaweed. I suggest to try several ones, along with some ramion, pasta with meat or vegetables in the veg option. I also went for some incredible sesami ice-cream!

Korean Restaurant Milan Bab

Kimbap at Bab | © Caterina Zanzi

Korean Restaurant Milan Bab

Sesame ice-cream at Bab| © Caterina Zanzi

BAB. Via San Marco 34, Milano. +39 02 83422356. Final bill around 20 euros.

There is only Gaya missing on the list and I have to try it soon, rumour has it is one of the best in the city.

What do you think about Korean food?

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