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Mediterranean Flavours at Vasiliki Kouzina, a Greek Restaurant in Milan

Via Clusone, 6, Milan, Italy
Call us anytime +39 02 9438 1405
Open everyday (from noon to midnight) except Tuesday.

If you love Greek cuisine and Mediterranean flavours and are curious to discover what this cuisine has to offer other than the typical gyros pita and wood tables with checkered white and blue tablecloths, Vasiliki Kouzina in the Cinque Giornate area could be just right for you! At this recently opened Greek restaurant, the flavours of Hellenic tradition, the most simple ingredients from both land and sea and the desire to innovate merge together in an effortless way, thanks to the owner, Vasiliki, originally from the Peloponnese, who helps customers discover dishes from her region. Here’s a look at what we ate!


The menu at Vasiliki is a proper trip into Greek tradition, with dishes ranging from the more classic ones, those whose names sound more familiar, to more original ones.

Polpette di zucchine alla menta

The menu | © Lucia Brusco

To begin we chose a trio of classic Greek appetizers: the zucchini and mint meatballs, the traditional moussaka and the oven baked beans with ginger and cumin, served alongside a delicious basket of carob bread and sesame-infused olive oil.

Vasiliki Kouzina Milan A Place in Milan

Zucchini and mint meatballs | © Lucia Brusco

Vasiliki Kouzina Milan A Place in Milan

The moussaka | © Lucia Brusco

To continue, we decided to try a first course, the black fregola with calamari and asparagus sauce and two second courses, one with fish and the other with meat: the sliced beef, and the octopus with honey. The delicate yet intense and strong flavours leave you with the feeling of having just tasted a special recipe. The only flaw? Rather scarse portions, as per Milanese “tradition”… let’s be honest, we would have loved a few extra pieces of octopus!

Vasiliki Kouzina Milan A Place in Milan

Black fregola with calamari and asparagus sauce | © Lucia Brusco

Vasiliki Kouzina Milan A Place in Milan

Sliced beef served with pastirma, spinach and anchovies | © Lucia Brusco

Vasiliki Kouzina Milan A Place in Milan

Octopus with honey | © Lucia Brusco

We couldn’t conclude such a delicious meal without trying at least one dessert, and as such we opted for the walnut pie with a salted caramel sauce: a true delicacy.

Vasiliki Kouzina Milan A Place in Milan

The nut and salted caramel torte | © Lucia Brusco

Even the wine list is inspired by Hellenic blends, which pair perfectly with the dishes!

THE PLACE: between Cinque Giornate and Porta Romana

Vasiliki Kouzina Milan A Place in Milan

Another view of the dining room | © Lucia Brusco

Vasiliki Kouzina is located around viale Montenero, one of the most bustling streets in Milan that is easily accessible by public transportation (tram 9 or the yellow line of the metro) or by car. Here, you’ll find a few tables outside for summer evenings and an “intimate” room inside, for a total of around 40 places.

THE ATMOSPHERE: an elegant and welcoming dining room

Vasiliki Kouzina Milan A Place in Milan

The bar | © Lucia Brusco

Lamps and brass tables to reflect light, completely red walls and ceilings partially covered in little mirrors, couches in a warm emerald velvet, soft lights and a typically Hellenic musical background make up the very authentic setting at Vasiliki Kouzina, making it the perfect spot for a special dinner with your partner or an evening with friends!

A word of advice: reserve ahead of time, especially if you’re in a group, to ensure that you get a spot in the main dining room! There’s a risk you may end up in the basement which is usually used to store food and, if needed, hosts a big central table that can accomodate up to 10 people. Here the magic is completely lost; the velvet couches are replaced by uncomfortable stools (your back sure won’t be thanking you!) and you’ll be left feeling like a “second class” customer.

THE BILL: surprising

Vasiliki Kouzina Milan A Place in Milan

The dining room at Vasiliki Kouzina | © Lucia Brusco

Vasiliki Kouzina Milan A Place in Milan

A shot of the tables | © Lucia Brusco

The final bill at Vasiliki Kouzina truly surprised us (in a good way): despite the great food and unique atmosphere, it cost us less than 35 euros per person: not such an easy feat in Milan for a nice dinner with many courses!

Via Clusone 6, Milan
Open everyday (from noon to midnight) except Tuesday

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version translated by Kelsey Rivett.


Around 35€

Via Clusone, 6, Milan, Italy

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