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The Il Milanese Imbruttito Founders’ Favourite Places in Milan

Saturday the guys behind Il Milanese Imbruttito will be celebrating the fourth anniversary of their blog, followed in Milan and beyond by over a million followers on Facebook and boasting a high sharing rate on their posts. Although they may seem like “martians”, the three founders of the blog are three guys who, through ironic posts on our city, have gained a significant and respectable following.

Between jokes on giargiana, discussing the perfect places for an aperitivo or dinner and a foray through stores and places of the heart, Tommaso, Federico and Marco tell A Place in Milan all about their favourite places in the city!

Il Milanese Imbruttito

The three founders of Il Milanese Imbruttito | © Il Milanese Imbruttito

Let’s begin with the “foodie” category: list a place for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner.
It’s difficult to choose only one for each category. For breakfast, we’d have to go with Princi along Largo la Foppa, but more due to a sentimental tie than anything else. In terms of quality I’d have to go for Sissi in the Risorgimento area and Gattullo, an institution. For lunch The Botanical Club in the Tortona district, for great poke bowls and a cool hang-out spot! Again there are really too many to choose just one… Dinner at Il Marinaio in the Isola area without hesitation: salmon tartare and excellent grilled shrimp! We’d also say Damm-atrà on via Lombardini, where they serve up some fine Milanese cuisine!

The aperito-dinner, as you know, is the thing. Where do you go to enjoy a good cocktail before dinner?
Mag! One of the best cocktail bars in the city. Same goes for Pinch and Ugo, also in the Navigli district. Although this place isn’t for cocktails, Cantine Isola is always a safe bet!

And for dancing, on the other hand, where should one go?
Usually Dude for House and Techno. But we also enjoy Santeria Social Club and Biko.

You now work full time on your project: what are the best co-working bars to recreate an office space at a coffee table?
We spent six months at Talent Garden on via Calabiana, but for a good place with an outdoor space and a view on the water we suggest Vista Darsena!

Where do you like to go grocery shopping?
At the supermarket closest to home… we avoid the headache!

A romantic evening with your significant other?
Well, you can recreate a romantic setting pretty much anywhere. In its own way, the Mercato Noodle bar is romantic, and also quite good! The cocktails are great too!

There have been a slew of new openings in Milan recently: what are the places that have opened recently that have caught your attention?
Although it’s not all that new, Canteen has done a good job in terms of the menu and concept. Same goes for the restyling of Barba on via San Gregorio. Congratulations are also in order to the ones behind the Body Heat party at the Chinese karaoke and the guys over at Masada!

Let’s talk shopping: which stores are your favourite in the city?
We prefer to splurge on music more than on clothing, therefore Serendeepity in the Ticinese area. For clothing, Carhartt and Par5, but also Asos on a good day (although we buy the wrong size 3 out of 4 times!). On a bad day, we stay home!

Your favourite neighbourhoods?
Ticinese, Paolo Sarpi and Isola.

The place you go when you want to reflect or make an important decision?
The small park along via dei Giardini, but Orto Botanico and villa Necchi are also great places to pause and reflect!

We’re off on an excursion just outside Milan. Where would you suggest going?
Without having to go to the other end of the country or sharing the usual and obvious destinations with you, we’d say Franciacorta for a food tasting or Lago D’Orta.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version translated by Kelsey Rivett.

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