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Fish Street Food in Milan: Pescaria in Corso Como

Via Privata Nino Bonnet, Milano, 20154 MI, Italia
Open everyday from 12 'til midnight

Fish lovers, this post is just for you! We went to Pescaria finally, a fishbar and restaurant near Corso Como, to taste the food of this venue that arrived in Milan from Polignano, Apulia, with the stated aim of making us crazy bout them. Here fish is mostly consumed raw (and fresh) and served as street food in a gourmet version with its special combinations. Here is how it went!

THE HIGHLIGHT: the freshest fish

There are a lot of delicious proposals in the menu you will find at the entrance. What Pescaria offers are fish products, raw and not, combined with the best ingredients of the tradition of Apulia: from raw fish (oysters, mussels, scampi, red prawns) to tartare served with salad and grilled bread (salmon, tuna, swordfish and shrimp), and then the carpaccio and the fried dishes. You can opt for fish only or for a fish sandwich (made with Apulian semolina buns), sandwiches, grain croissants and friselle, small dry bread buns.

There are also proposals of the day, depending on the availability of the fish, such as spaghetti with swordfish ragout and mushrooms or mussel soup, with potato and artichoke cream. In addition to that, every day during the ‘aperitivo’ time (6pm-8pm) with 10 euros you will receive a daily fresh selection of fish snacks with a glass of wine.

Pescaria A Place in Milan

The counter | © Giorgia Ferrais

Pescaria A Place in Milan

The fresh fish counter| © Giorgia Ferrais

We chose the famous sandwiches with raw fish and homemade sauces, one with yellowfin tuna tartare, burrata, fresh tomato, basil pesto and extra virgin olive oil with caper, and the other with soft boiled prawns, stracciatella, crisp Santoro bacon, spinach salad, potato chips and smoked ketchup. You will taste and immediately appreciate the fresh and high quality fish, the sandwiches are good and rich and the mix of flavours perfectly balanced. Risky but super successful, above all, the combination of shrimps and bacon. Before the sandwiches, we shared fried mussels, very crispy thanks to the perfect breading.

Pescaria A Place in Milan

Prawns sandwich | © Giorgia Ferrais

Pescaria A Place in Milan

Tuna tartare sandwich| © Giorgia Ferrais

THE LOCATION: Corso Como area

Pescaria A Place in Milan

Pescaria from the outside| © Giorgia Ferrais

Given the very convenient location you can easily reach this fishbar, located in via Bonnet, from the green and purple metros station Garibaldi, or with the trams 2 and 9 or the bus 94, getting off at the Piazzale Baiamonti stop. There is also a parking at the beginning of the street for those who want to get there by car.

THE ATMOSPHERE: tiny and noisy

Pescaria A Place in Milan

The interior| © Giorgia Ferrais

Once you get into Pescaria, you are hit by the seaside and summer nostalgia: large tables with blue and white tiles, colourful stools and the counter where the fresh fish is exhibited that is a riot of colours. The restaurant is very casual bright thanks to the large windows. However, the system is less “bright”: here, in fact, you can’t reserve a table, the line is often long and once you arrive you must order at the cashier and wait for your number to be called to pick up your food.

Then, since there is no service at the tables, once you finish it is up to you to clear the table. The cons, in addition to that of the crowd and the resulting infinite wait, is that of space: very narrow and consequently messy. One suggestion to the managers: when are you going to supply a simple hook or a coat hanger for the bags and the jackets? In other words, our piece of advice is: be patient and decide if it’s worth it!

THE BILL: about 15 euros

Pescaria A Place in Milan

Sandwiches and fried mussels| © Giorgia Ferrais

Whether you choose the sandwich, the fish-fries, the tartare or the raw fish, the bill at Pescaria is around 10-13 euros, depending on the type of fish. With a glass of wine, it’s easy to to get up to twenty euros, an appropriate price given the quality of the fish they offer. The wine, however, both the glass and the bottle, is a bit expensive. So, it’s not cheap for everyday lunches but a good idea from time to time.

So, are you already craving for all these specialties? We can’t wait to go back to try the tartare and the aperitivo formula!

Via Bonnet 5, Milan
+39 02 6599322
Open everyday from 12 ’til midnight

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This article was written and translated by Giorgia Ginevra Ferrais.


About 15€

Via Privata Nino Bonnet, Milano, 20154 MI, Italia

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