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Via Giuseppe Sirtori, 15, Milano, MI, Italia

Have you already tried the tapas at Gesto in Milan? This restaurant, located in Porta Venezia, is relatively new to Milan, but is the third of its kind to open after the Perugia and Florence locations. On a warm summer’s night, as we were in the mood for a quick and delicious dinner, we decided to try it out. Here’s a look at my experience!

THE HIGHLIGHT: Super original tapas

As soon as we entered the restaurant, a kind and friendly waiter invited us to take a seat where we wanted and briefly explained the way the restaurant worked. A menu is found on each table: you read it, choose and order by writing down what you’d like on a small blackboard with a piece of chalk. This idea is both cute and smart, since the concept behind the restaurant is to reduce its carbon footprint. A nice gesture for the environment.

But back to the menu: printed on recycled paper, it proposes a series of appetizers, which are divided into four categories: meat, fish, vegetarian options and desserts.

We decided to try the browned octopus with chorizo and salsa verde, the shrimp served with an almond crumble and asparagus, the vegetable tajine served with jasmine rice and mint, the hummus with little pita breads and the vegan maki with orange-flavoured teriyaki sauce. We weren’t missing a single thing!

The dishes are all very interesting and combinations that might seem risky at first actually work tremendously well. We were blown away by the freshness of the vegan makis, served with slices of purple potato fries and a delicious sweet and sour soy sauce, and by the rich flavours of the tajine’s vegetables, enjoyed with rice and mint. Even the hummus, as simple as it was, amazed us: it struck the perfect balance between creamy and soft with a hint of lime, perfect to enjoy alongside the warm pita breads. I have one small negative comment: the octopus was perhaps a tad too salty. Oh, and how could I forget the cocktails? Chose one from their list, which is extensive and complete: they are all delicious!

THE ATMOSPHERE: An Eco-Friendly Environment

Gesto Milan Tapas

A Peek Inside | © Vittoria Magenes

The first thing you notice as you enter Gesto is the care and attention with which the selection of the styles and materials was made. The contrasts in the decor – think wrought iron tables alongside large wood counters, leather chairs, murales with famous people and vertical gardens – are not only are they pleasant to look at, but they also help create the perfect environment in which to enjoy gourmet tapas.

As already mentioned, Gesto has an eco-friendly approach, priding itself on being fuel efficient and preferring to use local and organic products and recyclable materials. This too has an impact on the ambiance: from the small LED lamps to the presence of little plants scattered here and there.

THE LOCATION: Porta Venezia Area

Gesto Milan Tapas

The Place | © Vittoria Magenes

Gesto, located on via Giuseppe Sirtori, is two steps away from Porta Venezia, and super easy to get to by metro (red line). It’s a little more difficult to get there by car, mainly because there are very few non-residential parking spaces in the area.


Gesto Milan Tapas

The Place | © Gesto Fb

The tapas are priced between 3 and 6 euros, an excellent price given the quality of the ingredients used, the interesting flavours and the beautiful presentations. Gesto manages to keep prices low, offering a delicious meal for the price of an aperitivo. In the Perugia location, the first to open, a line from a song from The Clash can be found on the wall: “So you got to let me know, should I stay or should I go?”. Well, the answer to that question is obvious!

Via Sirtori 15, Milan
+39 02 201006 | 393 954 0021
Open everyday from 6:30pm to 2:00am

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.

Via Giuseppe Sirtori, 15, Milano, MI, Italia

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