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7 Gorgeous Children’s Stores in Milan

We already told you that Milan is fantastic also when you are visiting with your littles and we gave you some tips about the 7 kids-friendly places in the city where you can spend quality time with kids.

But where to go when you want to make them happy with some pretty dresses or shoes, and also pacifiers, bibs, blankets and strollers? Here is a list of 7 gorgeous stores in Milan for some ‘little’ shopping!


Carlababy Children's Stores A Place in Milan

Carlababy | © Marco Caruccio

Christenings, first communions, weddings and ceremonies in general. If you are looking for a fancy dress peek inside this store that has been open for twenty years, close to the yellow metro stop Crocetta. Beside the wide range of big brands as Il Gufo, Ralph Lauren and Armani Junior there is a selection of tailor-made 100% Made in Italy names. For those who love to indulge in exclusive pieces.

CARLABABY. Corso di Porta Romana 72, Milan. +39 02 58323052. Open every day (9:30-14 and 15:30-19:15) except on Monday morning and Sunday.


Le Mercerie Children's Stores A Place in Milan

Le Mercerie | © Marco Caruccio

Calling it a boutique is reductive, Le Mercerie is like traveling back in time. Do you know those 80’s stores completely dedicated to the couture and tailoring art? In this shop, right in Sant’Ambrogio area, you can find a selection of dresses too and you will be totally charmed by the amount of bibs, sheets and blankets and by everything you could dream of dedicated to embroidery. You will fall in love with the walls that are completely covered with cotton reels!

LE MERCERIE. Via San Vittore, 2 – Piazza S. Ambrogio, Milan. +39 02 86454338.


Mariuccia Children's Stores A Place in Milan

Mariuccia | © Marco Caruccio

Mariuccia is The children’s clothing shop in the city. A real institution since 1973 for the wealthy Milan and for the many tourists crowding the city centre streets. At a two minutes walk from Piazza Duomo, the boutique offers luxurious brands such as Burberry Childrenswear, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli Junior, Moncler, Ralph Lauren and, for the romantic ones, Simonetta and Monnalisa.

MARIUCCIA. Corso Vittorio Emanuele – Galleria De Cristoforis 1, Milan. +39 02 76023101. Open every day (10-19) except on Monday morning and Sunday.


Matia's Baby Outlet Children's Stores A Place in Milan

Matia’s Baby Outlet | © Marco Caruccio

Clothing for the little ones, at small prices. Matia’s Baby is one of the few childrenswear outlets in Milan: close to Brera and not far from Porta Nuova and Via Turati, this store has an amazing selection that goes from school clothing (hoodies, jumsuits, jeans) to formal pieces. Among the brands there are Bikkembergs Kids, Miss Grant, Armani Junior, Moncler, Simonetta, Il Gufo, Fendi and Monnalisa.

MATIA’S BABY OUTLET. Via Solferino corner Via Balzan, Milan. +39 02 62087881. Open every day (10-14:30 and 15:30-19) except on Monday morning and Sunday.


Meroni Sì Children's Stores A Place in Milan

Meroni Sì| © Marco Caruccio

Meroni Sì opened 32 years ago in Brera, at a stone’s throw from Piazza del Carmine, and it deserves a position in this list thanks to the fine selection of brands that are sold in the boutique. Bebe&Tess, Le Petit Cocò, Moulin Roty, Carrion and many more, especially French and small Italian artisanal brands. In addition to the cozy atmosphere and the kindness of the shop assistants, Meroni Sì is one of the few indie stores in Milan. The thousands of small infant care accessories as pacifiers and baby bottles are just fabulous.

MERONI SÌ. Via Madonnina 10, Milan. +39 02 8057406. Open every day (10-19) except on Monday morning and Sunday.


Monelli Children's Stores A Place in Milan

Monelli| © Marco Caruccio

Very often shoes are a passion for kids. The young fashionistas get more excited by a pair of tiny pink patent flats than by the last episode of Masha and The Bear. Monelli, in the Wagner area, is a good compromise between quality and price. They have so many models from Eu number 16 up to 40. Besides the usual sneakers there are interesting pieces by brands that are poles apart from the mass market, such as Gioie ecologiche, Smerilli, Happy Baby and Stivaleria Italiana. Well, you can’t always live in your pair of Converse.

MONELLI. Via Belfiore 15, Milan. +39 02 48000421. Open every day (10-12:30 and 15:30-19:30) except on Monday morning and Sunday.


Tandem Children's Stores A Place in Milan

Tandem| © Marco Caruccio

I know what you are thinking: “My kid wearing secon hand clothes? Never!“. Well, maybe you are wrong! I was reluctant too until I checked out Tandem in Via Lambro – in a cross street of Via Melzo – and I got shocked by the quality of the pieces that, if it wasn’t for the tag that is missing, would seem as brand new. The owner accepts, by appointment only, pieces of clothing (or strollers and prams) in optimal conditions and she sells them at less than half the original price. I recommend it to those who don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes to be worn at ceremonies and special occasions. Why going for a low cost chain when you can have a pair of Ralph Lauren trousers for 20 euros?

TANDEM. Via Lambro 9/11, Milan. +39 02 78627969. Open every day (10-14 and 15:30-19) from Tuesday to Saturday.

Are you ready for some shopping for your littles? 

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