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Burgers at The Different Burger in Milan’s Colonne or Giambellino Area

Via Giambellino, 12, Milano, MI, Italia

Only a few months after the opening of their second location, we decided to try The Different Burger, a restaurant serving burgers, as the name suggests, and trying to make them ‘different‘. How are they different? First of all, for the cooking technique: they are first vacuum-sealed cooked, at low temepratures, and then on a chacoal grill. We tried the restaurant in via Vetere, close to Colonne di San Lorenzo (there is one in Giambellino too) and here is everything you need to know about it!

THE HIGHLIGHT: the burger of course

The Different Burger A Place in Milan

The burger at The Different Burger| © Martina Milani

With the exception of two salads (with salmon and chicken), you will mainly find meat burgers, that vary from the classics to the special ones, plus a fish version with tuna. We opt for the special, THE ‘different burger’: a burger with 180 grams of roast beef, organic mozzarella, arugula, tomato, veggie compote, bacon and sauce.

The burger is served with some fries on the side. The meat is lightly seared, the vegetables are crunchy and the sauce is a mix of mustards. Despite the important size of the burger, we feel light. The vacuum-sealed cooking method really makes the difference: no seasonings are needed, the meat stays light and soft!

You can also opt for the tasting menu at The Different Burger: two or three burgers in smaller size (90 grams burgers), chosen from those on the menu, and you get the chance to try them all!

As for the drink you can choose between several soft drinks, and also artisanal beers, and in case you still have some space left you can order a slice of home-made cake for dessert!

THE ATMOSPHERE: perhaps too quiet 

The Different Burger A Place in Milan

The interior| © Martina Milani

The Different Burger in via Vetere is rather small – they only have six tables – but very cozy, despite the minimalist style. Be it the summer heat or the not-so-strategic location, the restaurant is certainly not rushed by the crowds. Well, it is better for us as we can enjoy our burger in (almost) total silence! 


The Different Burger A Place in Milan

Outside the restaurant| © Martina Milani

Via Vetere is a cross-street of Corso di Porta Ticinese, easy to reach by tram number 3 (Colonne di San Lorenzo stop): then walk and enjoy a stroll in the area! 

THE BILL: 10/15 euros

The Different Burger A Place in Milan

The tasting menu at The Different Burger| © TDB Fb

The prices for a simple menu, which includes burger and drink, vary from 10 euros in you choose the classic burger to 15 euros if you opt for a special one. If, in addition to that, you go for an artisanal beer or add the different fries or dessert the price rises up to 20 euros. Maybe a little bit too much for a lunch break with a burger, what do you think? 

Via Giambellino 12, Milan | +39 02 48950066
Via Vetere 7, Milan | +39 02 58111226
Open every day (12-15 and 19-23) except on Sundays at lunch

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

Via Giambellino, 12, Milano, MI, Italia

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