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3 Chinese Restaurants I love in Milan

Not only Japanese and Korean. For what concerns my devotion to Far East cuisine there is a big space in my heart for Chinese food. I have a big wishlist of restaurants I want to try, but for now here are 3 Chinese restaurants I love in Milan! Ni hao!


Singapore Chinese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Leek and ginger shrimps at Singapore | © Caterina Zanzi

I have been coming to Singapore for years, thanks to the fact that it is very close to where I live and only at a short walking distance from the Solari Park. Furthermore this restaurant in Via Foppa is pretty cute and with very fair prices. The nice interior and the inlaid wooden furniture are quite welcoming, and that is a plus too. The dishes are the real highlight of this place though: I can’t help but ordering sweet and sour shrimps with leeks and ginger, they are sublime. The menu is long and it varies from noodles of any type to the classical spring rolls, steamed dumplings and Peking duck. Portions are fair, the staff are a little bit too hurried but genuine, the satisfaction after dinner is assured. A must try (and a must reserve too…it is always full!).

SINGAPORE. Via Foppa 40, Milan. +39 02 4895 2129. Open every day (12-14:30 and 19:30-23) except on Mondays. Average price: 25€.


Kota Radja Chinese Restaurant A Place in Milan

One of my many take-away dinners from Kota Radja | © Caterina Zanzi

Kota Radja, an insitution in Milan, is located in the Conciliazione area in the pretty Piazza Baracca and I have been going there since I was a little girl. During the last years they have lost some of their appeal because of the decision of serving Japanese food too. I have tried their sushi a few times, but the dishes of Chinese tradition are still my favourite here: I suggest you try the shrimp dumplings and soy noodles. At dinner there is the possibility of choosing a fixed price menu with a great quality-price ratio and, for the lazy ones (like me!), there is the possibility of take-away food…I lost count of my take out dinners from Kata Radja and they have always deserved full marks!

KOTA RADJA. Piazzale Baracca 6, Milan. +39 02 468850. Open every day at lunch and at dinner, excet on Mondays. Average price: 25€.


Wang Jiao Chinese Restaurant A Place in Milan

The ‘fire pan’ at Wang Jiao | © Caterina Zanzi

I am amazed every time I finish a dinner at Wang Jiao (I always go to the one in Porta Venezia, but there are 4 Wang Jiao restaurants in different areas of the city). How is it possible to spend 20 euros and eat until you burst? I prefer to not ask myself too many questions and just focus on the goodness of the food which is truly amazing. If you have never heard of the ‘fire pan’, make sure you discover it very soon: the highlight here is this saucepan full of – mostly hot and spicy – ingredients such as shrimps, veel, calamari and vegetables. This is a special for me, but if you like to go for the more ‘classical’ ones the big menu offers more or less every Chinese specialty (and the Chinese must know about this since there are always Far-Eastern customers). A commendation also goes to the super honest prices, and I want to underline this! Make a reservation…more and more people seem to have heard about this place!

WANG JIAO. Via Felice Casati 7 | Viale Col di Lana 14 |Via Lomazzo 16 | Via Padova 3. Average price: 20€.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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