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10 Ethnic Restaurants to Try in Milan

Craving for some exotic flavours? I will be honest: Ethnic restaurants are my favourites. I often tell myself that if I want “just a pasta” I can cook it at home, so when I go out I like to choose restaurants that make me wander to faraway countries, food-wise at least. Milan has a wealth of choice and it really satisfies us with cuisines from all over the world: here are 10 amazing ethnic restaurants to try in the city! There is something for everyone, from the classic Japanese and Chinese to the Venezuelan and Vietnamese!


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Korean Restaurant Gin Mi A Place in Milan

Bulgogi at Gin Mi| © Caterina Zanzi

Korean food is one of my favourites in the whole world. I find it delicate, intriguing and flavourful like no others. Among my favourite Korean restaurants in Milan there is Gin Mi, close to Lima and Piola. With the looks of a trattoria, this restaurant serves every Korean goodness from soy noodles to veggie kimchis. Don’t miss the bulgogis for anything in the world, they are the house specialty.

GIN MI. Via Paisiello 7, Milan. +39 02 29516394. Open every day (5pm-12am) except on Sunday. Average price 40€.


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Oasi Giapponese Japanese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Some dishes at Oasi Giapponese | © Caterina Zanzi

You should know by now that Oasi Giapponese is where I go to when I need my dose of cirashi, okonomiyaki, sushi etc. Undoubtedly one of the 10 best Japanese restaurants in Milan, this restaurant in Primaticcio also serves dishes that are less known in Italy such as ikamentai and renkon mentai age. The interior is simple, it is family owned and your only worry will be the phone call for the reservation…it is always full!

OASI GIAPPONESE. Via Privata Montecuccoli 8, Milan. +39 02 41540047. Open from Monday to Saturday (12pm-2pm and 7pm-11pm) except on Monday evenings. Average price 30€.


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Tara Indian Restaurant A Place in Milan

Tara|© Caterina Zanzi

Also when it comes to Tara I could sing praises. If you are craving for some Indian food I strongly recommend this restaurant behind Arco della Pace where you can order any goodness of this incredible country. Don’t miss the naan bread that will melt in your mouth, the spiced and very tender meat or any vegetarian specialty from the eggplant cream to the veggies curry.

TARA. Via Domenico Cirillo 16, Milan. +39 02 3451635. Open every day except on Monday at lunch. Average price 30€.


Vietnam Mon Amour A Place in Milan

A dish at Vietnam Mon Amour | © Vietnam Mon Amour

Romanticism has the upper hand in this restaurant. At Vietnam Mon Amour (that counts two locations in Milan) you will taste Vietnamese flavours in a charming setting. The cuisine is sophisticated, the dishes are well-presented and the curry chicken cooked in coconut milk is a bomb! I almost forgot…combine food with a Saigon beer! 

VIETNAM MON AMOUR. Via Taramelli, 67 (+39 02 70634614) | Via Pestalozza, 7 (+39 02 70634614), Milan. Open every day except on Monday (Tue/Sat 12:45pm-2:30pm and Sat/Sun 8pm-11pm). Average price 50€.


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Singapore Chinese Restaurant A Place in Milan

Shrimps with leek and ginger at Singapore | © Caterina Zanzi

Among some of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Milan there is Singapore in Via Foppa. Although there is not much fantasy in the dishes they serve, here you can enjoy simple courses that are always very good (I have been going there for years and they have never disappointed me). A special mention goes to the sweet and sour shrimps with leek and ginger and the steamed dumplings. Very right prices, typical and welcoming ambience…a must try!

SINGAPORE. Via Foppa 40, Milan. +39 02 48952129. Open every day except on Monday (12pm-2:30pm and 7:30pm-11pm). Average price 25€.


Bussarakham Thai Restaurant Milan

A dish at Bussarakham | © Bussarakham

The Thai restaurant Bussarakham in Porta Genova is a real institution in Milan. Among some of the historical dishes of this restaurant there are the char-grilled seabass in a banana leaf and the crunchy prawns in corn and coconut crumbs. Recommended for a special evening, also considering the prices.

BUSSARAKAM. Via Valenza 13, Milan. +39 02 89422415. Open every day (Mon/Thru 7:30pm-11:30pm and Fri/Sun 11am-2:30pm and 6pm-12am).  Average price 60€.


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Shambala A Place in Milan

A starter at Shambala| © Caterina Zanzi

At the end of Via Ripamonti, inside a former ‘cascina’, you will find this very romantic restaurant (reserve one of the canopies for a very special dinner) where you can taste fusion specialties that mix Thai and Vietnamese flavours, according to the tradition of the South-East of Asia. The internal zen garden is marvelous and the atmosphere is one of the most exotic ones you will find in Milan!

SHAMBALA. via Ripamonti 337, Milan. +39 02 5520194. Open from Monday to Saturday (7:30pm-2am), on Saturdays and Sundays brunch from 12pm. Average price 50€.


Warsà A Place in Milan

A dish at Warsà | © Warsà

If you suffer from nostalgia for Africa don’t miss Warsà, Eritrean restaurant in the Porta Venezia area. A nice restaurant, African music in the background, smell of spices in the air. There is only one dish on the menu, the zhighinì, with vegetables and cous cous, declined in three different options: vegetarian, with fish or with meat (beef or chicken). One warning: arrive with clean hands; there is no cutlery here, in full Eritrean style!

WARSÀ. Via Melzo 16, Milan. +39 02 201673. Open every day except on Wednesday. Average price 30€.


Podkova Russian Restaurant A Place in Milan

Set table at Podkova | © Podkova

Russian vibes in Famagosta in Milan. At Podkova (in Russian ‘horseshoe’) you can try some of the specialties of Russian cuisine, which is often underrated. Taste herrings with vegetables, marinated salmon and sturgeon, the Russian salad of course and the different types of caviar. Don’t miss the dumplings for any reason (all of them, they are delicious!) and the perfectly cooked meat. No need to tell you that you should be drinking vodka on the side.

PODKOVA. Via della Chiesa Rossa 25, Milan. +39 02 89515776. Open every day (7pm-2am) except on Monday. Average price 40€.


Arepa'z Venezuelan Restaurant A Place in Milan

Arepas at Arepa’z | © Arepa’z

Have you ever heard of arepas? The only place in Milan where this Venezuelan speciality is served is at Arepa’z, in the Navigli area. Here you can enjoy this round bread made of corn flour and cooked on a griddle, stuffed with ingredients such as chicken, avocado, beef and black beans. Once you try it you will remember it as one of the best piadinas in Milan!

AREPA’Z. Viale Cassala 9, Milan. +39 02 36736703. Open every day except on Monday (12pm-3pm and 7pm-1am). Average price 15€.

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Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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