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The first lobster restaurant in Italy deserves some attention. Not only because it represents something new on the food scene of our city, and of our country, but also because we were really needing one. I dare you to go overseas and not come home with memories of great lobster eats. It is indeed something that is not easy to find in Milan. At Lobster, the restaurant that opened last December behind the Central Station, the lobster is the thing. Here the lobsters are not kept for a period of more than 90 hours after being fished in Maine or Canada, and you can enjoy them in several varitions.

THE HIGHLIGHT: lobster ’til you drop

The menu of the restaurant is not very long: seven dishes, all with a base of lobster except for the beef filet for those who don’t appreciate fish. Being my first time at Lovster I chose the most classical options. I couldn’t resist the Linguina Lovster, 150 grams of Gragnano linguine with lobster and fresh cherry tomatoes: delicious, perfectly cooked, not to mention the entire lobster. Have you ever eaten an entire lobster? Well, I had never done it before – the risk in these cases is that they serve you the pasta with some pieces of fish here and there – and believe me you need to be very hungry for eating it all.  

Lovster Milan Restaurant A Place in Milan

Lobster Linguine|© Caterina Zanzi

It is impossible to not try their highlight: the Catalana, an entire marinated lobster served with tomato, onion, white celery and cucumber.

Lovster Milan Restaurant A Place in Milan

The Catalana|© Caterina Zanzi

I have very high expectations for a Catalana, being it something I grew up with during my Sardinian summers. But besides the fact that we are far from the seaside, I must admit that the test has been passed with great marks. Maybe I would have avoided the onion and would have added lemon, but the pleasure of licking off my fingers with an entire lobster is quite unique.

Lovster Milan Restaurant A Place in Milan

The dessert|© Caterina Zanzi

I would have loved to try other dishes too, like the gratin lobster or the tempura, but it would have been impossible seen the size of a portion. At the end, I happily finished with a piece of apple pie, just because!

THE LOCATION: behind Centrale

Lovster Milan Restaurant A Place in Milan

Lovster|© Caterina Zanzi

Although it is not one of the most beautiful areas in Milan, via Vittor Pisani is at a stone’s throw from the Central Station and from the many offices in the neighbourhood and it is easy to reach with public transport. If you happen to be here for lunch there are several options for a quick break (half lobster for 15 euros) and they have recently started offering the aperitivo: cocktails, wines or beers with a plate of lobster tasting bites!

THE ATMOSPHERE: brasserie style

Lovster Milan Restaurant A Place in Milan

Lovster|© Caterina Zanzi

Thumbs up for this restaurant’s atmosphere that reminds me a lot of New York’s brasseries. Soft lights, bricked walls and a mix of casual and elegant that makes you feel at ease. The guys are very nice, smiling and helpful and they welcome you with a glass of prosecco that is always well-accepted!

THE BILL: great quality-price balance

Lovster Milan Restaurant A Place in Milan

Lovster|© Caterina Zanzi

Let’s be frank, many restaurants can’t resist the temptation of making you pay a high price for a lobster. Reason why, especially when it is a dish that is not on the menu, I avoid ordering it. But in this case, the quality-price balance is right. All the dishes – with the exception of the lobster roll – cost 25 euros, and the risk of going wrong is very low!

Via Aminto Caretto 4, Milan
+39 02 91676747
Open every day (12:30-14:30 e 20:00-00:00) except on Sundays.

 Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.


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Via Aminto Caretto, 4, Milano, MI, Italia

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