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DriveNow, The ‘Luxury’ Car Sharing, Has Arrived in Milan

Car2Go and Enjoy were not enough when it comes to car sharing in Milan. We needed something new and it has indeed arrived. And it is some luxurious news! DriveNow has been active for few days now in the city, a new service of urban shared mobility: you download the app, book your car and drive at a price that is proportionate to the time used, with access to the AreaC of Milan and the chance of free parking both on yellow and blue lines parkings.

Needless to say that DriveNow has automatically become one of the essential apps for making Milan life easier. First of all, because having more cars at our disposal is better (in some areas I always have troubles finding a car!) and also because in this case you will be able to try some good cars in the Bmw and Mini range, for a total of 480 vehicles in six different models.

DriveNow Milan Car Sharing

The DriveNow fleet| © DriveNow Fb

The prices? They go from 31 to 34 eurocents per minute, which translates into an average of 7-8 euros for a fifteen minutes ride. Not very cheap if compared to competitors, but it is a price that is justified by the higher maintanance cost of their cars compared to those of a Smart or a Fiat 500.

To start using the service you only have to register on the DriveNow website (the one time fee is 29 euros), download the app and select the time and location of where you want to pick up your car. The car then awaits for fifteen minutes with no booking costs, you can open it with the card or directly with your app.

Simple and perfect, it can easily become one of our favourite services on the #MilanMadeEasy page, dedicated to smart services in Milan!

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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