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Gnam Box’s Beloved Places in Milan

Their passion for good food and the format of inviting special guest to their kitchen have brought them success. Riccardo Casiraghi and Stefano Paleari are known as ‘the guys of Gnam Box, the project that made them famous thanks to their fans and daily followers. The guys, with previous experiences in the design field, live in Milan and reveal us their favourite places in the city! 

Gnam Box A Place in Milan

Riccardo Casiraghi and Stefano Paleari, founders of Gnam Box| © Maria Teresa Furnari

You own your success mainly to your recipes. So starting the interview from here is a must: where do you buy your seasonal groceries?
It sounds like a great point to start from. Seasonal produce is fundamental for us, they taste better, they look better and they also cost less. For what concerns our groceries it depends on the time of the year. In springtime and summertime we are lucky enough to have the veggies from Riccardo’s dad’s garden, so courgettes, green beans, salad and eggplants come directly from Brianza, the provincial part North of Milan. When we go to the market we choose the one at Cascina Cuccagna because it is very close to our home and they have everything, we also buy eggs there.

Milan has been buzzing with new openings: what are the new venues that got your attention in Milan?
We have stopped chasing the new openings. It has somehow become a competition of who gets there first…But among the last openings we recommend The Botanical Club in Isola. Cocktails are great and the atmosphere is contemporary.

Do you have a secret and ‘magical’ place where you go when you need to take an important decision?
That’s a good one! It would be Milan. If we need to take a decision we go out for a walk. We start talking, discussing and we lose the sense of time. It sometimes happens that we realize that we have reached the opposite side of the city.

The district you prefer in Milan?
The area between Porta Romana and Piazzale Lodi is the one we prefer for a walk. Whether it is for a coffee at Davide Longoni or a walk to the Fondazione Prada (with a break at Bar Luce) we unconditionally love our neighborhood. Also Via Muratori is becoming more and more popular…

Your hashtag #infoodwetrust has been turned into a book: what are your favourite bookshops in Milan?
Let’s say that we like to buy our books online. The books we are looking for are often difficult to find and we like to buy them in English. There is a bookstore in Piazza della Scala called Nuova Milano Libri which is well supplied and we often go there to have a look. Another bookstore we like is the one inside 10 Corso Como.

A quick lunch: where do you recharge your batteries inbetween meetings? 
We love going out for lunch, rather than for dinner. If we need a place for a quick lunch in the Navigli area we go for Taglio. If we have more time we love Ratanà.

A romantic dinner, a table for two. Which restaurant do you call for the reservation?
Erba Brusca
undoubtedly. We like the atmosphere and Alice Delcourt’s cuisine is always astonishing.

A night with friends: where to go for drinks and where for a party? 
We have recently tried a place we liked a lot. It is the Saketeca in Viale Piave. It is a Japanese restaurant (they don’t make sushi) where you can also drink sake, of which they have a wide range. Food is also great. We also love the Mug Cafè by our friend Flavio Angiolillo. If the night finishes at a club we choose Glitter or Plastic.

Your favourite store for some shopping?
Although she doesn’t sell menswear we always like to pop in to see our friend Uberta Zambeletti at her shop Wait and See. There is always a positive vibe there and we always find something that we like, as some items or accessories nobody can’t resist. For our basic and minimal look we always head to COS. For our “housewives” shopping we choose Alberghiera Medagliani (you can find literally everything there) in the Lambrate area and the Design Supermarket at La Rinascente. Our favourite online shopping websites are Labour and Wait, Folklore, Hedley&Bennet and Drake General Store.

What is your absolutely favourite place in Milan? 
We love the Giardini della Guastalla, a park that was not very known until recently. Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular. It is very central and it is like a little urban paradise.

A relaxing getaway, where do you head to?
We love to relax at the Malatesta Maison in the Marche region. It is a fabulous location, surrounded by nature. Few days there are enough to feel reinvigorated.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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