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10 Awesome Coworking Cafés in Milan

Cafés with coworking possibilities are a godsend for people who often find themselves working at the computer even during the weekends. In lack of a pretty place to go to for a good coffee, a juice and fast wi-fi connection, it is easy to just stay home in your pajamas. For those who don’t like staying at home in the ‘ugly version’ of themselves here is a selection of pretty places in Milan where you can have breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and tea and work long hours in total relax.


Open Coworking A Place in Milan

Open| © Open Fb

More than books. Open, a space of more than 1000k sq meters in viale Montenero, is a bookshop but also a café and a place where you can work in complete tranquillity. Take a seat at the table of get comfy on the couches and armchairs (there are 40 working positions and they even have printers, iPads and monitors) and use the free wi-fi: working has never been so pleasant before!

OPEN. Viale Monte Nero 6, Milan. +39 02 83425610. Open every day (Mon/Fri 10:00-21:00 and Sat/Sun 10:00-20:00).


Coffice Coworking A Place in Milan

Coffice| © Coffice Fb

The prize for the most original formula goes to Coffice, a new café in Porta Romana. This place is actually the first in Milan where you can stay as long as you want paying a fixed entrance fee (the first hour is 4 euros, the following half hours 1,50 euros each). You will find at your disposal, besides chairs, table and comfy armchairs, a buffet from which you can help yourself as many times as you wish!

COFFICE.  Viale Caldara 1 (corner Porta Romana), Milan. +39 02 49538268. Open every day (Mon/Fri 9-20, Sat 10/20) except on Sundays.


Bistro del Tempo Ritrovato Coworking A Place in Milan

The room at Bistrò del Tempo Ritrovato | © Caterina Zanzi

You already know that Bistrò del Tempo has a special place in my heart. If you are in the Solari area you can’t miss it: in summertime choose one of the outdoor table facing the park, in wintertime relax in the indoor room enjoying books, newspapers and cakes, and while listening to some music in the background work on your computer!

BISTRÒ DEL TEMPO RITROVATOVia Vincenzo Foppa 4, Milan. +39 02 3650 314. Open every day from 6:30 to 20:00 (on Sunday from 7:30 to 15:00).


Upcycle Coworking Coworking A Place in Milan

Upcycle | © S’Notes

Upcycle is the place to be, bar and café with coworking in the temple of bicycles. Relax in a space that looks like a mechanic workshop and connect to the super-fast wifi. You won’t even notice and aperitivo time will arrive with good cocktails to enjoy surrounded by two-wheelers.

UPCYCLE. Via Ampère 59, Milan. +39 02 83428268. Open from Tuesday to Sunday (Tue/Sat 8-23, Sun 8-20).


Gogol & Company Coworking A Place in Milan

A room at Gogol & Company| © Caterina Zanzi

Gogol and Company, one of my favourite bookshops, is a lovely neighborhood store in via Savona well-known by everybody. The atmosphere is jolly and in addition to buying books you can have breakfast or an afternoon cake (and aperitivo too) or take a seat in one of the armchairs and turn on your computer!

GOGOL AND COMPANY. Via Savona 101, Milan. +39 02 45470449. Open every day (9:00-22:00) except on Monday.


Pavè Coworking A Place in Milan

Pavè| © Pavè Fb

Not only is Pavè one of the top places for a breakfast in the city (here my favourite breakfasts in Milan!), but it is also a pretty place close to Porta Venezia where you can stop for your newspaper read while you devour one of the best croissants in Milan. Unfortunately, compared to the first periods, now it is very difficult to find a free table, but if you are not too picky and you don’t need to deeply concentrate (or maybe you have earplugs or earphones) this could be the right place for you!

PAVÈ. Via Felice Casati 27, Milan. +39 02 94392259. Open every day (Tue/Fri 8:00-20:00 and Sat/Sun 8:30-19:00) except on Monday.


Ca'ppuccino Coworking A Place in Milan

Ca’ppuccino in via Malpighi| © Ca’ppuccino Fb

Ca’ppuccino, also in Porta Venezia, but recently opened in Piazza Diaz too, is a good ‘creative’ stop in the city centre. The atmosphere is slightly more businessy, but it is a great place to enjoy a smoothie or a coffee in front of your computer. Did I mention they have electricity sockets everywhere (and God only knows how necessary they are nowadays!) and personnel is always kind.

CA’PPUCCINO. Via Malpighi (+39 02 2953 3923) | Piazza Diaz (+39 02 86882993). Open every day from 7:30 to 21.


Santeria Coworking A Place in Milan

The outdoor space at Santeria| © Santeria Fb

In the heart of Lambrate, not exactly in the centre, Santeria is a great place for a drink (especially in summertime), but also a valid space for working. Coworking is a big deal here: there is a designed area with sharing stations, with printers, drawers and office chairs: everything you need to be your own boss!

SANTERIA. Via Privata Ettore Paladini 8, Milan. +39 02 36798121. Open every day (11-22:30) except on Monday.


Arnold Coffee Coworking A Place in Milan

Arnold Coffee in via Festa del Perdono| © Arnold Coffee Fb

At the time I was attending university Arnold Coffee, the Italian variation of a Stabucks-like café, had just opened close to via Festa del Perdono and it was the big news. Despite the somehow cold atmosphere and the appearance that is not as neat as the previous cafés, Arnold has an international and comfortable vibe, with many tables where you can work on your computer using the wifi. Pretend you are in London or New York, order a shake or a chai tea and…enjoy!

ARNOLD COFFEE. Via Orefici | via Nirone | via Festa del Perdono


Panini Durini Coworking A Place in Milan

Panini Durini | © Panini Durini Fb

I love Panini Durini’s sandwiches. Choose one of the locations of this chain of bars (for axample corso magenta or via Buonarroti), order something to drink (I can’t resist their matcha!) and eat – any of their baked products is delicious – and take a seat. Wi-fi is free and usually you can stay as long as you like. Highly recommended!

PANINI DURINI. Via Durini | L.go Donegani | via Bocconi | corso Magenta | corso di Porta Vittoria | via Mengoni | via Mercato | via Buonarroti

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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