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Seaside Vibes at Il Pesciolone in Isola

Via Pietro Borsieri, 27, Milano, MI, Italia
Call us anytime +39 02 39566010
Open every day (12:30–14:30, 19:30–23).

Finding good fish restaurants in Milan is not easy. Among lunches and dinners out in the city I managed to collect some favourites over time. For example the Langosteria 10 Bistro or Trattoria il Marinaio in the Isola district, where finding parking spots is but where I go as soon as I have the chance. In Isola I found a hotspot for my fish cravings. Il Pesciolone, this is the name of the restaurant, is the perfect place for any lunch or dinner and for the time you are feeling nostalgic about summertime.

THE HIGHLIGHT: fish first courses

If you decide for a reservation at Il Pesciolone don’t miss the first courses, which are in my opinion the gem of the restaurant. Delicious fresh pasta, such as seabass and lemon tagliolini and paccherri alla sorrentina.

Pesciolone Restaurant Isola A Place in Milan

Spaghetti with clams| © Caterina Zanzi

Seafood risotto and spaghetti with clams and fish eggs ‘bottarga’ are excellent.

Pesciolone Restaurant Isola A Place in Milan

Seafood risotto| © Caterina Zanzi

Pesciolone Restaurant Isola A Place in Milan

Spaghetti with clams and fish eggs| © Caterina Zanzi

Among the second courses there are, just to mention some, fritters, tuna in sesame crust, fish burgers and fish of the day. Fish is always fresh and properly cooked, perhaps with too much seasoning at times, but overall delicious.

THE LOCATION: in the middle of Isola

Pesciolone Restaurant Isola A Place in Milan

The restaurant | © Rossana Cuoccio

We are in the heart of the Isola district, a place that has been giving me many satisfactions in the last period. I hope I can be back soon to try Casa Ramen, The Botanical Club and Capra e Cavoli. The neighborhood has gorgeous homes and people always seem young and happy!

THE ATMOSPHERE: very pretty

Pesciolone Restaurant Isola A Place in Milan

The interior| © Rossana Cuoccio

Whether it is winter and you are inside with the open-paln kitchen or it is summer and you are having lunch outside with a view on via Borsieri, the atmosphere is always nice. The decor is in maritime sailor style, with checked tablecloths and summer seaside references everywhere. Service is not my favourite in the city, perhaps a bit too cold, but they are still very helpful. Don’t forget to make a reservation (it is often fully booked!) and, if possible, avoid the lower floor room and make sure you have a table in the room at the entrance. 

THE BILL: fish in Milan

Pesciolone Restaurant Isola A Place in Milan

Lunch at Il Pesciolone| © Caterina Zanzi

Finding a fish restaurant in Milan is an accomplishment, finding a cheap one would have been too much. Eating fresh fish in Milan is always expensive and Il Pesciolone is no exception. For a full meal you spend an average of fourty euros, but quality makes no discounts!

Via Pietro Borsieri 27, Milan
+39 02 39566010
Open every day (12:30–14:30, 19:30–23)

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.


Around 40€

Via Pietro Borsieri, 27, Milano, MI, Italia

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