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Restaurants in Milan: 5 Flops for A Place in Milan

We think that a blog is not only meant for paying compliments. When we go out and like a restaurant in Milan, we tell you about it. But it is also correct to tell you when we are not totally happy with our experience. Here are 5 restaurants in Milan that have been a flop for us.


Marghe Milan Pizza

Pizza at Marghe | © Caterina Zanzi

Few day ago we had a pizza at this newly open pizzeria in Milan’s Cinque Giornate area, a new venue that many acclaim. We are well aware that it might have been the ‘wrong’ night, but Marghe didn’t impress us. The good resolutions are there: little choice but a quality one, good ingredients, fantasy and prices in line with Milanese standards. But, exactly as how happened to me at Sorbillo, the baking let me puzzled. The bottom of the pizza was burnt, a sign of a too fast baking process (the pizza arrived after five minutes from ordering…maybe too quick?). It is more digestible than the competitors’, also thanks to the very long leavening, but the dough was a little rubbery, and the more the pizza was cooling down the more rubbery it was turning. What shall I add? We will certainly give Marghe another chance, maybe at their new location that will soon open close to the current one in via Cadore.


Trippa Trattoria A Place in Milan

Fassone beef tartare at Trippa |© Caterina Zanzi

Many acclaim Trippa too. My experience was, unfortunately, far from the mentioned enthusiasms. This place, located behind Porta Romana, declares itself to be a ‘trattoria’, but there’s not much of trattoria in it. Starting from the prices, exaggerated in my opinion. Passing to the interior, very spartan and far from the coziness of a trattoria. I must remark that I tried it soon after their inauguration, has anybody been there recently and seen any improvement? 


Bon Wei Milan

Shrimps at Bon Wei | © Caterina Zanzi

Considered one of the best Chinese restaurants in Milan by many, Bon Wei in the Sempione area didn’t come up to my expectations. Trendy environment, staff with poor understanding, tiny tiny portions and inflated prices. In conclusion, nothing worth the entrance to the list of my favourite Chinese restaurants in the city!


Ghe Sem Milan

Our table at Ghe Sem | © Caterina Zanzi

I could have only been happy about the opening of a good place in via Vincenzo Monti, between Cadorna and Conciliazione and close to my place. Unfortunately that was not the case. Although it is in fashion at the moment, I found it to be tricky and pretentious compared to what it actually has to offer. That is, the cocktails are good but the ‘Milanese’ dim sums have flavours that are not easily distinguishable and, on the contrary,  prices that are perfectly distinguishable. By rounding up. We suggest going there only for the aperitivo, hoping for it to improve!


Drogheria Milanese Milan

Our table at Drogheria Milanese | © Caterina Zanzi

Same impression of ‘pretentiousness’ at the end of my dinner at Drogheria Milanese, in the Colonne area. This restaurants is based on the tapas concept, that is the small dishes to enjoy with some (good) cocktails. Too bad that the small dishes, are very small, while the prices are not so small: at the end, if you want to be sated you spend about 50 euros. Seeing is believing. Pleasant atmosphere, although very Milanese (read posh).

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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