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Delicious Meat at Bove’s in the Sant’Agostino Area

Via Cesare da Sesto, 1, Milano, MI, Italia

Where to go to eat meat in Milan? Or even better, where to go to eat truly delicious meat? There are many specialized restaurants, despite the fact that the vegetarian and vegan trends are hot at the moment. Luckily, for those of us who like to occasionally enjoy a steak, tartare or hamburger, there are many places to choose from! I’m thinking of the Milanese cotoletta from Al Garghet, the hamburger from Al Mercato and the tartare from Faccio Cose Vedo Gente. As of the other night, I will also be thinking about dinner at Bove, a new restaurant located on Corso Genova in Milan. Here’s a look at my dining experience! 

THE HIGHLIGHT: Meat, baby!

The managers at Bove – the name of the restaurant is that of a Piedmontese village – are butchers from Cuneo. And not just any butchers, but the historical Martini Butchers, who supply some of the greatest Italian chefs. Here, the main attraction is the meat. Actually, meat, in its different forms, is the only dish available. From lunch to happy hour to dinner. I arrived at this restaurant of which I had heard great things about around 8:00pm. It all began with an aperitivo: prosecco, accompanied by a Russian salad, salami and tartare. A nice way to start.

The menu proposes different dishes with funny names. We began with the “battuta al coltello classica”: a wonderful tartare garnished with onions, quail egg, oil, salt and pepper, served on toast and topped with a raw quail egg yolk. Extraordinary and abundant. We also tried the beef tataki, served with a delicious sauce. Everything was excellent.

Bove's Milan A Place in Milan

The Tartare| © Caterina Zanzi

Bove's Milan A Place in Milan

The Tataki| © Caterina Zanzi

When it came to choosing our main courses, we really didn’t deprive ourselves. We tried the sliced grilled sirloin – perfectly cooked and tender -, the Bove meat cubes (a sort of beef stew served with mashed potatoes) and a hamburger. We were unsure whether to order “Luigi, the fat man” (beef burger, fried quail egg, bitter orange marmalade, melted raschera cheese and bacon) or “Riccardo, the ambiguous” (beef burger, apples, cheese and Dijon mustard). We obviously were not going to order “Franco on a diet”, a chicken burger served with salad. In the end, we opted for “Andrea, the spicy”, a burger garnished with jalapeno peppers, cheese, bacon, tomato and sauce. The burger was great, cooked rare and served with fries. Perhaps not the lightest meal around, as it took me quite a while to digest after dinner.

Bove's Milan A Place in Milan

The Hamburger| © Caterina Zanzi

Bove's Milan A Place in Milan

The Sliced Grilled Sirloin| © Caterina Zanzi

Bove's Milan A Place in Milan

Meat Cubes & Mashed Potatoes at Bove’s| © Caterina Zanzi

That may also be because of the cocktails. Bove’s drink menu is curated by Oscar Quagliarini, a mixologist listed as one of the World’s Top Bartenders. We tried a revisited version of the Bloody Mary, nicknamed “Mary the Smoker”: delicious, and as refreshing as an iced tea!

THE PLACE: Sant’Agostino Area

Bove's Milan A Place in Milan

The Façade of the Restaurant| © Caterina Zanzi

Bove is located on via Cesare da Sesto, at the corner of corso Genova. The area is easy to get to by public transportation. You can get off at Sant’Agostino metro station on the green line, or arrive by bus or tram. I suggest either of these options to enjoy the delicious cocktails!

THE ATMOSPHERE: A New York-Style Steakhouse

Bove's Milan A Place in Milan

The Restaurant| © Caterina Zanzi

The restaurant is nice and modelled after the classic New York City steakhouses. Nicely decorated, warm, but with only one problem: it’s just a tad too loud. On the other hand, the service is really nice (a special thank you to the curly-haired young man in the dining room, who gave us terrific service).

THE BILL: Around 40 Euros

Bove's Milan A Place in Milan

Our Table| © Caterina Zanzi

Overall, we spent a little over 40 euros per person. I must say that we really didn’t miss out on anything: an aperitivo, two dishes, a glass of wine and two cocktails. The meat was delicious, the portions were abundant and overall the experience was very enjoyable. I’ll be back, if only to try the rib steak!

Via Cesare da Sesto 1 (corner of corso Genova), Milan
+39 02 58107932
Open every day (12:00pm-3:00pm and 6:30pm-12:00am, Saturday and Sunday until 2:00am). Closed on Monday.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.

Via Cesare da Sesto, 1, Milano, MI, Italia

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