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The 10 Best Gelato Places in Milan

Nice weather has finally hit Milan. And what better way to celebrate warm days than having a gelato cone? It would be impossible to try all the ‘gelaterias’ in Milan because there are so many, but here are my 10 favourite gelato shops in the city where you can enjoy a great cone or ‘coppetta’!


Gelateria della Musica A Place in Milan

Gelato at Gelateria della Musica | © Caterina Zanzi

There is nothing you can do about it, you either love it or hate it, and I am definitively in the first category. From the beginning, since when Gelateria della Musica was only located in via Pestalozzi and there were not endless queues outside. Nowadays, this shop has developped into a chain of 5 gelaterias in Milan. I am sure the success is also linked to the in-cre-di-ble Bronte pistachio gelato. And with the flavours that change seasonally. The masterpieces in my opinion, besides the pistachio one, are the bread butter & jam and the mascarpone and walnuts flavours.

GELATERIA DELLA MUSICA. Via Pestalozzi 4 | Via Abamonti 2 | Corso di Porta Ticinese 1 | via Lomazzo 28 | Piazzale Baracca 10


Gelateria Massimo del Gelato A Place in Milan

Gelato at Massimo del Gelato | © MdG Fb

If I am in the corso Sempione area I can’t help but stopping by Il Massimo del Gelato, a historical gelateria in Milan, famous especially for its chocolate flavours, which you can buy in ten different variations from 100% dark to the one with chilly pepper and cinnamon. But even if you don’t like chocolate (yes, I’m coming out, I don’t go crazy for it), the other flavours deserve a try too. Even more than one. 

IL MASSIMO DEL GELATO.  Via Castelvetro 18.


Gelateria Latteneve A Place in Milan

Gelato at Latteneve | © Caterina Zanzi

If you are in the Navigli area and are desperately looking for some homemade gelato, have a look at Latteneve in via Vigevano. I usually go there after some shopping or a walk on the new Darsena. In addition to the classic flavours – pistachio, chocolate, cream – there are the more creative ones such as coconut and yoghurt with honey. All the ingredients are, where possible, organic and local. It is worth giving it a try!

LATTENEVE. Via Vigevano 27.


Pavè Gelateria A Place in Milan

My little cone with pistachio, bread butter and jam gelato| © Caterina Zanzi

I wrote about this not long ago: one of my favourite cafés in Milan has opened a gelateria too. Pavè Gelati e Granite, close to the Court of Justice and in the corso di Porta Vittoria area, offers a menu of classic flavours with a twist: there are even the sbrisolona (a Northen Italy tart), the tarte tatin, the tonka and the coffee and cardamom flavours. As the sign says, they also focus on granitas and sorbetti. So…are you already there?

PAVÈ GELATI E GRANITE. Via Cesare Battisti 21.


Gelateria Giova A Place in Milan

Gelato at Gelateria Giova | © Caterina Zanzi

In the Indipendenza area Gelateria Giova has the lead. I checked it out few nights ago, after trying Saketeca Go and I enjoyed some of their gelato. The strong suits here are the pear, the chocolate and – guess what – the Bronte pistachio flavours. A special credit goes to the super crunchy cone. How could one resist?

GELATERIA GIOVA. Corso Indipendenza 20.


Gelateria Gelato Giusto A Place in Milan

Gelato at Gelato Giusto | © Gelato Giusto Fb

Gelato Giusto is a smash hit in the area of corso Buenos Aires, thanks to its very dense seasonal flavours (just how I like it). There are the amazing raspberry flavour and the matcha flavour, one of my obsessions lately. This is quite enough for ‘casually’ stopping by at least once a week! 

GELATO GIUSTO. Via San Gregorio 17.


Gelateria Artico A Place in Milan

Gelato at Artico | © Artico Fb

Artico, in the heart of Isola (one of my favourite districts, find more about the best places in the area here), has been delighting Milanese palates for thirty years with its chocolate flavours of any possible type! From white chocolate with almonds and pistachio to dark chocolate with pepper. But also licorice, the flavour I choose every time I come here. An absolute must try! 

ARTICO. Via Porro Lambertenghi 15.


Gelateria Sartori A Place in Milan

Gelato at Sartori | © Sartori Fb

There is a vending stand in Milan that is also one of the best gelaterias in the city, more or less since 1937, the year it first opened. It is the one of gelateria Sartori, close to the Central Station. Flavours are inspired by the Sicilian traditions (here you can also find one of the best Sicilian granitas in Milan, with the brioche too as the tradition requires): the hazelnut with dried fruit, the almond and the cassata flavours are amazing.

SARTORI. Piazza Luigi di Savoia 1.


Gelateria Bottega del Gelato A Place in Milan

A ‘coppetta’ at Bottega del Gelato | © Eat It Milano

Between Loreto and Caiazzo you must try Bottega del Gelato, especially if you love fruit, from the ‘typical’ to the tropical. The flavours that are worth mentioning and trying are the prickly pear, the mulberry and the passion fruit. Prices are a little high, but it is worth it.

BOTTEGA DEL GELATO. Via Pergolesi 3.


Gelateria Oasi del Gelato A Place in Milan

Gelato at Oasi del Gelato | © @yudarahanthi Instagram

I admit that I am putting Oasi del Gelato in this list because, yes it is good, but also for personal reasons, having spent here all my teenage years. Before going out to find a place to sit in Colonne I would always stop by for a gelato break in this gelateria in via Cesare Correnti. They also have another location in the Solari area, in via Dezza. If you are dreaming of a shake, a frappé or a fruit salad you can find them too at Oasi!

OASI DEL GELATO. Via dei Fabbri 26.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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