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At Michele I Condurro, Pizza from Naples Has Arrived in Porta Romana

Via Orti 31, Milan
Call us anytime +39 02 83528041
Open everyday (12:30pm-3:30pm and 7:30pm-11:30pm) except Monday.

To the delight of Neapolitan pizza lovers, a new pizzeria has landed in Porta Romana directly from Naples: Da Michele-I Condurro, by the grandson of the famous Michele from Naples (apparently this has raised a few issues within the family). Polemics aside, we chose to concentrate on the “cartwheel” pizza, which largely exceeds the dimension of the plate on which it is served: here’s a look at our experience!

THE HIGHLIGHT: the “cartwheel” pizza

The pizzas on the menu are categorized as either classic or gourmet, many of which are garnished with typical ingredients from the regions of Naples. The menu is then completed with a few salads and a good selection of appetizers, from the more traditional like the dish of sliced meats and the bruschettas to more original ones like strips of pizza baked golden and served with Neapolitan meat sauce or the rustic potatoes with crumbled black pork and cheese fondue.

Da Michele Milan A Place in Milan

The San Daniele pizza | © Martina Milani

As we waited for our pizzas, we were brought a homemade fried goods basket by the chef, which looked great but wasn’t all that tasty. The pizzas, however, were a whole other story! From the selection of classics, we chose the San Daniele (with fior di latte cheese, San Daniele prosciutto, wild arugula and Grana cheese), whereas from the gourmet selection we chose the Caracciolo (with cream of squash, fior di latte cheese, black pork crumble, pieces of Grana Padano cheese, ricotta-stuffed crust and chestnut) and the Michele (with pistachio pesto from Bronte, fior di latte cheese, salami from Naples and Grana Padano cheese).

Da Michele Milan A Place in Milan

The Caracciolo | © Martina Milani

Da Michele Milan A Place in Milan

The Michele pizza | © Martina Milani

The dimensions are noteworthy: the pizza is very thin with soft crust and barely fits on the dish. Even the high-quality products used to garnish the pizzas are added in generous portions and are super tasty: it was impossible to leave feeling anything but satisfied!

THE PLACE: between Crocetta and Porta Romana

Da Michele Milan A Place in Milan

The outside of the restaurant | © Martina Milani

The Michele-i Condurro pizzeria is located along via Orti, a cross-section of Corso di Porta Romana, the same one as Lacerba. If you come by car, you may have a hard time finding parking! On the other hand, you can easily get to the restaurant by getting off at the Crocetta or Porta Romana metro stops on the yellow metro line or by taking the 94 bus.

THE ATMOSPHERE: modern and colourful

Da Michele Milan A Place in Milan

Inside the restaurant | © Martina Milani

In the restaurant, which is of medium dimension, tables and chairs are found alongside counters with barstools, with are frankly a bit small given the dimension of the pizzas. The ambiance is modern, colourful and very luminous. A final piece of advice: don’t forget to reserve!

THE BILL: more than proportionate

Da Michele Milan A Place in Milan

A pizza at Da Michele| © Da Michele Fb

Considering the location of the restaurant, the size of the pizzas and the quality of the ingredients, the prices are more than proportionate. The classic pizzas are priced around 10 euros, whereas the gourmet ones are around 12 euros, with the exception of the Spaccanapoli (garnished with Nutella, white chocolate and chopped hazelnut, covered with a layer of caramelized sugar and an added fantasy by the chef) which is priced at 16. The appetizers vary between 5 and 10 euros, whereas the salads are priced around 8 eurosWhat do you say, will you try this new place?

Via Orti 31, Milan
+39 02 83528041
Open everyday (12:30pm-3:30pm and 7:30pm-11:30pm) except Monday

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.


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Via Orti 31, Milan

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