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Otto, My Beloved Place in Milan at Any Time of The Day

Via Paolo Sarpi, 8, Milano, MI, Italia

This is not big news and I will say it outright: Otto has been the most beautiful surprise in Milan in the last couple of years (and I had actually put it in the list of my 10 favourite places in 2015). Then I incredibly never wrote a post about it: as for the most precious of things, I wanted to keep it for myself. 

But when something is this good it is impossible to not spread the word. Otto in Via Paolo Sarpi has become one of the most desired destinations in Milan. When I am there I always find a varied clientele: students on their laptops, creatives (on their laptops too), young families, newlyweds, friends in their fifties.

This places works, and everybody likes it. I suggest it at any hour of the day if you are in this area: for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack and tea and, most of all, for aperitivo.

THE HIGHLIGHT: I would say everything Otto is

Yes I have already said it, but I truly like everything about Otto. Starting from the atmosphere and the interior, which are adorable. And then the big wooden tables to share, the plants on the wall, the magazines, the light that comes in from the big windows, the tables outside in summertime, the toilet with writings on every inch of the wall, perfect for taking a selfie.

Otto Milano

An aperitivo at Otto | © Caterina Zanzi

Otto Milano

A board at Otto | © Caterina Zanzi

More specifically, for lunch or dinner (and actually at anytime) there are the ‘quadrotti‘, that is slices of bread with particular recipes and spreads, both sweet and savour. Other wise, for 10 euros, you can order the dish of the day (the meatballs are amazing)! In the afternoon I always order a matcha latte, while for aperitivo there is no typical buffet (which is better if I may add). I always go for a ‘board’ (you can choose between 6 types, all with prime ingredients such as hummus, salame, cheese, bruschettas etc) that costs between 5 and 8 euros and can be shared, and for a (very good) series of cocktails. Seeing is believing!

THE LOCATION: from Chinatown with love

Otto Milano

Otto| © Otto Fb

We are in the middle of Milan’s Chinatown, in Via Paolo Sarpi on the side of Piazzale Baiamonti, Otto is located in a small passageway on the side that also helps keeping the place out of the city chaos. We already wrote about this area and you can find some suggestions in this post. Enjoy it, have a walk around the district and don’t miss Kathay, the new ethnic supermarket!

THE ATMOSPHERE: super nice

Otto Milano

Otto| © Otto Fb

As I was saying it is a place for hipsters but, beyond definitions and generalizations, I would simply say it is cozy and comfortable. They don’t take orders at the tables, so you just choose what you’d like from the board close to the counter and you pay at the cashier, where you will also pick up your drinks. Food is then delivered to your table thanks to a number they gave you and you put on the table. It might sound boring or complicated, but it is absolutely a well-tested formula and it will be quick and smooth. As for the clientele, it is very heterogeneous and you will overall feel great!

THE BILL: normal

Otto Milan

A matcha latte at Otto|© Caterina Zanzi

Prices at Otto are in line with Milan’s standards – and you will possibly spend slightly less here. An aperitivo will cost you about 15 euros, while for the square ‘quadrotti’ you will pay around 10 euros. A totally right price that in my opionion could be doubled with no problems (but please don’t do it): I would go there anyway! 

Via Paolo Sarpi 8, Milan
+39 02 83417249 |
Open everyday from 10am to 2am (on Mondays opening at 6.30pm)

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

Via Paolo Sarpi, 8, Milano, MI, Italia

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