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5 Places for Drinking a Good Tea in Milan

“Let’s go take a coffee together”. This is one of the most pronounced sentences in Italy and for some people it just sounds like a nightmare. Although the espresso tradition is very strong here, there are people who prefer a cup of tea instead. And the tea lovers know it: drinking a good quality tea in Italian cafés is not always so easy. There are however places where you can find top quality blends: here are 5 pretty places in Milan where you can enjoy a good cup of tea!


Chà Tea Atelier Drinking Tea A Place in Milan

Tea at Chà Tea Atelier| © Carlotta Mariani

Infusions are prepared and served in observance of all the rules in this shop dedicated to teas: type of water, temperature and steeping times are an actual ritual here. And you can enjoy your cup with some cake or other sweets on the side. The list is so long that it can get disorienting, I suggest you try the Long Jing, a Chinese green tea with a flavour that recalls that of boiled chestnuts and the famous Matcha cappuccino. If you are interested in knowing more about tea, Chà Tea Atelier organizes thematic classes on about the tea topic, from how it has to be prepared correctly to tastings of blends from different countries.

CHÀ TEA ATELIER. Via D’Oggiono 7, Milan. +39 02 89415371. Open every day (Mon 15.30/19.30; Tue-Sat 11/14 and 15.30/ 19.30) except on Sunday.


Crazy Cat Café Drinking Tea A Place in Milan

Tea at Crazy Cat Cafè| © Carlotta Mariani

What rhymes with tea? Cats. Ok it is not a rhyme, but this combo is perfect and many would agree. In the first ‘cat café’ in Milan, kitty and tea lovers can relax among jumping, playing and sleeping cats while sipping their tea: the list has pure and flavoured teas, served in beautiful cups. If you are looking for something totally new and unusual try the pistachio and fig green tea. The tarte tatin is excellent, but there are also savoury dishes for lunch and aperitivo!

CRAZY CAT CAFÉ. Via Torriani 5, Milan. +39 02 84542739. Open every day (9:30-21:30).


La Teiera Eclettica Drinking Tea A Place in Milan

Tea at La Teiera Eclettica| © Carlotta Mariani

La Teiera Eclettica is another café for real connoisseurs. Among the teas that will melt your heart rightaway there are the Long Jing and the Mao Feng Criss Cross: they are to die for! This café is in Porta Venezia and it has both a tea room and a store: for a relaxing moment order a Matcha cappuccino and something to eat among the savoury, sweet and veggie options! They even have gelato. La Teiera Eclettica organizes tea events: don’t miss the ones dedicated to tea and literature, because books and teas make a great couple!

LA TEIERA ECLETTICA. Via Melzo 30, Milan. +39 02 29419101. Open every day (Mon 15.30/19.30; Tue-Sat 10:30-19:30; Sun 15:30/19:30).


Da Otto Drinking Tea A Place in Milan

Tea at Otto| © Carlotta Mariani

We already wrote about Otto as one of the best surprises of 2015. This new eatery in Via Paolo Sarpi, cozy like a living room, is the perfect place for a tea break or for working too. We have tried a green tea here, the Genmaicha (at Otto they have a selection of about six leaf teas, both pure and flavoured), and an apple and lavander muffin that was out of this world!

OTTO. Via Sarpi 8, Milan. +39 02 83417249. Open every day (9:30am-2am) except on Monday.


California Bakery Drinking Tea A Place in Milan

Tea at California Bakery| © Carlotta Mariani

Marco Polo (a green tea flavoured with fruits and flowers by Mariage Frères) and a piece of cheesecake: it was love at the first sip and bite! There are several California Bakery locations around Milan, but the cutest one is the one is Piazza Sant’Ambrogio: American eatery atmosphere, young clientele, kind staff and…a cup of good tea!

CALIFORNIA BAKERY. Via San Vittore 2, Milan. +39 02 39811750. Open every day (Monday – Friday from 8 to 24; Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 24).

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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