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Grandma’s Homemade Cooking at Risoelatte in Front of the Castello in Milan

Via Manfredo Camperio, 6, Milan, Italy
Call us anytime +39 02 398 310 40
Open everyday from 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Imagine walking through the streets of Piazza Affari, surrounded by the chaos of the city and then stumbling upon Risoelatte, a small restaurant in Milan with a familiar vibe where it appears time stopped fifty years ago. The idea of taking a trip back in time was exciting to us, and here we are to tell you more about how it went!

THE HIGHLIGHT AT RISOELATTE: Grandma’s homemade cooking

If the theme here is the 60’s, then the menu follows suit. The cuisine at Risoelatte is homemade and very traditional with dishes that are difficult to find in all the sophisticated restaurants across town. According to the season, you’ll be able to enjoy a savoury saffron risotto and ossobuco, vitello tonnato, grilled swordfish, lasagna or the mythical Milanese-style cutlet.

We tried two appetizers from those proposed on the menu that day: crunchy moscardini with grounded rustic polenta and chianina carpaccio with spring vegetables and crumbled Grana cheese.

Risoelatte Milan Restaurant

The fish appetizer | © Lucia Brusco

Risoelatte Milan Restaurant

The meat appetizer | © Lucia Brusco

For first courses, we opted for more traditional choices: the pink risoelatte, with speck, scamorza cheese and hazelnuts (how could we not try the specialty!) and Gragnano spaghetti with hazelnuts and bottarga from Cabras. Both were delicious, cooked to perfection in terms of flavour and served in generous portions.

Risoelatte Milan Restaurant

The pink Risoelatte | © Lucia Brusco

Risoelatte Milan Restaurant

Gragnano spaghetti | © Lucia Brusco

If you’re at Risoelatte, you can’t leave without trying a dessert! We opted for the classic risoelatte with honey and mixed grains, but the menu proposes an endless list of variations with everything from berries to dark chocolate, and classics like tiramisù and marmalade pie.

Risoelatte Milan Restaurant

The sweet Risoelatte | © Lucia Brusco

You’ve probably understood by now that you don’t come here for gourmet food: you come to Risoelatte to eat well, and to eat a lot… a bit like at grandma’s house!

THE PLACE: in the Piazza Affari area

Risoelatte Milan Restaurant

A jukebox and a fridge from the 60’s | © Lucia Brusco

Risoelatte is located along via Camperio, between the Duomo and Castello Sforzesco, a beautiful neighbourhood with stunning architecture. Leave your car at home and take advantage of the metro (the restaurant is located between two stops on the red metro line, Cordusio and Cairoli) and perhaps even a nice evening stroll afterwards.


Risoelatte Milan Restaurant

The dining room | © Lucia Brusco

Risoelatte Milan Restaurant

The upstairs | © Lucia Brusco

Risoelatte is on three levels and gives you the feeling of entering the home of someone who loves the retro atmosphere. As soon as you get past the entrance, you’ll come across a big jukebox, an icon from the 60’s and, heading up a few stairs, you’ll get to the first floor. Pastel green walls, formica tables with placemats that couldn’t possibly look more vintage, white and red checkered drapes, a tea service and even clothing hung between one floor and another create a truly vintage feel!

THE BILL: not quite homemade

Risoelatte Milan Restaurant

The menu | © Lucia Brusco

In regards to the “bill” question, Risoelatte doesn’t adhere to the myth that homemade-style food is less expensive than more sophisticated food. The bill, for what was described here plus a couple glasses of wine each, was around 45 euros a person which, all in all, isn’t cheap. If you consider the location, the quality of the food and the abundance of the portions, it wasn’t ridiculous either. What do you say, will you give it a chance?

Via Manfredo Camperio 6, Milan
+39 02 398 310 40 |
Open everyday from 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This article was translated by Kelsey Rivett. 


Around 45€

Via Manfredo Camperio, 6, Milan, Italy

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