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Restaurants in Milan: 5 flops for A Place in Milan

The serie of flops in Milan continues. A blog does not only live on compliments and here you can find the first part of my culinary disappointments in Milan. Today we talk about other 5 restaurants that, according to us, didn’t pass the test.


Sapori di Giovy Milan

A dish at Sapori di Giovy | © Caterina Zanzi

This restaurant in the Città Studi area mixes a very peculiar interior with a varied menu that goes from pizzas to fish and meat dishes. What I was left with after eating at Sapori di Giovy was mainly big noise and little satisfaction: the dishes are nothig special in terms of creativity and the bill is definitively inappropriate. It is difficult to spend less than 40 euros, it is also difficult to remember something other than the steep bill.


So'Riso Milan

A dish at So’riso| © Caterina Zanzi

When a restaurant proposes an ingredient and it consecrates it so much that it is in the name of the restaurant itself (riso is Italian for rice), I expect that ingredient to be prepared in a more than excellent way. That’s not the case at So’Riso, a new restaurant is Corso Magenta that gravitates around any possible variation of rice. They even got some help from the famous chef Davide Oldani, but the experiment possibly still needs some setting in: the risotto is well below expectations, wheareas prices are pretty high.


Tagiura Milan

A dish at Tagiura | © Tagiura Fb

This restaurant behind Via Washington is one of the most popular one among the wealthy Milan residents and it is one of the historical ones in the city. The atmosphere is jolly, the dishes are traditional. But, the dishes that are noteworthy are very few and the bill is (unjustifiably) steep.


Jarit Milan

A dish at Jarit | © Caterina Zanzi

At a stone’s throw from the Duomo and in front of Università Statale, Jarit is a place that developed the idea of serving any dish in a jar. Unfortunately it feels like many of the dishes are ready-made and heated up in a microwave. Not to mention that the portions are extremely scarce.


Ryukishin Milan

Ramen at Ryukishin| © Caterina Zanzi

Among all the ramen I tried recently, the one that convinced me the least is at Ryukishin Zen Express in Via Ariberto (Corso Genova area), a newly opened place that still needs some improving. The atmosphere definitively needs to cozy up, the areation system needs to be perfected and, most of all, the ramen didn’t sweep me of my feet.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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