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Glovo Has Landed in Milan, the App that Delivers Everything

You know that I have a real passion for home delivieriesLast night I received an e-mail from Foodinho, a food delivery service I am signed up to, that was announcing the acquisition of their site by Glovo and I could not resist. The name was totally new to me, so I went searching online. I discovered a whole new world. This service was launched yesterday in Milan and I already love it.

Glovo Delivery App A Place in Milan

The Homepage of Glovo

What does Glovo do? It delivers everything, whether you are at home or at work or wherever, and it also serves as delivery of anything from you to anybody else. And when I say everything, I mean everything: your imagination is the only limit. The couriers of this app, which you can download here, buy and deliver any type of item. And they can also pick up and deliver stuff from us to somebody else, and you know we have never been this lazy before. You can choose from several areas of interest from the homepage: snacks, electronic goods, drugstore, restaurants and groceries. But there is also a ‘magic wand’ that allows you to personalize the order from any shop or restaurant in Milan.

Your charger is broken and you need one now? Forget about Amazon Prime. Do you need to deliver your keys to a friend? It will be done. The groceries delivery service from the supermarket is too expensive, but you don’t really want to go out? Glovo got you covered. Are you dreaming of your favourite dish from the restaurant at the opposite side of the city and the other delivery services would not cover the area? No problem. Your headache is killing you and going to the pharmacy is not even an option? The Glovers will hande it for you, from 8am to midnight, every day of the year. The price of the delivery, as I read on the app, is 4,90 euros: the first delivery is free and I can’t wait to try it and add Glovo to the list of my favourite apps for Milan!

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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