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Diet To Go, Tasty Delivered Meals to Keep in Shape

If you often find yourself not having the time to cook a proper meal, but you really want to avoid the usual sandwich or some greasy fastfood delivery, you can try Diet To Go in Milan, a delivery service that brings you delicious low-calorie meals (1,200 calories for women, 1,500 for men). Forget the sad salad and indulge in a gourmet experience without fearing any weight gain whatsoever! Here is my new tip for the ‘smart’ category of A Place in Milan, Milan Made Easy.

How does it work? It is very easy, with a few clicks you can choose your plan and proceed with your order. Enter the dedicated site and choose the dietetic menu you prefer – mediterranean, vegetarian or detox (vegan and gluten-free), the time and address of the delivery and wait for your meals right on your couch or at your office desk. If you need any help you can contact an expert by filling in the ‘Ask the dietitian’ form.

The meals – breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner – will arrive inside a thermal bag and in containers that can be kept in the fridge and heated in the microwave. The payment is very easy and the cost varies from an average of 39 euros for a day and 180 euros for five days: it is certainly on the expensive side, but it includes quality ingredients, it it convenient and it pays attention to the nutritional side of your meals. Deliveries are currently available in Milan, Monza and surroundings.

Diet To Go

My meals by Diet To Go | © Caterina Zanzi

I tried Diet To Go, and more specifically the mediterranean menu, for two days and I was very satisfied: the delivery is punctual, the dishes are well packaged and, let’s say it, the convenience is ginormous. Thumbs up for the quality of the ingredients and for the recipes two.

The first day I tried a coconut apricot clafoutis, calamari and sautéed vegetables on a chickpeas soup and a seasonal fruit mousse, a red berries dessert as snack and for dinner lasagne with green beans pesto.

The second day I received apple pie, a grilled vegetables quiche, fava beans purée, parmisan and tomato concassé and some delicious octopus with eggplant tomato sauce and some compote with strawberries and kiwi with mint.

I don’t deny that if the price were more affordable I would live on Diet To Go lunches and dinners and I would be in great shape: for now, I will use it on days when I am extremely lazy or really looking into getting fit. And you? 

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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