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Gabriele Verratti’s Beloved Places in Milan

Fashion editor at, fashion talent scouter, contributor at Icon, when it comes to fashion Gabriele Verratti is the right guy. But he is no less when it comes to food too. I started following him on Instagram a while ago, also because of his shots of the Abruzzi region. I met him at Identità Golose at Expo while eating a dish of pasta. And now I asked him about Milan, the city that has put a spell on him. Because “a walk in a tree-lined avenue is enough for falling in love with Milan” – he says.

Gabriele Verratti A Place in Milan

Gabriele Verratti|© Walter Menegazzi

One of the missions of your job is to scout new fashion talents: where do you go for some unconventional shopping?
I am more interested in theunique rather than in the new. This is why vintage shop are my second home, where I try to find the absolute gem. The selection at Cavalli e Nastri is well curated, most of all for ties and vintage offcuts – that I use for making tailored trousers. There is also Humana Vintage, my official supplier for shirts and vintage denim.

Your Abbruzzi origins are easy to guess by your Instagram account, especially in summertime. Is it possible to find good regional cuisine here in the city? 
The doors of my home are always open for trying some ‘pallotte cacio and ova and pizzelle’. As an alternative Il Capestrano offers a very good Abruzzi menu. I strongly suggest the traditional dish ‘pizz’ e foje’, with herbs and sweet corn focaccia.

The secret place you go to when you need to take an important decision?
My very important decisions are made in church. Sant’Ambrogio and Santa Maria delle Grazie especially, where I can clear my ideas in silence and with prayers.

The neighborhood you prefer? 
I can’t define one in particular, in Milan a walk in a tree-lined avenue is enough, they are the smallest aesthetic unit of measure in my personal concept of city planning. I would plant trees everywhere, even in Piazza Duomo.

The above all favourite place?
Università Cattolica, my first approach with the city. Sometimes I go back, even if it is just to sit at the cloister and enjoy a sunny day.

Chapter food, let’s start from the basis: where do you have your breakfast?
Not a good start, I usually skip my breakfast.

The ideal break between meetings?
At the veranda at Bastianello, with a foamy coffee shake.

We are going out for dinner: where to you reserve a table?
At 19 in via Felice Casati, in a trattoria. 80’s boiserie, secondhand paintings, practical dishes with no performance anxiety. The waiter Nicodemo welcomes you with a smile and a Calabrian accent. I also love Sabbioneda in this area: there you can enjoy a cotoletta or a meatloaf at very good prices. For special evenings Cantina Della Vetra is the right choice.

And a drink with friends…
La Belle Aurore, French in the name and in the atmosphere. Perfect form excaping the snobishness and having a drink in peace.

A relaxing getaway? 
I have been planning to visit Palazzo Te in Mantua for years. This Autumn I will go, I promise.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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