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Via Carlo Ravizza, 11, Milano, MI, Italia

How many times have you craved a pizza that was both delicious and easy to digest? La Pizzeria Gourmet Lievità is here to make your dreams come true! After having been to Starita, we also tried this restaurant located in via Ravizza, in the Wagner and De Angeli area right behind via Marghera. Here’s how it went!

THE HIGHLIGHT: Pizza, of course!

Before we begin with the pizzas, let’s talk about the ingredients, of top notch quality and mostly Dop, Igp and part of the Slow Food for Biodiversity movement.

The menu mainly distinguishes the gourmet margherita pizzas – there are 9 different versions – from the gourmet extreme. The former are more “audacious”, prepared with unexpected and surprising ingredients and combinations. What do you say of a pistachio pesto from Bronte? Or one with prosciutto from Parma? Or with Icelandic cod fillets? Or even better, the one with smoked beef carpaccio? And if the fixed menu wasn’t enough already, there are also pizzas of the day. In fact, there’s something for everyone!

As we were waiting for our pizzas to arrive, we shared en exquisite Montanara, a fried pizza with San Marzano Dop tomatoes, parmigiano reggiano Dop and basil… Delicious!

Lievità Pizzeria Milan

The Montanara | © Miriam Borletti

The pizzas arrived shortly after: a Lievità and a Fiorilli! The Lievità, one of the 9 gourmet margherita pizzas, is visually spectacular and features many colours: asides from the mozzarella di bufala from Campania, there are also red, yellow and black tomatoes. The Fiorilli was the pizza of the day, prepared with fior di latte cheese, ricotta di bufala and delicious zucchini blossoms!

Lievità Pizzeria Milan

Lievità Pizza | © Miriam Borletti

Lievità Pizzeria Milan

The Fiorilli Pizza | © Miriam Borletti

I was about to forget: for every pizza, the menu suggests the best beer to pair it with!

THE LOCATION: Between De Angeli and Wagner

Lievità Pizzeria Milan

The Place | © Lievità Fb

The pizzeria is located in via Ravizza, between De Angeli and Wagner. Making your way there is easy, since the metro stop on the red line is a 5 minute walk away! It isn’t possible to reserve a table ahead of time for dinner, and only once you arrive will the waiter let you know how long the waiting time is. Not the best policy, I guess. If the waiting time isn’t too long we suggest you be patient because believe us, it sure is worth the wait! To kill some time, you can always stop by one of our favourite places in the area!

THE ATMOSPHERE: Simple yet charming

Lievità Pizzeria Milan

The Place | © Lievità Fb

The restaurant, well-run and small, is managed by a young and friendly staff. The kitchen is open and can be seen from the tables, and during the summer there is the possibility of eating outdoors. The only downside: the tables are too close together.

THE BILL: Around 40 euros

Lievità Pizzeria Milan

A Lievità Pizza | © Lievità Fb

The entrées are priced between 6 and 16 euros, whereas the pizzas are priced between 9 and 16 euros. Lievità isn’t a cheap pizzeria by any means, but the uniqueness and authenticity of the ingredients, along with the feeling of  lightness that you will feel once you have finished dinner, will do justice to the bill, which you should expect to be around 40 euros. If we were you, we’d most definitely give it a try!

Via Ravizza 11, Milan
+39 02 9132 8251
Open everyday from 12:00pm-3:00pm and 7:00pm-12:00am

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.

Via Carlo Ravizza, 11, Milano, MI, Italia

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