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10 Great Five-a-side Football Fields in Milan

Whether you are still in high school or you are father to three children, I know that at least once per week you guys feel the urge to play some football (or soccer, hello USA fellas!). It must be that amazing feeling of competition, or the locker room friendly atmosphere, or the wish to emulate Cristiano Ronaldo, but I feel like the football match night is some kind of sacred to you. This must be the reason why Milan has more than 50 fields, from the extra-luxurious to the more low-cost ones, the latter are the more interesting perhaps because running is nice but so is saving some euros. Here is a guide for you: 10 great five-a-side football fields for all budgets in Milan, get ready for a game with your friends!

PLAYMORE – Moscova

Playing football in the very center of Milan? It is possible at PlayMore: this sports area is owned by the municipality of Milan and it is managed by the PlayMore non-profit association. It offers, right in via della Moscova, a field in synthetic grass for 5 vs 5 matches. The field is well-lighted and with locker rooms with bleachers and showers. A plus is given by the fact that once you are out you will have a wide range of choices on where to grab something to eat!

PLAYMORE. Via della Moscova 26, Milan. +39 388 8881836. Open every day (Mon-Fri 9/22; Sat 10/13 and 15/22; Sun 10/13 and 15/21). After 5pm, price is 50 euros per hour.

Playmore Moscova Football A Place in Milan

Playmore Moscova |© Fb Playmore

PALAUNO – Giambellino

If you happen to be in South-West Milan you must head to Palauno. This facility in Giambellino area (there are three within the city) is equipped with five sinthetics five-a-side fields that have recently been revamped. Three of them are indoors and they also have beach volleyball fields, climbing walls and even a bar for a spritz after your match!

PALAUNO. Largo Balestra 5, Milan. +39 02 4235448. Open every day (Mon-Fri 10am/midnight and Sat-Sun 10am/9pm). Outdoors evening rate 55 euros; indoors 70 euros.

Palauno Football A Place in Milan

One of the fields at Palauno|© Fb Palauno


In the Certosa area the fields in viale Espinasse are a reference point for the North area of the city. They are part of the ‘Un campo nel cortile’ (A field in the backyard) project that has the main goal of builing sport centres in neighborhoods where a meeting point can make the difference and there are 11 in Milan so far. Besides basket and volleyball fields, there are two grass fields for teams of five people and a field for teams of seven.

SANTA MARCELLINA. Viale Espinasse 85, Milan. +39 338 7891168. Rate 50 euros per hour.

Santa Marcellina Certosa Football A Place in Milan

The field at Santa Marcellina|© Fb Un campo nel cortile

5 PIOPPI – Gambara

Not only tennis at 5 Pioppi, but also a field for five-a-side in sinthetic grass that is covered in wintertime. Although there is only one field it is a reference point in South Milan, also thanks to the affordable prices and the parking availability in the area. My friends always come here, in my opinion most of all because the field is fairly smaller the the others so they have to run less (hello friends!).

5 PIOPPI. Via Marostica 4, Milan. Open every day (from 8am to 11pm on weekdays, from 9am to 8pm on weekends). Daily rate for weekdays 40 euros, evening rate 60 euros per hour. Weekend rate 50 euros per hour.

5 Pioppi Gambara Football A Place in Milan

The entrance to 5 Pioppi


Football teams of 5, 7 or 11 people. In the South-East Corvetto area there is a wealth of choice thanks to Sporting Corvetto. The facility is 16k sq meters and larger and it offers the possibility to play tennis, squash and football all year long with the indoor fields. A piece of advice: if you pay online with Paypal you can have a 20% discount!

SPORTING CORVETTO. Via Fabio Massimo 15, Milan. Evening rate for 5 players 60 euros. Evening rate for 7 players 95 euros. Evening rate for 11 players 130 euros.

Sporting Corvetto Football A Place in Milan

One of the fields at Sporting Corvetto |© Sporting Corvetto

AICS OLMI – Quartiere degli Olmi

Founded in 1970, this 50k sq meters facility offers a sports paradise to the inhabitants of the neighborhood close to Baggio and Cesano Boscone. Especially when it comes to football: they have 8 five-a-side fields, all with sinthetic grass, divided in outdoors and indoors.

AICS OLMI. Via degli Ulivi 8, Milan. +39 02 48911144. Rate until 8pm 35 euros. Rate from 8pm 45 euros outdoors and 55 euros indoors.

Olmi Football A Place in Milan

A pic of Olmi|© Marco Venza

FOOTBALL CITY – Piazza Tirana

At the sports centre Dopo Lavoro delle Ferrovie, the Football City in Piazza Tirana, there are totally renewed five-a-side grass fields. Close by towards the end of via Ludovico Moro, close to the San Cristoforo station, there are several football fields, both outdoors and indoors. Perfect for all football lovers!

FOOTBALL CITY. Piazza Tirana 17, Milan. +39 02 410315. Rate for 5 players indoors 50 euros until 7.30pm, 70 euros after. Rate for 5 players outdoors 55 euros until 7.30pm, 75 euros after. Rate for 7 players 80 euros until 8pm, 110 euros until 11pm, 100 euros from 11pm ’til midnight.

Football City Piazza Tirana Football A Place in Milan

A field at Football City|© Football City Fb


At the Navigli, the sports centre Savorelli is one of the most booked ones in Milan. Fields are both indoors and outdoors and they offer the possibility of playing regardless the season. Have you already put your football boots in your bag?

CENTRO SPORTIVO SAVORELLI (ENRICO CAPPELLI). Piazza Caduti del Lavoro 5, Milan. +39 02 89511889. Rates vary from 50 to 105 euros depending on the choice of the field.

Savorelli Football A Place in Milan

A field at the Sport Center Savorelli|© Savorelli Fb


The sports centre Bettinelli, in the Barona area, is an institution. Football schools, outdoor and indoor fields, reserved parking and well-refined changing rooms: this facility offers even much more and it is one of the cleanest and most well-organized in the city.

CENTRO SPORTIVO BETTINELLI. Via Lago di Nemi 31, Milan. Rates vary from 50 to 105 euros depending on the choice of the field.

Bettinelli Barona Football A Place in Milan

A field at the Sport Center Bettinelli|© Bettinelli Fb


Big and efficient, this facility in the Bonola/Gallaratese area is 35k sq meters large and it offers 15 changing rooms and 8 fields, all of sinthetic grass and of different sizes.

CENTRO SPORTIVO LOMBARDIA UNO. Via Cilea 116, Milan. +39 023581174. Open from monday to Friday (4pm-midnight). Rates change depending on the chosen field.

Fields Via Cilea Football A Place in Milan

Air view of the fields in Via Cilea|© Accademia

My friends haven’t come to an agreement on a top 10 and, besides the list above, they also suggested Centro Masseroni Marchese at Lotto,  the Triestina fields in via Fleming and the Centro Sportivo Pozzo in the Niguarda, which is part of the PalaUno group. A wealth of choice, it is up to you know to choose where to play your next match!

 Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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