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10 Places in Milan for a Christmas Toast

It’s Christmas time and we all get in a festive mood with our friends and colleagues, so much that we can’t escape the typical Christmas toasts and drinks! Let’s be honest: apart from some rare exceptions we could easily deal without these gatherings, most of all because it is always difficult to find the perfect place for a good toast. Here are 10 places in Milan for enjoying the Christmassy meetings and gatherings with a good glass of wine. And not just any wine: be ready to toast with Franciacorta in these 10 wine bars! After a business trip in this marvellous region (more about this soon!) I discovered the Italian bubbly wine and it was love at first sip: continue reading to find out where to enjoy a Franciacorta! 


Signorvino Milan A Place in Milan

Signorvino | © Signorvino Fb

It must be because I work in the centre and it is not easy to find the right place for a drink close to the Duomo, but I must admit that I am absolutely in love with Signorvino (and here I already explained why). They have now opened a second location in Via Dante, in addition to the first one in Piazza Duomo, and the chances of finding a place have increased. My favourite is still the one right under the cathedral though, with an amazing view and the right atmosphere. There is enough room even if you are a big group, remember to make a reservation, and enjoy your bubbles, served right at your table without any extra charge, along with a selection of delicious cheese and cold cuts!

SIGNORVINO. Piazza del Duomo, Milan | Via Dante 15, Milan. +39 02 8909 2539. Open every day (Mon/Fri 8:00-24:00; Sat/Sun 9:00-24:00).


Bottiglieria Enoteca Bulloni Milan A Place in Milan

The Bar at Bottiglieria Bulloni |© Caterina Zanzi

In case you are in the Solari area, between the red metro stop Conciliazione and the green metro stop Sant’Agostino, Bottiglieria Bulloni might be the right place for you. Outside the usual group of Milanese drinking spots, and for this reason maybe more authentic, this wine bar with wooden tables is one of my favourites in Milan. Here, as I have told you, aperitivo has remained as the one of the olden days: chips, pickles, some pizza and wine of course!

BOTTIGLIERIA BULLONI. Via Lipari 2, Milan. +39 02 48003155. Open every day from 7 to 21.30 (Sat 8:00/12:30 – 17:30/21:30) except on Sunday.


Chiù Gustosità Italiane A Place in Milan

Cold Cuts at Chiù Gustosità Italiane| © Chiù Gustosità Italiane

Cozy, central, with good quality: I have been at Chiù in Via Vincenzo Monti only a few times, but they left me with a pleasant feeling. Thanks to the high quality snacks: enjoy a glass of wine with fantastic cold cuts, cheese and the amazing gnocchi fritti (fried dough). You must try the Culatello di Zibello and mozzarella di bufala, they are to die for!

CHIÙ GUSTOSITÀ ITALIANE. Via Vincenzo Monti 32, Milan. +39 02 39400694. Open every day (Mon-Fri 9:30/22:30, Sat 10/22:30, on Sundays from December 7th to 21st open from 10:30 to 19:30).


Deus Milan A Place in Milan

The Bar at Deus| © Deus

Deus is always a good idea when it comes to having drinks, especially if you are in the Isola area. There is enough room, it is popular at any time of the day, it is perfect for any occasion, from brunch to aperitivo up to after dinner. When I am here I usually take a seat and get cozy for at least three hours: relaxing atmosphere and plenty of Franciacorta bottles to open!

DEUS. Via Thaon di Revel 3, Milan. +39 02 83439230. Open every day from 9.30 to 1am (on Friday and Saturday til 2am).


Mio Bar Milan Park Hyatt A Place in Milan

Aperitivo at Mio Bar at Park Hyatt| © Park Hyatt

If the Christmas toast happens to be more formal opt for a bar at a luxurious Milanese hotel. Among my favourite ones, besides Trussardi Cafè and Palazzo Parigi, there is Mio Bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel. You find it at the spectacular location close to the Duomo, right in front of the Galleria. Here you can taste some dishes by the chef Andrea Aprea or simply order a glass of bubbly wine or a cocktail…for special occasions!

MIO BAR.  Via Grossi 1, Milan. +39 02 8821 1234. Open every day from 6:30 to 1am.


El Buscia Milan A Place in Milan

El Buscia| | © El Buscia

The right place for celebrating juletide in Porta Romana is El Buscia. Not only because here you find about 500 different wine labels to buy, but also because there is no extra charge for a drink at the table and you can choose among ten different bubbly wines (the ‘bollicine‘ are the highlight of the bar) and two dry ones. The atmosphere is friendly and you can enjoy your glass with copious plates of cheese and cold cuts!

EL BUSCIA. Viale Beatrice D’Este 48, Milan. +39 02 45498762. Open every day (Tue-Sat 11:00/14:00 and 16:30/22; Sun-Mon 17/22).


Vino al vino Milan Winery Wine Bar A Place in Milan

Vino al vino| © Vino al vino Fb

A place I suggest in the area between Loreto and Lima is Vino al Vino in Via Spontini. You can order a glass from any bottle, with no extra charge. There are enough tables for groups and, as you know, one glass leads to another! 

VINO AL VINO. Via Spontini 11, Milan. +39 02 29414928. Open every day (Sun/Mon 16:30-23:30, Wed/Fri 10:30-14:00, 16:30-23:30, Sat 11:00/23:30).


Morna Milan A Place in Milan

The Entrance at Morna| © Morna

In Porta Genova area, at a stone’s throw from the station, there is a bar in the style of the ‘vecchia Milano‘, the Milan from the olden days. People meet here to play pétanque or to simply have a drink. The management is friendly and the place is good for a meeting with friends or colleagues!

MORNA. Via Tortona 21, Milan. +39 347 7400040. Open every day except on Sunday.


Carlo e Camilla in Segheria Milan A Place in Milan

Carlo e Camilla | © Carlo e Camilla in Segheria Fb

If you are wine types, but also if you are cocktail types (read here about my favourites) and you love glamorous places, have a look at the restaurant of the chef Carlo Cracco, Carlo e Camilla in Segheria, close to Viale Tibaldi. There are plenty of tables and Filippo Sisti at the bar, the creative bar tender that will not disappoint you!

CARLO E CAMILLA IN SEGHERIA. Via Meda 24, Milan. +39 02 8373963. Open every day (18:00/02:00) except on Sunday.


Fioraio Bianchi Milan A Place in Milan

Fioraio Bianchi Cafè| © Fioraio Bianchi

Everybody knows Fiorario Bianchi! Among the most historical cafès in Milan, this place in the heart of Brera is one of the most popular ones. For a good reason indeed: the atmosphere, as the name suggests – fiorario is a flower shop, is something in between a flower shop and a cafè and it is perfect for a relaxing aperitivo. During Christmas time the atmosphere is even more magical with the decorations…you can’t miss it!

FIORAIO BIANCHI.  Via Montebello 7, Milan. +39 02 2901 4390. Open every day (8/00) except on Sunday.

Are you ready for your Christmas toast? Happy Holidays from A Place in Milan! 

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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