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Corallo Lobster Bar at Rinascente

Piazza Duomo, Milano, MI, Italia
Call us anytime +39 028852460
Open every day (Mon-Sat 8:30-00:00 and Sun 10:00-00:00).

Where to go for a lunch break close to the Duomo? You already know about the best sandwiches in the very center of Milan. Sometimes it happens to be in for something more special, and the new Lobster Bar, the first Italian food corner dedicated to lobster on the seventh floor of Rinascente, could be the right place for it.

I brought my collegues with me on a working day that seemed to never end. We went there after one o’clock in a group of five and incredibly we found free seats at the bar, like it had been waiting for us to arrive. Lobsters had also been waiting for us.

THE HIGHLIGHT: lobster anybody?

I like restaurants that specialize in one specialty. The chances of making mistakes get lower and if they choose one main ingredient it must be good. Right? I adore the infinite variations, their playing with fantasy and seeing how a single ingredient can be used in thousand different ways.

There are not thousand ways at the Lobster Bar, but still there are many, enough to make me feel nostalgic about San Francisco, where I had the best lobster in the world. But let’s get back to Milan.

There are different types of salad: with lobster or prawns and for the shy ones the classic caprese with tomatoes.

Corallo Lobster Bar Milan Rinascente Lobster

Lobster salad |© Caterina Zanzi

Corallo Lobster Bar Milan Rinascente Lobster

The caprese |© Caterina Zanzi

They offer burgers (guess who had one?): with lobster (squid ink bun with 150grams of Chianina meat, lobster pulp, caramelized red onions, cheddar, crunchy bacon and mustard), the Shrimp Surf&Turf (with prawns instead of lobster) and the Caprese one. They also have sandwiches, like the classic lobster roll that I can’t wait to try next time.

Corallo Lobster Bar Milan Rinascente Lobster

Burger with lobster|© Caterina Zanzi

There is pasta: linguine with red and yellow cherry tomatoes and lobster or prawns (or, with tomatoes, basil and burrata for the vegetarians out there) according to your preference.

The formalists can stick to the ‘assolo’, a steamed lobster baked in a pressure oven and served per 100grames (or kilo!).

I almost forgot! All dishes come served with salad and fries, which makes the 3 euros for cover charge more acceptable.

THE PLACE: on the seventh floor of Rinascente

Corallo Lobster Bar Milan Rinascente Lobster

The restaurant |© La Rinascente

The Corallo Lobster Bar is new to the many food corners on the seventh floor of Rinascente. An oasis of peace for all foodies and a good alternative to other restaurants in the center.

THE ATMOSPHERE: sea and sailors

Corallo Lobster Bar Milan Rinascente Lobster

Open kitchen at Corallo Lobster Bar |© Caterina Zanzi

Walls with Vietri ceramic tiles remind me of sea towns of our beautiful Italy. Although we are in Milan, feeling like we are at the beach in summertime is a matter of seconds! We were right in front of the kitchen, ready to discover the secrets for a perfect lobster (not true, actually we were chit-chatting like crazy)!

THE BILL: excellent lunch break

Corallo Lobster Bar Milan Rinascente Lobster

The restaurant|© La Rinascente

We all know lobsters are not cheap. At Corallo the rule is the same, but prices are still reasonable. A main dish is abut 28 euros. At the end you spend a little bit more than 30, but the lobster is good, very good, and for this reason I will be back for another special day!

@ Food Hall Rinascente, 7th floor. Piazza Duomo (corner via Santa Radegonda), Milan. +39 028852460
After 22.00, direct entrance from via Santa Radegonda 1 and via San Raffaele 2.
Open every day (Mon-Sat 8:30-00:00 and Sun 10:00-00:00).

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.


Around 30€

Piazza Duomo, Milano, MI, Italia

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