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Giulia Torelli aka Rock’n’Fiocc’s Beloved Places in Milan

I don’t remember exactly how and when I ended up on Giulia Torelli’s Twitter account (which, not to mention, is private). Since that moment, she hasn’t left my sight, at the beginning mostly for her articles on films and books (you can find everything on her blogRock’n’Fiocc) – working in fashion isn’t enough; I need to read about it at night too. Lately, it is her Snapchat account (you can find her under the username @rockandfiocc) that has captured my attention: Giulia is a bubble of energy and irony and is always aware of the latest news. Thanks to her I have discovered cool titles, places, trends, apps to download and most of all, thanks to her, I feel less alone on my way to work in the morning and I laugh my head off. Today, I have the pleasure to welcome her to A Place in Milan to share some of her beloved places in Milan! 

Giulia Torelli

Giulia Torelli

Let’s start with the fundamentals, clothes. What are your favourite stores? 
It’s a difficult question to answer because I have yet to find a store that really captures my heart. I like some of the pieces from Wok, the best shoe selection in my opinion is at La Rinascente, for gloves I go to Sermoneta and for well priced second hand and vintage pieces the best is Humana Vintage behind the Duomo. I love to comb through second hand goods: Ambroeus, il Bivio and il Girotondo.

Jewelry chapter: your spots for rings, necklaces and earrings?
Absolutely Atelier Vm! My favourite jewelry store in the world, I’d buy anything with my eyes closed. Jewelry that is almost invisible but oh so elegant.

And what are your favourite restaurants in Milan? 
I don’t truly have a favourite restaurant, I like to change it up! I adore okonomiyaki therefore, if I could, I’d always be at Maido. I also like simple yet hearty dishes from a trattoria (I am, after all, from Parma). For pizza, Piccola Ischia and Am!

You wrote a beautiful reportage on your trip to Japan: where do you enjoy eating sushi in Milan?
I have no great expectations as I know I will never eat as well as in Tokyo (sigh), however I am always trying new places. For now, aside from the sushi I remember the best ramen noodles: the ones from Osaka, near Moscova.

A romantic evening with your boyfriend? 
At Potafiori! Surrounded by magnificent flowers, dimly lit candles and the owner who, at a certain time, begins to sing along with the music of the piano. The most romantic dinner thus far. Otherwise, Giacomo Bistrot or Giacomo all’Arengario, with views on the Duomo.

The place where you retreat to when you need to reflect or make an important decision?
If I am alone and I want to take some time for myself, I go to an exhibit. At Palazzo della Ragione there’s always one that’s worth seeing, usually about photography.

Your most beloved neighbourhood? 
Porta Romana, where I live. I need to move, but I promised myself that I will eventually move back to this neighbourhood. I have everything below my house, from the shoemaker to the hardware store and this for me is priceless!

Those who follow you on Snapchat already know: movies and books are your main areas of interest. What are your favourite movie theatres and bookstores in Milan? 
The movie theatre with the best program in Milan is the Beltrade, and it’s unfortunate that it is so hard for me to get there because it means I don’t end up going very often. If you live in Milan, you cannot not go to the Mexico at least once to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is very funny and entertaining. Keep your eyes open for the programs, as there are often particular reviews or ones in original language, especially at the Apollo and at the Anteo. In the afternoon, during the week and on Saturdays, Oberdam and the San Fedele Auditorium in via Hoepli have some really interesting films. My favourite bookstores on the other hand are the 10 Corso Como bookstore located on the second floor, where I would buy absolutely everything and Rizzoli for illustrated books on fashion and photography. For stories, I like Feltrinelli underneath the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, because the authors are divided into sections based on the initial of their last name along the edge and I love to pace back and forth and look at everything. There’s also a pretty decent section of English books. If, on the other hand, I want to rent a book, I go to the Sormani library.

Where do you go for a drink, in the afternoon or in the evening? 
In the afternoon, I really enjoy drinking something which unfortunately is difficult to find in Milan, bubble tea! I purposely head to Paolo Sarpi (Milan’s version of Chinatown) to drink it with my friend Allegra who speaks Chinese (they sell it in two locations, along Paolo Sarpi and inside the Mall). In the evening for a cocktail I choose Lacerba near Crocetta, or Nottingham Forest, where there is unfortunately always a lineup outside. Recently, I went to the Secret Bar 1930 and it was quite a unique experience!

A quick trip out of town: if you go back home, to Parma, where do you go?
I go eat a plate of inexpensive cappelletti or tortelli at I Corrieri (rustic but good) and if I want something slightly more elaborate I head to Borgo 20, in the eponymous street, where the chef is a friend of mine who studied at the Accademia dell’Alma. In the evening if there are any good films playing I go to the Edison d’Essai movie theatre. In the afternoon, I usually take a walk in the city center, however next time I go home I absolutely want to go to Franco Maria Ricci’s labyrinth, which was inaugurated last year and is the biggest in the world!

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.

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