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Presents for dads and boyfriends: 5 men’s stores in Milan

There is one difficult question: which present shall I give to a man? And to which shops in Milan shall I go for a nice gift idea? Whether it is for your boyfriend, your father, brother or, why not, a stranger that invited you to his birthday, when it comes to men’s gift giving  don’t panic!

The secret lays in giving your man something you would like to see on your him or you would like him to have when he is with you. Here is a list of 5 beautiful stores in Milan for making the men of your life happy. 


Cappelleria Melegari Men's Stores A Place in Milan

Cappelleria Melegari Hat Shop| © Ig @sovranalettrice

If you are dreaming of a man with a hat, you will have many options here. It is impossible to exit this shop without the classical Borsalino, the bowler hat for the ones with a hipster vibe, the typical Sicilian coppola or the British tweed beret. Among beanies and cashmere bonnets you will easily transform the average Joe into a gentleman.

CAPPELLERIA MELEGARI. Via Paolo Sarpi, 19 | Via Meravigli, 16. +39 02 312094. Open every day (9.30/13 and 15-19:30) except on Monday morning and Sunday. Open every Sunday in December from 9.30 to 19.30.


Andrew's Ties Men's Stores A Place in Milan

Andrew’s Ties | © Andrew’s Ties Fb

Andrew’s Ties is the center of absolute Milanese elegance, spiced up with colours and fun. Ties for the classic guys, bow-ties for the humorous ones, suspenders for the brave, handkerchiefs for the dandies. The rule is to not surrender to boredom: no greys, no black nor white. Going out with a plain colour equals committing a crime!

ANDREW’S TIES. Via Agnello 1, Milan. +39 02 86461694.


Savinelli Men's Stores A Place in Milan

Savinelli| © Ig @kheiryasin

If your dad or boyfriend is a smoker, but with a chic Cary Grant touch, Savinelli is the place to go. Pipes are beautiful and elegat, cigars are chic and the cigarette cases aristocratic. While smoking is a bad habit, make it at least less dull and lousy.

SAVINELLI. Via Orefici 2, Milan. +39 02 876660. Open every day from 10 to 19, except on Sunday and Monday morning.


Cavalli e Nastri shopping Milan Second Hand Vintage A Place in Milan

Cavalli e Nastri store in Via Brera | © Cavalli e Nastri

I know Cavalli e Nastri means vintage shopping heaven for women, but the boys deserve a vintage fashion corner too in the most beautiful shop in Milan. You will make him happy with a country gentleman tweed blazer, a trenchcoat and, why not, the leather armchair he has been eyeing for a while (yes, here the sell design items and furniture too)!

CAVALLI E NASTRI. Via Brera, 2 (+39 02 72000449). Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 3 (+39 02 49451174) and Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 12 (+39 02 89409452). Open on Monday (14:30/19.30) and from Tuesday to Saturday (10:30/19:30)


Gianni Campagna Men's Stores A Place in Milan

Gianni Campagna| © Letizia Redaelli

If you want to buy a gift for the love of your life, this is the right shop for it. Whether you are thinking of a nice suit or a shirt with embroided initials, Gianni Campagna in Corso Venezia area has you covered. The transformation from boy with sneakers to prince charming is truly possible.

GIANNI CAMPAGNA. Via Palestro 24, Milan. +39 02 77881616.

Buying a present to a man is always difficult, but doing it with love is a plus. So besides the gift give your loved one a heartfelt card. He will of course not even notice it, making you regret all the fuss about the choice of the present – that’s the way it goes girls, isn’t it?

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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