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A Look at Posta, a New Spot in the Sant’Ambrogio Area

Via Carroccio, 3, Milan, Italy
Call us anytime +39 02 8940 6737
Open everyday from 7:30am to midnight

Italian cuisine in a retro setting: this is what you’ll find at Posta – Cucina Espressa, a restaurant that opened just a few months ago in the Sant’Ambrogio area. We tried it on a Sunday for lunch recently, and we’re sharing our experience with you here!

THE HIGHLIGHT AT POSTA: Italian food for all tastes

We decided to go for seafood-based dishes and began with an appetizer of scampi, burrata and bottarga and the risotto with seafood ossobuco, saffron and monkfish and trofie pasta in a squash sauce with calamari as first courses.

Posta cucina espressa Milan A Place in Milan

Scampi, burrata and bottarga | © Martina Milani

Posta cucina espressa Milan A Place in Milan

Risotto with seafood ossobuco | © Martina Milani

Posta cucina espressa Milan A Place in Milan

Trofie pasta in a squash sauce with calamari | © Martina Milani

The dishes are abundant and well presented, but when it comes to taste we didn’t think they were incredible. An example? The bufala from the appetizer didn’t taste fresh and the bottarga was nearly non-existent. To make up for this, the waiters apologized and brought out a (delicious) millefeuille pastry.

There will be many other opportunities to give this place a second shot: it is open as of breakfast time to enjoy a simple brioche until after-dinner for drinks, and you can even stop by Posta for a simple aperitivo to enjoy original cocktails alongside dishes with meats, cheeses and homemade oven-baked goods.

At lunchtime on weekdays you’ll find the “business lunch”, which varies on a daily basis and gives you the choice between a one course meal for 8 euros and a two course meal for 13 euros. For dinner and on the weekend the menu is the same, with a selection ranging from meat to fish to salads. On the menu you’ll find dishes like gnocchi zola, pears and nuts, a cream of topinambour and clams and, for second courses, options ranging from a classic tenderloin with green pepper to grilled octopus with oven-baked potatoes.

Posta cucina espressa Milan A Place in Milan

The millefeuille | © Martina Milani

THE LOCATION: in the Sant’Ambrogio area

Posta is located on via Carroccio in the Sant’Ambrogio area and is easily accessible thanks to its proximity to the green metro line and the stop for the 94 bus. You may have trouble finding the place as soon as you arrive as the sign has yet to be put up, but you should be able to recognize it thanks to the large windows that surround it.

THE ATMOSPHERE: retro style

Posta cucina espressa Milan A Place in Milan

The restaurant | © Martina Milani

The main dining room is perfectly decorated to remind you of an old post office, with a series of vintage objects here and there that will take you back in time, creating a familiar and welcoming atmosphere. For more private occasions, you can reserve a table in the small separate room. On warmer days you’ll be able to enjoy the small outdoor area.

THE BILL: 40 euros

Posta cucina espressa Milan A Place in Milan

The aperitivo | © Posta cucina espressa

For a full meal (appetizer, first course and second course) you’ll spend about forty euros without drinks. A price that is somewhat steep, but still in line with prices in the area, although to our standards they weren’t quite proportionate to the quality of the dishes. You’ll be spending a bit more should you decide to add a bottle of wine or a dessert. Our impression is that Posta still has a long ways to go, after which we’ll go back and give it a second chance.

Via Carroccio 3, Milan
+39 02 8940 6737
Open everyday from 7:30am to midnight

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This article was translated by Kelsey Rivett. 


Around 40€

Via Carroccio, 3, Milan, Italy

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