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The Crescentines at Valà in the Sant’Agostino Area

Via Daniele Crespi, 14, Milano, MI, Italia

Valà, a bistrot located in the Sant’Agostino area founded by Valentina from Emilia-Romagna and Laura from Sicily is the perfect spot to enjoy good food and a friendly atmosphere. We tried it, we liked it, and here we’re telling you all about our experience!

THE HIGHLIGHT: the crescentines (but not only)

Valà Milano

Crescentina Hanobel| © Vittoria Magenes

The specialties are the ‘crescentines’, a sort of round bread similar to tigelle and typical of Modena. At Valà you can choose the classic version or the one made with whole-wheat flour, garnished with salami, fish or vegetables. They’re all delicious, the combinations are perfect, the ingredients are well thought out and there’s something to make everyone happy: gourmands will love the ‘Vittoria’ (bacon, smoked cheese and chestnut honey) or the ‘Barbieri’ (sunny-side up egg, crispy bacon and avocado); those who are in the mood for fish can try the ‘Ubi’, with smoked tuna, or the ‘Acciù’ (anchovies and lemon-infused butter); vegans and vegetarians will also leave feeling full and satisfied as there are many vegetable, tofu or seitan based crescentines such as the ‘Lolivia’. If you can’t decide, you can opt for the ‘Tris’, your choice of three crescentines served with a glass of Lambrusco. We ordered the ‘Hanobel’ – it was super delicious – with avocado, tomato confit and a basil sauce.

Valà Milan

Trofie pasta in a mixed tomato sauce| © Vittoria Magenes

Valà offers more than just crescentines: it also offers first courses, second courses and salads. The menu proposes traditional dishes, like the tagliatelle al ragù or the arrosto, alongside more original dishes like the orecchiette with shrimp served in a whisky-orange sauce or the avocado tartare and caramelized tofu. We tried the trofiette with a three tomato pesto and almonds, tasty and light, and the ‘Ve-Burger’, served without a bun but with vegetables, lettuce and almond mayonnaise, certainly one of the best vegetarian burgers in the city. As for the drinks, the restaurant is careful about using organic produce and therefore offers wines from small wineries and artisanal beers. The restaurant is open at lunchtime and for dinner and, during the weekend, is a great spot for brunch!

THE ATMOSPHERE: Feels like home

Valà Milan

The inside| © Vittoria Magenes

At Valà you’ll feel right at home. The restaurant is really bright and decorated with celestial wood tables, set with paper placemats, plates, mismatched utensils and glasses, and with white chairs and large mirrors. The atmosphere is intimate and really simple and the staff, young and kind, is super efficient and available.

THE PLACE: Sant’Agostino Area

Valà Milan

The outside| © Valà Fb

Valà is located on the corner of via Crespi and via Cesare da Sesto, close to Corso Genova and two minutes from the metro Sant’Agostino station. If you’re traveling by car you can park in viale Papiniano and walk over to the restaurant. Oh, we also suggest you reserve, given that the restaurant, which isn’t super big, is almost always full!

THE BILL: 15-20 euros

Valà Milan

The inside| © Valà Fb

Considering the portions, the produce used and the quality of the dishes at Valà, the prices are very reasonable: the different crescentines, perfect as appetizers, are priced between 3 and 6 euros, first and second courses aren’t over 15 euros and even if you add a good, homemade dessert you won’t be spending more than 20 euros. Will you be trying it out?

Via Daniele Crespi 14, on the corner of Cesare da Sesto, Milan
+39 02 91636095
Open everyday (11:00am-3:30pm and 6:00pm-11:30pm), except Monday and Sunday night

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.

Via Daniele Crespi, 14, Milano, MI, Italia

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