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Pizza at Berberè, a New Place in Milan’s Isola

Via Sebenico, 21, Milano, MI, Italia
Call us anytime +39 02 36707820
Open everyday (19-23:30). On Saturdays and Sundays also at lunch (12.30-14.30)

Berberè, a pizzeria that already exist in cities such as Florence and Bologna, has recently opened in Milan too, in one of our favourite districts: Isola. Here everything is about pizza, starting from a perfect dough and contonuing with prime seasonal ingredients. Here is how the pizzas are at Berberè and how much they will cost you!

THE HIGHLIGHT: pizza, pizza and more pizza!

Berberè A Place in Milan

Our two pizzas | © Lucia Brusco

The menu at Berberè is very essential, it includes about fifteen different pizzas divided into the red ones (Le Rosse), with a tomato base, and the white ones (Le Bianche), with a fiordilatte base. The traditional flavours are revisited in a modern gourmet way, with the addition of particular ingredients such as Salina capers, Mora Romagnola sausages, broccoli and Roman Pecorino cheese. We tried two pizzas, one with baked pumpkin, mushrooms and parmisan flakes and a vegan pizza with red beetroot cream, sautéed leeks and Taggiasca olives. The dough was also different from what we are used to and the pizzas were very light, soon we understood why: at Berberè they use sour dough in the classic or wholewheat option!

THE LOCATION: in the heart of Isola

Berberè A Place in Milan

The restaurant | © Lucia Brusco

Berberè can easily be reached by public transport, being located at a stone’s through from the lillac metro stop Isola. Or you can get there by car, keeping in mind that it might take a while for finding a parking spot.

THE ATMOSPHERE: essential and cozy 

With its green tables, that recall the 60’s schools, the atmosphere at Berberè is simple and cozy. The wooden oven where the pizza masters work is an open plan one, and once you pass it you can reach your table at one of the two eating rooms. The place is quite spacious, always very crowded (especially for dinner) and a little bit noisy.

THE BILL: 15 euros!

Berberè A Place in Milan

The menu at Berberè| © Lucia Brusco

Despite the fact that Milan has been recording some (unjustified) steep prices for pizzerias, the bill here is pretty reasonable: 15 euros for a pizza and a drink! Furthermore, almost unbelievably given the latest trend in the city, here you can reserve a table! Looking forward to trying it?

Via Sebenico 21, Milan
+39 02 36707820

Open everyday (19-23:30). On Saturdays and Sundays also at lunch (12.30-14.30)

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version translated by Tamara Ilic.


Around 15€

Via Sebenico, 21, Milano, MI, Italia

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