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A Bike Trip Outside the City to Chiaravalle, Between Art and Good Cuisine

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Milan is a city that never sleeps and that always surprises us with so many things to do and see, so much so that sometimes you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to regain touch with nature and immerse yourself in an oasis of big green meadows, tall cypresses, peace and pure fresh air, just a few kilometres from the city centre.

On a recent sunny Sunday, we got on our bicycles and headed off towards Chiaravalle, and now we’re here to share with you what we discovered!

Chiaravalle Milan A Place in Milan

A snap of the bike path | © Lucia Brusco

There are only 7 km of bike paths from Porta Romana (precisely from Piazza Medaglie d’Oro) to Chiaravalle, a small little village in the southeast part of Milan where it appears time stopped 50 years ago. Lots of greenery, silence and a few houses make up the winning trio for a relaxing day.

Abbey Chiaravalle Milan A Place in Milan

The Abbey at Chiaravalle | © Lucia Brusco

After a visit to the beautiful Chiaravalle Abbey, to the old mill and the bell tower it was time to have lunch, so we headed towards Locanda Chiaravalle, a brand new restaurant in the center of the village, two steps from the Abbey.

Locanda Chiaravalle Milan A Place in Milan

The entrance of the Locanda Chiaravalle and one of the indoor rooms | © Lucia Brusco


The menu is not typical of a locanda, regardless of the name of the restaurant, but rather of a renowned restaurant and the dishes are particular both in the cooking and in the proposed combinations. The chosen ingredients reflect the tradition and follow the rhythm of the seasons, in a way that always guarantees extreme freshness. The wines are all organic and are carefully selected from certified cellars that follow natural methods of winemaking.

Locanda Chiaravalle Milan A Place in Milan

The antipasto | © Lucia Brusco

Having a look at the antipasti, we realized straight away that choosing would be difficult. Between the fassona beef with foie gras, caramelized scalogno, tartufo perlage and poached quail egg on melted Castelmagno and hazelnuts, and the smoked burratina from the Murge with capocollo from Martina Franca and little sun-dried tomatoes from Salento, we opted for the Carmagnola rabbit in a serving pot with olive bread and picolit gelatine, which was truly delicious and abundant.

Locanda Chiaravalle A Place in Milan

The raviolis | © Lucia Brusco

Locanda Chiaravalle A Place in Milan

The duck breast | © Lucia Brusco

As main dishes, we decided to opt for a first course and a second course: the Mazara red shrimp ravioli with pistachios from Bronte and dehydrated marine lettuce and the duck breast with lemony pepper, a purée of topinambur, hazelnut fagottino, foie gras and figs, spring vegetables and a light perigourdine sauce. Two dishes that were a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds with an explosion of flavours and colours. 

Every item on the menu at Locanda Chiaravalle tells a story and we will certainly be back to try the gnudi di zucca Hokkaido with smoked ricotta from the Friuli region of Italy, arugula, raschera salsa and amaretto crumble, fresh calamari from Oneglia with black garlic, extra virgin olive oil and peperoncino from Soverato on a chickpea purée with a parsley emulsion and Mediterranean-style crostinis, and Milanese-style cotoletta served in camomille bread with thyme potatoes.

THE ATMOSPHERE: bucolic and relaxing

Locanda Chiaravalle A Place in Milan

The outside garden | © Lucia Brusco

Locanda Chiaravalle is found inside the Hotel Borgonuovo, which was born out of the repurposing of an antique building in the centre of Chiaravalle. The decoration was done with care but isn’t too “reconstructed” as it respects the original architectural infrastructure, and the Locanda gives you the possibility to lunch or dine in one of the two indoor rooms or outside in a beautiful courtyard where you can enjoy the sunshine and a quiet atmosphere immersed in fruit trees. There are very few spots, especially outside, therefore we suggest you reserve.

THE BILL: 50 euros a person

Locanda Chiaravalle Milan A Place in Milan

A peek at an indoor room | © Lucia Brusco

The bill, much like the menu, isn’t typical of a “locanda” because you’ll spend over 50 euros for an antipasto, a main dish and a glass of wine each but, considering how delicious the dishes are and the peace you’ll breath, we think that this is a well justified expense.

Via San Bernardo 36, Milan
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Open daily (12:30pm-2:30pm and 7:30pm-1o:30pm) except on Monday

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.


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