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Restaurants in Milan: 5 Flops for A Place in Milan

The flop restaurants in Milan series continues, and judging by the clicks it gets I think you enjoy reading it.

We are kind of tired of reading sweet flatteries only: in some cases we must point out a few things here and there. This is a new ‘episode’ (there first one is here and the second one here) with other 5 restaurants that, in my opinion, don’t hit the mark. Here they are!


Besame Mucho Milano Flop

A dish at Besame Mucho| © Caterina Zanzi

Fancy ambience, unprepared personnel, food within the norm, ‘fattened’ bill. Without beating around the bush, I will simply tell you that Besame Mucho in Milan’s Porta Nuova is the typical restaurant that makes me angry. You pass by and think ‘Wow, it must be really nice‘, you go in and rightaway feel that there is something scammy to it: the view from inside is nothing special and everything seems improvised. Mexican food (but in reality it is a jumble of dishes of several Middle and South America countries), steep bill because of the location and most of all pretentiousness. It’s a no-no.


Corey's Soul Chicken Milano Flop

Corey’s Soul Chicken| © CSK Fb

Fried chicken wings and thights, beans in bbq sauce and fries: it sounds like a dream and it was guaranteed by the excellent reviews I found online. But, this tiny place in Paolo Sarpi disappointed me because of the basic service, the format, that resembles more an unattended fast food than an actual restaurant, and because of the poor quality of food. It is cheap, but it is not enough to compensate the low quality of the experience and the awful breading of the chicken, and the endless waiting time neither.


Savana Milano Flop

A dish at Savana| © Savana Fb

This is another case of reading good reviews and being disappointed after trying it: the Eritrean restaurant Savana in Milan’s Arco della Pace, an area that stands out for African restaurants in Milan. No cutlery, borderline atmosphere between traditional and sloppy, traditional dishes such as the zighini, some sort of stew with vegetables. You end your dinner with no particular satisfaction and greasy hands: the only good things were the final bill and the kind staff.


Ba Asian Mood Milano Flop

A dish at Ba Asian Mood| © Caterina Zanzi

Ba Asian Mood, Chinese restaurant in the super posh Via Ravizza, is the classic example of a place that doesn’t taste as good as it looks. The uber-modern design of the interior is not always enough to make a restaurant. The dumplings are quite dry, the noodles are within the norm and generally speaking the dishes are not that impressive. You will finish your dinner with a much lighter wallet and no amazement.


Shannara Milano Flop

A dish at Shannara | © Caterina Zanzi

Speaking of ‘flops’ in the case of Shannara might not be very correct: let say that I was disappointed because of my high expectations. It is considered one of the best fish restaurants in Milan and they have three locations in the city (I went to Shannara ‘3’, in the Porta Romana area). The offer includes mostly saltwater fish at prices that are lower than Milan’s average. And yet, I criticize the lack of creativity, the poor presentation of the dishes and the ambience that is definitively not elegant. Was the fish fresh? Yes. Was is cooked nicely? It was plain standard. If we were at school it would be a ‘the student has potential, but he’s not applying himself‘.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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