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Dinner at Bioesserì, An Organic Vegan and Gluten-Free Restaurant in Brera

Via Fatebenefratelli, 2, Milano, MI, Italia

Do you prefer organic products? Are you always consciuos and informed about what you eat? This new place in Milan could be just what you need. We are talking about Bioesserì, a restaurant that is already a solid reality in Palermo, Sicily, and that has now arrived in Milan with its organic ingredients. From breakfast to dinner time, this restaurant in Via Fatebenefratelli, between Brera and Montenapoleone, is the right place for some shopping too with its organic NaturaSì branded products, from the organic supermarket chain they are in collaboration with. We have been there for dinner and this is how it went! 

THE HIGHLIGHT: organic ingredients

As we anticipated, the keyword here is ‘organic’. Starting from breakfast time: not only juices and yoghurt with fruit and cereal, but also cakes, Khorasan or whole wheat croissants and organic coffee!

And there is plenty of choice for lunch and dinner too. In addition to meat and fish recipes, often inspired by Sicilian traditions, the menu also includes several vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. In case you want to opt for the whole package you can also choose a tasting menu with either 3 or 5 courses.

Biosserì A Place in Milan

Egg-plant roll| © Martina Milani

The menu also includes pizzas, in which case you can choose between the classic, the whole wheat or the gluten-free dough!

Biosserì A Place in Milan

Pizza | © Martina Milani

We tried a little bit of everything: among the first courses we tried the eggplant roll with tomato, ricotta cheese and frozen stracciatella, while among the second courses we loved the fried egg with anchovies, shallots and truffle and hazelnuts bread. We couldn’t resist trying a pizza too and we order a pizza with Fiordilatte and Bufala mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket, prosciutto crudo and Parmisan flakes, along with a cola flavoured drink, all organic of course! We then had a ceasar salad, well seasoned with an anchovies dressing.

Biosserì A Place in Milan

Caesar salad | © Martina Milani

The portions are quite generous, the dishes are well presented and everything is organic, drinks, beers and wine included! Great for a conscious and healthy dinner or lunch!

THE LOCATION: between Brera and Montenapoleone

Biosserì A Place in Milan

Outside the restaurant| © Martina Milani

Bioesserì has two entrances: one in Via Fatebenefratelli and the other being in Via Fiori Oscuri. You can get there easily by the green metro line at the Lanza stop or by the yellow metro line at the Montenapoleone stop. As an alternative there are many buses and trams stopping very nearby.

THE ATMOSPHERE: large and welcoming 

Biosserì A Place in Milan

The restaurant| © Martina Milani

Despite the fact that it could seem small from the outside, the restaurant is quite large. The organic philosophy is also underlined in the choice of interior and the pieces of furniture, all made of natural and environmentally friendly materials, resulting in a warm ad cozy atmosphere.

THE BILL: organic is pricey

Biosserì A Place in Milan

The fried egg| © Martina Milani

Organic products cost more and you actually feel it at Bioesserì. For a two course dinner, drinks included, you will spend an average of 40 euros per head. We think the price of pizzas was well proportioned, they all cost around 14 euros. A bad note: we were given the bill while we were still drinking our coffee, as to be urged to hurry up so that we could leave space for the customers who were waiting in line without a reservation!

Via Fatebenefratelli 2, Milan
Open everyday (8-00.30)
+39 02 8907 1052

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

Via Fatebenefratelli, 2, Milano, MI, Italia

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