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Elena Braghieri’s Beloved Places in Milan

She defines herself “both blonde and a graduate in Maths”. She works full time in the insurance field, but photography is her true love. She enjoys good food, but she chooses running when she wants to restore. Elena Braghieri, blogger, Getty Images contributor and digital comunication passionate, so much she is one of the most followed Italians for fashion and lifestyle on the social media, is a mix of contradictions, enthusiasm and determination. Madly in love with Milan – “don’t you dare asking me to move” she says – Elena is revealing her beloved places in the city among running, shopping and quite magical locations.

Elena Braghieri blog A Place in Milan

Elena Braghieri|© Andrea Schilirò

Beauty is one of your strongest passions: which places would you suggest to somebody looking for some relaxation time?
My trusted hairstylist Omar at The Studio by Davide Diodovich in Vincenzo Monti area: he and the colorist Susanna take care of my hair in an elegant, cozy and unique environment, a 30’s style apartment. It is a paradise I always come out happy and revived from. I also love a relaxing evening at the QC Terme in Milan, especially during the week to avoid overcrowding.

Where do you go when you need hair and make-up for a special night? 
If I don’t have the tme to go to The Studio I do my hair myself. When it comes to make-up I love when my friend Roberta, Mac make-up artist, does it or I go to a Mac corner (my favourite one is in via Fiori Chiari).

What are your favourite shops in the city? 
Lately I have been shopping in the 5Vie (5Streets) district: clothes at the genius Uberta Zambeletti’s Wait and See, tableware at the other genius Mariangela’s Funky Table. What I love about these shops is the research that stands behind every piece of my purchace, when I buy something it is everything but ordinary. For my high heels and for the Celano jewelry I go to the last floor of Excelsior, for more classical pieces I head to the Max Mara store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, and if I want to customize something (I often want to change buttons) I go to Merceria Guffanti in Corso di Porta Romana. For parfumes and candles I choose the Diptyque shop in Brera.

Judging by your Instagram profile you run a lot: what are your favourite locations in Milan for training?
I started running at Parco Sempione which makes it one of my forever favourite locations. Lately I have been starting from Sempione and running through the city: via Dante, Duomo, Galleria, Brera, the Porta Nuova district and back. Or when I leave from home I get to the Duomo and on the way back I pass through the Palestro park. It is a different way of enjoying my Milan…at a different speed!

What are your favourite places for a quick lunch break in the centre? 
Giacomo Cafè inside Palazzo Reale, or San Maurì Bistrot in via San Maurilio: the latter, managed by two very kind brothers, has opened few months ago and is now my everyday stop over. They offer a new lunch meu every day, prepared with high level ingredients, and the attention towards the customer is always excellent. When I want a perfect Club Sandwich there is the one and only Park Hyatt!

And when you go out for a nice dinner? 
U Barba is, as some of my friends say to make fun of me, my second home: I like it so much that I often go there alone too, some ‘trofie al pesto’ and a chat with the managers and my evening is fine. I also love Lile in Cucina, both for the very cozy interior and for the natural food (their short bread tartellettes with strawberries and cream are to die for).

A table for two: where do you go for a romantic dinner?
I spend my romantic nights at home: I like to cook for the person I love, even when it is just a simple risotto and a gass of good wine. Summer romantic nights are at Al Fresco, of course.

You like photography: what are the places your lenses never get tired of? 
When I love something I never get tired of taking pictures of it. I love everything about Milan, from the banal Piazza Duomo (maybe at sunset on a weekday) to the streets in Brera, to the Conservatorio area, the renewed Isola district…I don’t have a favourite. I often bike through Milan and I experiment new routes, riding with my head up and stopping to take pictures. And I love the new Milan in Porta Nuova or CityLife in the same way I love the old Milan.

The magical place for recharging batteries?
Chiaravalle Abbey, seen from the garden of Locanda Chiaravalle where I often go on Sundays, escaping traffic and recharging my batteries. It is only 5km from Milan and it is an oasis of peace (and food at the Locanda is excellent!)

A place that represents it at its best: for you Milan is…? 
Milan is endless source of beautiful things, it is constanly moving and changing. Rather than a place that represents it, I like to think of one of its hidden secrets: Santa Maria at San Satiro, with the famous apsis with Bramante’s frescos, one of the most succesful examples of perspective. It is in via Torino, at a short walk from the Duomo, but still not so many keep it in mind.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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