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A Vacation in Formentera: What to See and Where to Eat

Formentera, the pearl of the Balearic Islands that is as small as it is wonderful is, together with Ibiza – you can find our travel tips here –, a beloved vacation destination for Italians who come here every summer (the reason why it’s better to go between May and June and between September and October). In Formentera you’ll leave your heart, because of its dreamy beaches, the breathtaking sunsets and the atmosphere of freedom you can breathe. And then good food, fun, nature, in short, a destination to spend your vacation at least once in your lifetime. Here are the places we recommend!


PLAYA DE SES ILLETES. The 4 euros you have to pay for the scooter (6 euros for the car) will immediately be repaid once you pass through one of the wooden walkways to reach the beach, which will open the doors to paradise, which has the shape of a long tongue of white sand along a crystal clear sea – it isn’t for nothing that it’s considered the most beautiful beach in Formentera! It’s possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas and if you want to eat something there are restaurants such as Es Ministre and Juan y Andrea, good but not exactly cheap. In front of Illetes, heading north, there is Espalmador, an uninhabited island easily accessible by swim (or in the presence of low tide by walking) for a few hundred meters or by ferry.

Playa de Ses Illetas_Formentera_Conosco un posto

Playa de Ses Illetas |© Giorgia Ferrais

CALA SAONA. Located in the western part of the island, this bay which has the same name as the hotel located behind it is a real gem. The golden sandy bay is between the red cliffs, along which you can go for walks from which the view is spectacular. You can rent chairs and umbrellas as well as eat at the bar of the hotel.

Cala Saona_Formentera_Conosco un posto

Cala Saona | ©

– CALO DES MORT. Not really a beach but a wild and pristine beach cove located in the south-east part of the island, reachable after a short walk. Due to its small size it’s better to take place on time and enjoy one of the most postcard-worthy views of Formentera.

Caló des Mort_Formentera_Conosco un posto

Caló des Mort | © Carlos Martín

PLAYA DE MIGJORN. With its 6 km of seafront this beach is the longest on the island: it’s located in the south part and it’s characterized by the variety of the coast. In fact, you may find rockier parts and golden sandy bays. Extremely wild, the sea is often rough here. There are many restaurants and chiringuito, including the famous Piratabus.

Playa de Migjorn_Formentera_Conosco un posto

Playa de Migaron | © Instagram Serena Giacomucci


CASANITA. Immediately forget the idea that once you’re outside of Italy you have to eat only the food of the place where you are because this 100% Italian restaurant in the center of Es Pujol will make you fall in love: good fish, refined dishes, relaxed and soft atmosphere. The price is average, the starters are about 15-18 euros, the first courses cost between 15 and 24 euros whereas the second courses are between 20 and 24 euros. With the tasting menu for 40 euros you will have the chance to taste everything, from the starters to the dessert, coming out of the restaurant more than satisfied. A nod to the super nice and qualified staff!

Casanita_Formentera_A Place in Milan

A look at Casanita from the outside | © Giorgia Ferrais

Casanita_Formentera_A Place in Milan

Salmon tartare, ginger emulsion, “pimientos del padròn” and fresh cheese | © Giorgia Ferrais

FONDA PEPE. A simple and basic restaurant in the center of San Ferran, the oldest of the island and once upon a time, a hippie hangout! Here you can enjoy a plentiful paella with 20 euros or other traditional Spanish dishes.

Fonda Pepe_Formentera_A Place in Milan

A look at Fonda Pepe from the outside | © Giorgia Ferrais

CAN CARLOS. Chic atmosphere, romantic and elegant location for this restaurant run by Italians in the small town of Sant Francesc, where the beautiful garden in the middle of the trees is the main attraction. The food, simple yet traditional but also well researched, offers dishes from meat to fish. The prices are fairly high.

Can Carlos_Formentera_A Place in Milan

A look at Can Carlos from the outside | © Giorgia Ferrais

BIG STORE. A Formentera institution for its breakfast, perfect to enjoy with friends in a colourful and quirky location in the center of Sant Francesc. Although frequented by a number of VIPs, it’s a casual place where you can enjoy a croissant, cappuccino and juice in a relaxing environment.

Big Store_Formentera_A Place in Milan

The inside of Big Store | ©

FORMENTERA BURGER. For a quick lunch or dinner this little place in Es Pujol offers a variety of burgers for ten euros. Outside you will find large tables and stools where you can eat.

Formentera Burger_Formentera_A Place in Milan

A look at Formentera Burger from the outside | © FB Formentera Burger


– SUNSETS. As you probably understood while reading the post about Ibiza, the show of the sunset is one of the most touching things overall: here in Formentera there are so many places where you can spend the so-called “golden hour”. The feature is the “chiringuito”, small kiosks on the beach which became a real institution, among which there is Flipper and Chiller, Blue Bar and Lucky, all located in Migjorn beach. The “King” of chiringuito for us is the Piratabus, at km 11, which serves the best mojitos in the world. Here, after having a drink and some snacks (the mojito costs 10 euros, the bowl of tortilla chips with guacamole 7) you can sit on the rocks and wait for the sunset, a truly magical moment thanks to the music of Bocelli’s “Con te partirò”. Goosebumps here are guaranteed!

Piratabus_Formentera_Conosco un posto

Piratabus | © Giorgia Ferrais

CAP DE BARBARIA. On this promontory located in the south-west part of the island stands the lighthouse with the same name, overlooking a sheer view of the red rocks. Needless to say the view is amazing; take a jump and don’t miss the sunset. What’s more, nearby you will find a natural cave with a wooden staircase: you go down into the cave and you will come out in a “terrace” hanging over the sea.

Cap de Barbaaria_Formentera_Conosco un posto

Cap de Barbaria | © Giorgia Ferrais

FARO DE LA MOLA. Located in the south-east part of the island at 200 meters above the sea, this lighthouse is situated in the quiet village of El Pilar. Here every Wednesday and every Sunday you can take a ride to the largest hippy market of Formentera.

Faro della Mola_Formentera_Conosco un posto

Faro della Mola | ©


Much like in Ibiza, in Formentera we suggest you rent a scooter in order to enjoy amazing landscapes you can find while driving. Moreover, this island is perfect for riding a bike thanks to its small size and the bicycle paths next to the main streets. In any case there are some buses to get to the most important beaches. In Formentera there is no airport, so it’s necessary to land in Ibiza and go to the port where several ferry-boats bring you in half an hour or an hour to the port of Formentera, called la Savina; the main shipping companies are Trasmapi and Balearia.

And what about you, have you ever been to this slice of heaven located only a few hours away? Let us know what your favorite places are!

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This article and this English translation were written by Giorgia Ginevra Ferrais.

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